Wednesday, August 29, 2012

12 Days of Show & Share! Day 9!

Do I or Don’t I have a suitcase full of batiks by this time? A few more days and you will find out!

As I packed my clothes for this trip, the thought of packing an extra empty duffel bag in the top of the suitcase did cross my mind!

It’s been a lot of fun for me to go through these archives ahead of time and revisit the photos that people have sent in of really GREAT quilts they’ve made all from the use of every-day scraps.

My first Show & Share today is by none other than Nann H herself!

I’ve met Nann in person, and we’ve conversed via email over the many years I’ve been blogging. She is a fabulous quilter, and such a sweet, sweet lady! I featured one of her quilts not too long ago –she had done Grandpa’s Star from my Addicted to Scraps column in Quiltmaker Magazine.

You can also catch up with Nann and her doings on her blog, With Strings Attached HERE!

She writes:

Welcome home, Bonnie -- I hope you'll be able to get some rest before you race off to the next location.

I thought you would like to see my version of Four Patch X.


Nann’s 4 patch X as found in Quiltmaker Magazine!

It's 72x80 and used 5-7/8 yards from my stash. The border is a Cranston print that I got from the estate purchase in 2007. It worked just fine for this very scrappy design.

Nann, I just LOVE this quilt. It’s exactly what I had in mind when I suggested in the article to set it with sashings and black cornerstones so that the cornerstones turn the block corners to shoo-flies! You captured it perfectly! It makes me want to finish mine so badly, it’s gotta come out of quilt-storage and be pushed front and center.

You really CAN’T have “too much yellow” in a scrap quilt!

Next up we have Elise all the way from Israel!

She writes:

Dear Bonnie,

I am sending you a photo of a second quilt I made inspired by your web site. It is all scraps of different colors, and I grouped the blocks by color .

Thanks again for your great ideas!


Elise’s Carolina Chain as found in Quiltmaker Magazine!

When people send photos, I am just as much captivated by their surroundings as I am by the quilt in the photo…I just could NOT crop out the beautiful view of Israel in the background behind the quilt….beautiful! I really love how your colors change spectrum as my eye moves from upper left to lower right! Great job, Elise! And thank you for sharing!

And since the previous two quilts featured blocks from my Addicted to Scraps column, Let’s keep with theme and show one more!

The next quilt is from Jitka O!


Jitka’s Antique Tile as found in Quiltmaker Magazine!

Jitka writes:

Hi Bonnie,
I like very much your way of sorting, using scraps and making scrap quilts.

I have made a top use your pattern Antique Tile. I modify it a little and I will gift it to my mother. Thank you very much for job you do and you way of making things.

I also used another you patterns in the past and I will use another in future. I found Quiltville two year ago and I love it. Now I follow you blog and I find some inspiration and some trick.
If you like it, use the picture on your website.

I love this! There is so much going on! From the center with alternating hour glass blocks to the braid border that ends where it ends..to the friendship stars in the corners! It’s a fabulous quilt!

Thanks everyone for sharing! Come back tomorrow…we aren’t done yet!


  1. Thank you Bonnie for showing my way Antique tile quilt.
    I also like how other quilters interpret your pattern.

  2. I tuned in to see the most recent Bali photos. What a surprise to see a familiar quilt -- mine! I am flattered! My most current project (which has evolved in the last 48 hours) is another Boninspiration.....

  3. Hi Bonnie! I've really enjoyed the Show and Tell. Maybe you could make it a regular weekly feature or add a page to your website for fan photos!
    It was a treat to meet you in Vermont. Hope you are enjoying your panda measuring tape.

  4. I've enjoyed the show & Tell. Can't wait to see the treasures you bring back from Bali!

  5. Anonymous10:42 AM EDT

    Talk about quilter's eye candy! Isn't it terrific what we can do with our scraps fabrics? Scraps and some of the yardage stash - and it is turned into a beautiful quilt. THAT is win-win to me.

    Bonnie, we are awaiting your return to see what batiks you bought from Bali. This should be GOOD! lol.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  6. Three more amazing quilts. I'm inspired to get back to the one I'm working on. Thanks for the Show & Tell while you've been away.

  7. Cindy, The Purple Quilter10:03 PM EDT

    Wow! Gets better every day...if that is even possible! :)


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