Thursday, August 30, 2012

12 Days of Show & Share, Day 10!


It’s the first thing that hits me with a quilt…

Is it the same for you? Or is it the block design itself? I just LOVE wild use of color ---it’s right up there with variety, contrast and repeat in my book, the 4 “important ingredients” that are needed for an awesome scrap quilt!

Today I want to share with you some lovely quilts!

The first one up is by Deb C who lives not too far from me in Greenville, SC!

She writes:

Hi, Bonnie,

I am just so excited to share my "Summer of Love" quilt made with the florabunda blocks.

When you first posted your discovery on your blog, I was sure it was meant to be for me. I grew up in Orlando and as I looked at the photos you showed, I was struck dumb!

Some of the fabrics in that quilt looked like fabrics I used to make my clothes back then. One fabric reminded me so much of a vest I made to go with a yellow dress!

So I have spent my summer working on this and remembering that time....I call it Summer of Love because I graduated in 1967, and I stitched a lot of memories from that time into this quilt.

I have been blogging all summer about this, so I wanted to share a few photos with you. Thanks for finding and sharing this.


Deb’s “Summer of Love” Florabunda Quilt!


Deb’s memories captured on the label!

I’m so happy you shared this quilt and your thoughts on making it with me! If I go back through all the quilts I’ve shared this week, I’m sure there are a LOT with yellow --- and yellow just makes me happy! I was only 5 years old during your “Summer of Love” but my life was formed during those years too ----when I was 5, my mom was 26, and I remember how she dressed, what she wore, what music was on the radio, what she drove and what we did as a family during those summers. It really WAS the “Wonder Years” era!

Next up we have a quilter from the Netherlands who emailed to share her quilt with me!

I get really excited when I get emails from far far across the sea ---it’s just wonderful to have this “common thread” that binds us!


Meineke’s Smokey Mountain Stars!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie,
My name is Mieneke and I'm from the Netherlands. I made a quilt using your Smokey Mountain Stars pattern and wanted to share the result with you.
Thank you for all the patterns you're providing and inspiring me to use up what I have.
Lots of love,
Mieneke P.

Don’t you love these sunset colors? Just YUMMY!!

Next up we have Stephanie L !

She writes:

Thank you for posting the very detailed instructions for making a sister's choice quilt. I had only made about six quilts when I was already feeling like I needed to make use of my scraps. I really had no idea that I needed to cut them into strips and the whole nine yards. I'm attaching a photo of my sister's choice quilt. Thank you!!!



Stephanie’s Sisters Choice Quilt!

I love how the turquoise blues just glow in this quilt! I so need to make another one of these – I’ve got 2.5” strips galore, and this is the perfect way to use them. And my class sample has been so used and loved and washed and worn that it is looking very home faded! I know that is the life of a well loved well used scrap quilt, but I’m almost embarrassed to use it as a class sample anymore! This is just beautiful Stephanie, thanks for sharing it!

If all of the photos over the past several days have not inspired you to pull something out and get sewing, I must be doing something wrong!

Two more days to go! Tomorrow I start my long trek home – Flying from Bali back to Hong Kong, and Hong Kong to LAX! I stay the night in LA near the airport, and my last leg home begins on the afternoon of September 1st!


  1. Anonymous7:26 AM EDT

    Golly! I love the inspiration of seeing what othres have done using your patters and their own scraps!

    Scrappies are by far the best of the best quilts! Keep 'em coming for us.


  2. Thanks, Bonnie, for sharing my quilt.....it makes me smile every time, too. I super love the Smokey Mtn stars in the colors she chose....beautiful. And inspiring. Thanks.

    1. Anonymous9:15 AM EDT

      I love your sunny yellow quilt! I have a ton of yellow fabric that I have been saving to do I don't know what with, so there may be a florabunda in my future too! (First I have to finish the two scrappy quilts I started while watching Bonnie on quiltcam. One will keep me busy for a while yet)


    2. Love your quilt!!!!

    3. Anonymous10:56 AM EDT

      Thank you Debbie for sharing with us! I could so relate to you...from Haines City, FL class of '65:) And my favorite color is yellow...happy and energetic! I love this pattern and your choice of summer colors...just beautiful!

  3. I just love that Florabunda quilt!!!

    ~ Susan

  4. Have a safe trip home!

  5. Anonymous10:09 AM EDT

    Thank you again for the around-the-world quilt show. Love to see what others have done. You will be landing on 9/1, my son and new daughter-in-law will be taking off for a birthday (hers) trip to Boston. I will be saying lots of prayers for safety for those flying. Know you loved your trip, but you will be grateful for Home! Stephani in N. TX (tomazec@aol.com)

  6. I agree with you on color. I've been trying to work on a quilt that was a package deal with a block-of-the-month. It is so boring.. just browns and blues, and all the same fabric. I have to force myself to work on it. All the blocks are done, but the sashing is just more brown. Yuck! Seriously considering making it a PIG so I can pull out my scraps and work on something more fun!!! Christy in Kansas

  7. what fantastic quilts! You are doing it right, I want to go get my scraps and get sewing.
    Now that my computer is fixed, I have to go back and travel with you and see more lovely quilts.

  8. Such amazing quilts. Thanks again for the inspiration . . . I'll be cutting scraps tonight!

  9. Cindy, The Purple Quilter9:19 PM EDT

    Wonderful quilts for the final day of Show and Share!! Thanks Bonnie! Travel safe!

    1. Cindy, The Purple Quilter9:21 PM EDT

      Oops, we have two more days...my bad! LOL

  10. Anonymous6:47 AM EDT

    What a surprise to see my quilt show up here!
    In the Netherlands, when you have a baby, you get special care at home for a certain amount of hours. I had my baby on July 24th and ended up in the hospital a day later because she had trouble breathing. Thanks to that person all necesary measurememts were taken, everything went smoothly and she was so nice, helpful and caring. I myself didn't realise things were worse than they looked, but she did with all the experience she has. As a thank you, I gave her this Smokey Mountain Stars quilt so it ended up at a good home :-).

    Mieneke P.

    1. Wonderful story to go with this great quilt. Beautiful!

    2. Anonymous4:46 PM EDT

      Thank you! I certainly enjoyed your quilt and the story behind it as well. Lots of nostalgia.

      Mieneke P.


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