Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dancing in the Basement!

This is a HAPPY POST!
I have just filled, labeled and stamped the last remaining book order!
That means that even the orders that came in overnight, and the few that trickled in this morning are filled and on their way!
I have moved over 1290 copies of string fling, and that doesn’t include the other books that were included in those orders as well.
That's a lot of book signing!
Pre-Order status is now fully lifted, and things can now get back to NORMAL.

I’m so glad. It’s been so difficult. So many people had emailed “But I placed my order in June” ---Yes – but that was a pre-order and the info on the order page right where you clicked “add to cart” stated that it was pre-order and to expect delivery late July to early August.

They are all out – and I know it’s August 8th – but if it’s before mid-August, it’s EARLY AUGUST in my book!

Thank you all so much for your patience. I don’t know how I could have done it any differently ---when they said they would print July, I thought I’d have them late July. My teaching and traveling schedule does not change simply because the book delivery dates change. I knew I wouldn't "really" be home until Sunday, August 5th to really be able to sit at this.
We have had to work with it, from both sides.
And now life can return to normal, whatever that is.
I’m changing the info on the book order page now! NO MORE PRE-ORDER STATUS!
If you haven’t ordered String Fling yet, and you want to ---I’ll be shipping books daily until I leave for Bali on the 20th. Then I will resume shipping again when I return Sept 2nd.
You can order books HERE.
And now?!
I am starting with horizontal surfaces --- desk tops, table tops, ironing board tops, quilting machine table tops, and sewing desk tops….let the gutting begin!


  1. Well, Bonnie, I for one think you need to take at LEAST a good solid day off. You know, stay in your jammies, read a book, watch TV, whatever you do to unplug. You need a break from this pace!

  2. Today is my 42nd wedding anniversary. Since you got the rest of the String Fling orders out today I'll consider it an anniversary present from you. YEA!! Can't wait until it arrives. Thanks, Bonnie. You're the best!!

  3. Now on to the Basement and sewing!!!!

  4. What a wonderful feeling. Go get some sewing done.

  5. You are amazing!! Ahead of schedule and still apologizing. You were so excited when the books arrived to you before you expected them, so you shared that news. And that meant that everyone was going to get their books before they originally should have expected. Yet still, enough people asked that it made you feel you were behind.

    Bonnie, you are amazing and so dedicated and committed to providing service above and beyond. We really do appreciate you. I hope the basement clearing goes quickly and that you can sit and sew in an organized, relaxing, even serene space. Then you can just get zen with the fabric and machine for a good long while. Ohhhhmmmmmm.....

  6. Congrats to you! Now you can breathe a little slower and do what you want, not what you need to do. Break Time!

  7. I'm laughing out loud! I thought I was the only one who filled up all of my horizontal surfaces! I laughes when Judy said her husband was on a table buying spry... I thought oh no.... more spaces for her to fill up! BUT! her's were all empty! So your post just leaves me laughing!

    1. Anonymous1:12 AM EDT

      No, there are lots of us. I have lots of "P-Days" - ie pick it up piece by piece and put it away, really away - like where it belongs and not just on another stack somewhere. Aren't we something else! Barby in MH, ARK

  8. I received my book today and I am just thrilled. Thank you for signing all the copies; it's a lovely personal touch. I'm eyeballing Talkin' Turkey, and I'm not even a "red" person! It reminds me of a red and white turkey tracks quilt I slept under as a child that my grandmother pieced. Oh, and Pfefferneuse, and Blue Skies -- and I have to make Winston Ways someday, too. There's not enough time!

  9. I still haven't ordered, but I am planning to. I have been under a self-imposed "no book buying" order for a while. I think I am lifting it this fall when I get nearer my birthday. Even though strings are not my favorite to do, I love the look, and I think the striped shirts were an acceptable substitute in my venture into Orca Bay.

  10. Yippee! That means mine is on its way!!!

  11. Anonymous10:09 AM EDT

    I picked my up from my LQS on Tuesday, now I just have to find the time to sit down and drool over it.



  12. Almost time to sew!!!!


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