Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Cheese Shoppe ---

I got several comments and emails telling me I HAD to go to The Cheese Shoppe in old town Williamsburg for the best sandwich ever.

The shop in itself is adorable and you will want to browse and taste test your way past the cheeses on display.

There is also a large selection of local wines and other culinary treats to entice you.

I was working up a powerful appetite so I made my way back to the rear of the shop where a long lunch-time line had already formed…..

Long lines are a bad thing good thing ----

Bad, because you have to wait ----

GOOD – because if there is a line, it must be worth waiting in one!

williamsburg2012 105

Yes, THIS is the line…Mmmmm…it MUST be worth it!

I was told that I needed to experience the special “house dressing” on my sandwich –so I went for it! I ordered corned beef and pepper jack on pumpernickel with house dressing. MMMMMMMM! There is NO picture of the sandwich – I was too busy eating it!

williamsburg2012 106

I’m always one to try a “not so known to me” brand of chips ----These knocked my socks off!

williamsburg2012 108


I love nutty crunchy carmel-y things….and I didn’t quite know WHAT this conglomeration was, but oh boy --- I could have forgotten the sandwich and just went for this. It had a cookie bar bottom, then stuck to the carmel topping was crunched pretzels ((Oh yeah, that beloved salty-sweet sensation!)) chocolate chips, peanuts…….messy, gooey and oh so good! Does anyone have a recipe for this kind of cookie bar? Maybe I better not have one!

williamsburg2012 067

And just so you don’t think that all I do is post about junk food ----oh, the gardens are WONDERFUL to behold….

Tomorrow classes begin! Talkin’ Turkey is first up! I better go get some shut eye ----morning comes early and quilters will be raring to go!


  1. I was just there for a family vacation at the beginning of July. It was HOT (106*F!), but the Cheese Shop was divine (i.e. air conditioned). Did you see the pomegranates in the garden? They were lovely!

  2. The chips are awesome, but you have to go one more door down to the candy store. The cherry bombs are unreal!!! Be sure to notice how they water the garden in colonial Williamsburg . Have fun!

  3. Love those sunglowers! Enjoy your time there. It seems to be full of goodness.

  4. Anonymous10:45 PM EDT

    Here's the recipe for the caramel pretzel cookie bars:

    1. Great find, Sarah! Just add peanuts/almonds, etc., and a drizzle of chocolate. Yum!

  5. I can't wait for your next post !! I live in eastern Canada and fell in love with your Talkin' Turkey block in the 100 blocks issue, so I have a whack of lights and reds ready to make a lap quilt size... So I'll be watchin' (and wishin' I was there, in your class..)!!
    Question for you- re. scrap quilts- do you always wash all your fabrics/scraps before making a scrap quilt? Even though I have washed my reds, I'm worried some may run later... red is so notorious for "being bad"...

    1. Linda, Where in Atlantic Canada do you live?

    2. Shelley - Fredericton NB. Are you in Atlantic Canada too?
      Linda H

  6. Good to know you're not going to starve!

  7. Paula Y.11:42 PM EDT

    Hope you add the recipe (if you find one that duplicates that yummy bar) on your recipe page. Enjoy Williamsberg. We were there years ago and my favorite thimble is the one I got at the silversmith shop there. Do hope you have time to go to the Abby Aldrich Folk Art Museum.

  8. Oh, that dessert looks soo good. Give me salty and chocolate any day!

  9. here you go....http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Caramel-Pretzel-Bars

    1. Anonymous1:21 PM EDT

      Just filed it for future baking. thank you, Lynda M chicago


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