Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Cheddar—More Better!!

I found this AWESOME quilt in the same antique place that I found Doris. It was in “ehhhh” shape, there were some badly worn areas and some really badly stained places. It’s not the kind of quilt I would want to risk washing – but OH the fabrics in it!

It’s a very heavy quilt, made to be warm through the winters. Batting is either cotton or wool…..

The quilting is simple, but --- did I mention THE FABRICS?!

The blocks are rather large….and I love the pattern! Will this be the next Cheddar Quilt on my to-do list? It just might be! I love everything about it. The red sashings, the indigos and other dress prints used..and of course..that golden cheddar is just calling to me to beat the band!

sewingmachines 039


I see diamonds quilted in the sashings..the other patches are outlined not quite 1/4” from the edge of each patch, and large squares are then further anchored with an X of quilting stitches.

sewingmachines 041

I had to find a place to lay out out! Layout space is hard to come by in an antique mall with rows of cram packed booths. The corners are rounded, the outer sashing strip on the left narrower than the others.

sewingmachines 040

See my hand? That should give you an idea on the size of these blocks.

At least 16”

But Oh, Oh ---The INDIGO!!

sewingmachines 042

A couple more blocks. This quilt SINGS!!

sewingmachines 043

Bottom Left Corner.

You can see the bad staining going on…who knows how long this was stored ---it doesn’t necessarily look like it was used and washed a lot – I have a feeling it was packed away somewhere it got wet.

sewingmachines 044

The backing is a hand dyed cotton…and this could also be what migrated to the front…the dye from the brown backing. I do love how the quilting detail shows up on the back side, don’t you?

This was not a quilt that came home with me. The price was too high, and it was either the quilt, or Doris. And I chose to bring Doris home instead.

Still, it’s a wonderful quilt and I’d love to recreate this…maybe not in a 16” block…but my mind is working on it!


  1. Oh now that is gorgeous! You sure find the best antique quilts and machines.

  2. Love the quilt. I had never used cheddar before until the cheddar bow tie challenge. I'm loving it now. I'm still trying to decide what my final layout will be for the bow ties. look forward to 3" spools. Enjoyed watching you last night!

  3. Truly a visually stunning quilt... and very inspiring!

  4. Anonymous10:53 AM EDT

    Even has some plaids! Now how can this one not be a winner? Bonnie, I can not wait to see what you do with this idea.


  5. Anonymous11:06 AM EDT

    Love it! How are the side diamonds sewn? Are the appliqued on a strip or is there a way to cut and sew it?

  6. Did you notice how the squares with the light plaids just seem to twinkle? Ramona from Maine

  7. How old do you think it is?

  8. And you will be making this Cheddar and Indigo when? Can't wait!

    1. Digging through my stash for cheddars and indigos right now ... rotary cutter in the starting position .... ;-)

  9. Anonymous11:46 AM EDT

    Love the quilt, but please keep it 16". I need to use more fabric. Need to quickly use up what I have. No more Goodwill hunting, no more quilts shop or shows, no more books (have just bought string fling), so I need badly to use up what I have!!

  10. Very pretty quilt.
    I am GOING To your workshop in Aiken, S.C.!!!~
    Just found out!!!~ So excited!

    1. Lucky you, Sandra! I'm still on the waiting list. Hey Bonnie, any chance you can stay an extra day and do a second workshop?! ;)

  11. My mind is working on it right now too! Doing a mental inventory of my stash as I type! When I find the just "right" color of cheddar I hope they have 2 bolts of it because they are coming home with me!

  12. sew beautiful. I'm not a fan of cheddar. but it is a great combo.

  13. Love this quilt and from all the hints you have given over the years I think I can actually figure out how this one was pieced! The quilting gives the clues on the long sides. Thanks for the 16 inch hint. This will probably go on my to make list. I may have to find some cheddar and indigo....... or maybe scrappy brights with black replacing the cheddar!

  14. I like it!!! It would be a fun quilt to make. Are you thinking much, much smaller blocks? The beauty of it is that everyone could decide how big they wanted to make it themselves. Love the colors.

  15. I think Doris was the smart choice. You can duplicate the cheddar quilt.

  16. Anonymous7:41 AM EDT

    Oh that is beautiful! Cheddar is something I definitely need to add to my stash.

  17. Anonymous9:13 PM EDT

    As you were pressing your pink and green borders the other night on the web cam you said you were being careful to press only the seam and not the entire seam when flipping the corner back. what is the reason for pressing "only the seam"?
    Norie in So.Dak. gnmohs@bigstonelake.net

  18. Anonymous8:06 PM EDT

    That is a gorgeous quilt. Can't wait to see your version.



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