Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I want to sew.

I want to sew badly!! But if you think back to when I left for Vermont ---I left on the 28th of June. 2 days before that, Spring Fling was released and I spent those 2 days frantically filling book orders.

I returned home from Vermont on July 2nd, arriving home about dinner time – and spending the remaining hours of the 2nd, and as many hours as I could the 3rd ---packing up book orders and washing the contents of my suitcase so that I could head out on July 4th for a family reunion in Idaho, and then on to Sisters Oregon for the quilt show. I returned home, however briefly, after a long red-eye flight from San Francisco to Dulles, only to find myself stuck there with no plane, and arriving home around dinner time on July 16th.

I washed my clothes, filled book orders for the entirety of the 17th and 18th, repacking the van and leaving July 19th for Pennsylvania. I then moved straight on to Williamsburg after the Hershey Show, and got home Sunday afternoon.

Between June 28th and August 5 I was home for a total of 3 days.

You KNOW what I’ve spent doing the last two days since I got home Sunday ---and I’m NEARLY THERE!! By this time tomorrow I will be all caught up on existing book orders, inluding the ones that came through today ---

The one thing it doesn’t leave me time to do is do what I want to do….


But I have a dream project for as soon as this is all done…and it’s all good, really! I KNEW it was going to be this way, but my time is here…I have TWO WEEKS just about before I leave with 16 fabulous and excited quilters for our dream trip to BALI!

((Yeah, when I was first asked to head up this special trip, I had to look for where exactly BALI is on the map. INDONESIA!))

To find Bali—look for the top of Australia where it says Indonesia…you will find the little arrow pointing to it to the left of the word Indonesia.



There we are again, not so many words on this one…

See Bali?


Here is Bali itself, with a bunch of words I can’t pronounce, and even if I could they wouldn’t mean anything to anyone who hasn’t been there ---but we are GOING HERE!


But the way my mind is working is like this ----but I have two weeks. And I want to sew. I want to stay in my house and put some things together. I want to load at least one top that I’ve finished on the machine, I want to do normal household things..and I’ll deal with Bali about 3 days before it’s time to go, and you will see me freaking out trying to get ready.

BALI! Oh My Freaking Goodness!

I’m told I’ll have wifi in my room. Great. I may or may not be able to post. Great. This blog may become one big empty hole while I’m gone, or maybe the most I can manage is to do one wordless picture per day when I do have wifi to connect, if I do have wifi.


So in the next two weeks this is my plan. Finish the book orders until that plate is clean. ((TOMORROW! YAY!))



Oh you guys, in the past several months my basement has become the dumping grounds for tote bags of this, that, the other thing – there hasn’t been time to put anything away, and when I first walked in here on Sunday evening I thought…..ohhhhhhhh my.

I want to sew, but I can’t sew like this. Tomorrow after dropping off everything at the post office, I’m having a digging out party. There will be music booming from my stereo. I will be ruthless with what I keep, with what I pitch, with what I put away and care in how and where I put it away.

When I return from Bali – there will be a CLEAN studio waiting for me, not the frantic mess of not enough time to put stuff away before I leave.

Goodness, this is a rambling post. I think I’m just back to nesting in my own space ---


  1. You need a part time assistant. If I was close enough I would apply for the job (or volunteer).

  2. Anonymous8:04 PM EDT

    GOOD HEAVEN - how on earth do you keep it all straight! lol

    Glad you will have digging out time. That is so great for the quilter's soul. And to think all will be ready and waiting when you return will make your trip all that much better.

    Just think BALI -- tradewinds, blue seas, dreamy locale ... WOWOW, talk about wish I was going lol.

    Have a super time. Find the ship's spa and relax.


  3. You are a lucky duck! WSFCS doesn't go back to school until the 20th so if you need a helper I'm free. I work for fabric! Ha Ha! I'm experienced as I've been helping my getting married sister pack up her house to sell. I work for her for what ever cool stuff she is tossing. LOL!

  4. So glad that you are home and getting to do homey things. I don't have to be nearly as busy as you for my sewing studio to become a dumping ground, but I know that feeling of " must clean first"!

    We'll be here to support you when you start freaking out :-)

  5. You SO need this! Time to just hide away and sew for a while, and then time to spend in a totally relaxing, beautiful, enchanting place! Yay! I'm so glad for you, Bonnie! Enjoy every minute of it!

