Friday, August 24, 2012

Balinese Sunrise #3

I love the mornings here. The air is heavy with humidity but the birds sing the most amazing song.

Frogs jump across the grass as I walk down to the shore ----

Good morning, Shrine! How are you today? No one has stopped yet to place new offerings here --- I’m earlier than I was the morning before.

bali2 305

This morning was almost sunless --- the cloud cover made amazing patterns and seemed to disappear in the water where the sky and ocean met and joined at the horizon.

Today is going to be busy. It’s a shopping day, and a visit to the bird park.

bali2 306

Another long bus ride ---and since it is the same road we took yesterday, I think it’s time to get everyone hooked on english paper piecing. I’ve brought kits for everyone to try their hand at paper hexies! In batiks, of course.

Needles? Check!

Thread? Check!

Kits and papers? Check!

We’ve got all we need to get started…..

We might not get far – our eyes will be glued to the view out of the bus windows.

Another day in Bali.

Let’s make some memories!


  1. Thanks for sharing the morning. I can just hear the quiet at that time and place. Enjoy your hexie road trip!

  2. Looks so peaceful! I would have loved to sit and ponder while the sun rose.

  3. Mornings are a magical part of any day......hope the roads are good for stitching.....did you pack a First Aid Kit? Enjoy!!

  4. I love your descriptions, thank you

  5. Cindy, The Purple Quilter10:06 PM EDT

    I think you are an author in disguise!! Love your way with words. Thanks, again, for taking us along.

  6. Thank you Bonnie for taking us along on your journey to Bali. The pictures are wonderful! Question: How many are there on this trip?

  7. Anonymous10:20 PM EDT

    I love how the doves start cooing and the birds singing in the morning, and it always seems to start at the same time every day. Enjoy your day, Bonnie! And if you get the chance in the evening, there's a little spa over in the 'mall' where they give wonderful and inexpensive massages. You'll sleep like a baby after!

  8. What a lovely place to be. Enjoy.

  9. I sure hope you can manage a swim soon! I would nt be able to stand it! Between the meandering pool and those beaches... Maybe you can take a break soon. Dont want you to not relax a bit. Glorious photos!


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