Sunday, August 05, 2012

Evening Edition! Free Kindle Book!

And the long road home….I drove and drove, getting home about 3pm.

I unloaded the car….stuff is in piles everywhere and totes and luggage need to be unpacked and laundry attended to.

I left it all ---and took a nap in my own bed that beckoned --- the ceiling fan whirling silently on medium speed, creating just enough of a house-bound breeze to require sleeping with just the sheet in this summer heat.

I woke up about 5:30, finding my afternoon gone!

A simple supper of grilled cheese and tomato soup was decided upon, and here I sit – trying to make my way through snail mail that has piled up over the past 18 days I’ve been gone.

It’s going to take a lot of digging to get out from under!

I only made a couple of stops on my way home – could you guess that I was just wanting to GET HERE? Those photos will come tomorrow. Right now, my phone is dumping over 900 photos taken on this past 18 day jaunt onto my external harddrive so I can edit today’s pics down tomorrow.

Let’s face it. It’s been a LONG trip, even as great as it was – and I don’t feel like editing photos tonight. I want to park my butt on the couch and watch the olympics and do NOTHING ---all the busy stuff can happen TOMORROW!

But for those who would rather read than watch, I did find something to download that you might like:

Keeping the Peace by Hannah Hooton is free tonight in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Genre: Drama/Romance

Book Description:

London waitress, Pippa Taylor has no interest in horses or country-living. But when she inherits Peace Offering, a hopeless racehorse, she embarks on a career change in order to see her late uncle’s wish to run him in the Grand National come true.

But having talked her way into a job as racing secretary to champion National Hunt trainer, Jack Carmichael and moved to the West Country, Pippa finds herself faced with more daunting obstacles than even the Grand National can throw at her.

The most challenging of them all is her relationship with her new boss.

Jack, although easy on the eye, is moody and fiery-tempered and certainly not easy on the ear. After a Christmas they would both rather forget, danger and deception threaten Pippa’s life in the country and as her time at Aspen Valley Racing Stables draws to its conclusion she discovers Peace Offering is not the only thing she must fight to keep.

Check to be sure it’s still free before you download…..and have a great evening!


  1. You deserve to DO NOTHING...enjoy!!!

  2. Welcome home and enjoy your night!!!

  3. Dear Bonnie-Happy to see you made it home safe and sound! Enjoy, relax, and take more naps! You deserve it!
    Mary H

  4. Hi Bonnie :-)
    You dont have a secretary I guess? ...so you can sew rather than read through all the snail mail + other emails etc???

    marietta - brisbane...yes Im finishing a dress I wanted to srat 5 years ago!! thank quilting again :-D

  5. That was one LONG trip! Relax and get rested up....the pictures and snail mail can wait a day or two! Nancy

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  7. You SO deserve time off, girlfriend!! Don't worry your head about anything except yourself ... you've "earned" that break for sure! Glad you're home safe and sound ... would imagine DH and the four-footed family members were happy to see you back again!

  8. Anonymous11:02 PM EDT

    Happy you are home safe and sound. Yuo might could have slept slept until AT LEAST Monday mid-morning. lol

    The hum and routine of your own home will be like a tonic. Laundry will get done, mail opened, books sent etc - and you will be designing yet another gorgeous Bonnie-quilt this coming week for sure. :)


  9. Anonymous10:52 AM EDT

    So glad you made it home safe & sound. I asked you in Williamsburg if you had an assistant. You deserve one! I am so impressed with all you accomplish. Thank you again for a wonderful class and presentation.

    Beth C.
    in Va.


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