  6. BALI...sounds like a dream come true! Enjoy every moment.

    Now, for the cleaning out..that is MY plan for tomorrow too! I will be joining you, in a different time zone maybe so I will be ahead of you but rocking music booming and ruthless clearing...I am THERE!!! Maybe it it time for me to start a blog, you inspire me Bonnie and I love reading your rambles :)

  7. I's probably find a project in progress that insisted on being worked on RIGHT now and haul a sewing machine to the dining room table and sew for a while. Eventually I would get back to the clean up! If I can get to a sewing machine, sewing will win every time. Have fun "discovering" treasures in the jumbo!

  8. I fee your "pain" ... truly, I do. We just moved into our retirement house and there are boxes piled on top of boxes and I can't find a thing! I can't "focus" on any one task; jumping from room to room. Consequently there is NO PLACE that isn't a mess ... no escape. I need to just tackle one room at a time (in your case it's your basement) ... it will all fall into place then. I also went out and signed up for a quilting class at my new LQS ... I needed to "reward" myself for each day's accomplishments. It's a short class, learning a new technique with a new ruler and I am excused. Going to sew and learn and get organized all at the same time! Glad you're home and getting your ducks in a row, too!

  9. So glad you will have some time for you to clean up settle in and sew. You will enjoy your trip to Bali... My parents were there a few years ago and had a blast. I'm sure you will too and will share with us when you can.

    I've got myself unpacked and reorganized and had a couple of hours of sewing tonight.... did some HSTs for more midnitght. Thank you again for a wonderful weekend!

  10. You will get it all done and more! You are WONDER WOMAN!

    Have fun organizing and hopefully you will have time to SEW!!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  11. How exciting! Bali in just two weeks. I will send you good vibes that the wifi will work and your studio will be organized before you have to leave. Enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures!

  12. Juststitchin609:59 PM EDT

    Sure hope my book comes soon I'm so excite!! Bonnie be careful on your travels don't stress your body too much and take a multi vitamin for heavens sake :-). We don't want you getting sick

    Have fun in Bali I wanted to go but the timing isn't right for me but maybe another time.

  13. Bonnie, Have you considered hiring a quilter, perhaps a youngish-retiree who would like a little extra "pin money", to fill your book orders and provide some part time support for you? You are meeting yourself coming and going, and the last thing any of us want is for you to burn out and decide this isn't fun anymore!!! Just a thought...if you lived in Raleigh, I would gladly volunteer to be your helper....I'm sure you could find one in Winston! :) Nancy

  14. Bonnie,

    You will love that part of the world the the ocean there! I got as far as the Cook Islands once. It was like living South Pacific! Have a good short rest and we will look forward to what you can send us from Bali. I'm still making lots of hexies! This is going to be some quilt top! I'm having fun! Barby in Mountain Home, AR

  15. I am always amazed at all you do an how you go and go and go just like the Energizer Bunny! I hope you take some time to relax and just BE for awhile before you're off again!!!

    We all need time to rewind.

  16. Bonnie.....I can certainly be your mailing person!!! Just ship the books to me and I can get them out ASAP......sometimes you have to let go!!!! I am willing!!!

  17. Oh Bonnie..You need an on call secretary/personal assistant. Someone who will work five hours a week or something. I am sure there is a stay at home around who would love to get out of the house for that much time each week. Be careful you don't too full on the throttle..I know I get sick when I do!

  18. OOPS! You did mean STRING Fling, not Spring Fling, right!?

  19. I wish I was coming to Bali, it sounds fabulous but timing did not work. Hope you have a fabulous time with some time to rest before you go. Enjoy some sewing, I finally did that most of yesterday and it felt so good to just have my music going and SEW.

  20. Anonymous1:50 AM EDT

    Don't forget to order your Indonesian rupiah at the bank before you go. A hundred bucks should do it to start. You'll need some at the airport for your entrance visa. You can get more in bank machines once there. You will LOVE it - the people are SO charming! Can't wait to see your posts!!!

  21. I think that sounds like a plan to me! I hate it when everything piles up on my and I don't have enough time to get the sewing project I want done even started.

  22. Hi Bonnie........ohhhhhh you are soooooo close to me.......lol....well kind of anyway....

  23. In my heart, I'm going to Bali with you. Can't wait to read all about it on your blog and see your pictures. Enjoy your journey!

  24. in the words of Led Zepplin.... "Ramble On"!!!!

  25. eat, pray, love. (somehow this makes sense to me)

  26. You will love Bali. I would have loved to have made this trip with you just to get back there again. And yes, DH almost lost his sunglasses to the monkeys, they will grab anything they can! We were there before the batiks were as popular as they are now, so didn't get to see that. Did leave with a gorgeous wood carving however. We loved the country and the people. Enjoy!

  27. welcome home !.... for however long that may be. LOLL. lil tidy here today too, then sew ! till MR decides we are on the road again too.


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