Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shamu & The Mobile Accuquilt Studio!

Last evening I thought I was SO SMART to have the men-folk do all the heavy lifting and put my Accuquilt Studio in the back of Shamu for me ---this sucker, unlike the Go cutter is a HEAVY DUTY BEAST. And I like it that way ---it does it’s job well. It's going to be living at Karen's house while I'm gone to Bali.

But I was thinking too far ahead of myself!

After last night’s QuiltCam sewing session I realized that I was going to be faced with cutting all these strip sets into three-sies the OLD WAY. Rotary Cutter Style.

What to do what to do what to do?

I went to bed and decided I’d worry about it later.

The machine is too heavy to bring back into the house to set up. BUT ---We Quilters are a resourceful lot! If I couldn’t bring the Accuquilt to the table --- why couldn’t I take the table to the Accuquilt?

SO here I am--- in my JAMMIES no less --- setting up a folding table in my driveway! ((Don’t worry, my driveway is secluded!))

9patches 015

Load Up That Tray!

9patches 016

Place the plastic sheet on top!

9patches 017

Crank it through!

About this time Jeff comes outside and gives me a funny look – “Mom?! WHAT are you doing?!” I said “Is this any different than the construction guy who has is circular saw outside the back of his pick-up truck?!” The response? “Oh yeah, RIGHT!!”

9patches 018

But in nothing flat I had all of my strip sets cross cut!

9patches 019

Whooowhooo! Hopefully this will tide me over for a while!

And for those worried about waste?

9patches 020

it wasn’t enough to even BEGIN to fill a dog bed.

The Accuquilt is back in the back of the van. The table is folded back up and stored in the garage --- I’m headed for the shower! I’ve got a lunch date with Karen and Lisa to hand the Accuquilt off to THEM! I can’t wait to see what they do with it!


  1. OMGosh ... you scare me because that's something I would do ... actually, I thought about it last night while watching you sew ... wondered why you just didn't go and use it from the back of the van ... LOL

  2. TOO absolutely funny. But pERFECT analogy to the carpenter. EXACTLY!
    Happy Wednesday

  3. Anonymous8:51 AM EDT

    Bonnie - I so enjoyed your video session last night. It was so informative plus fun !!! Seeing in real time how you operate is really enlightening. Answering questions we all wonder about is good too.... But I think you are going to have to go all the way. You can wear a head cam (will look like a miner's helmet with the bright light). Then we can watch you ALL the time and see how you do everything quilty. But I know you have those private moments that we don't want or need to see..........no problem - that will be the commercial time !!!!!!!!!!!

    From Ott in Texas

  4. You are too funny..... what no jammie pictures?????? I need to talk to your son :o)

  5. You never cease to amaze me! You always seem to come up with the most creative solutions to everyday problems.
    Enjoying the webcam sessions from Alabama!

  6. Anonymous9:31 AM EDT

    I know what I'd be doing with that Accut thingy, I'd be cutting quilt pieces from the minute it landed at my house until the second you came to pick it up! That's what I'd be doing!

    You go girl!

  7. That is to funny and is something I would do! I really enjoy your blog.

  8. Oh you're to funny!!! I'm laughing so hard that I had to stop to dry my eyes, so that I could finish reading your post.

  9. Anonymous9:41 AM EDT

    You just created an ad for the Accuquilt Studio!

  10. I totally enjoyed watching your QuiltCam last night. If I hadn't already taken some heavy duty pain pills, you would have inspired me to tackle clearing off my sewing table. Maybe next time. I am so NOT surprised you found a way to cut those strips. You are ever the resourceful Bonnie!!

  11. I love that I am not the only crazy quilter out there. There are some quilters who are just a silly about it as I am.

  12. It's a Quiltmobile... and a well-equipped one fer shure. ;)

  13. You crack me up! lol This cutter was MADE for YOU!!!!~ I know you really benefit from that thing.
    By the way, I've not heard back from the S.C. lady regarding the workshop.. Hope they have room for me.

  14. That's so awesome! Hey, did you know heated car seats are great for keeping potluck dishes warm too? It's great to be a lateral thinker!

  15. Maybe your next quilt cam should be in the driveway! This was a hoot. Wish my driveway was that isolated. : )

  16. I missed last night....I forgot to mention I was a Dance Mom's junkie and never miss is...guess I should have used the DVR. Bonnie....I am thinking a TV show...filmed right there in your studio at home!! I think that is a bright idea and it will be great!

  17. You are one seriously crazy quilt broad! Either that or a quilting version of McGuiver. Sooo wishing that quiltcam had been t up in the driveway.

  18. Bonnie
    I think your males must take bets as to what you will get up to next.

    Bonnie in Va

  19. Need a LOVE button!!! I want one of those ACCU-CUT things. It looks like a mimeograph machine on steriods. And I agree with Patchwork Penguin...what?? No jammie pics?

  20. I read your notes- and had NO IDEA what you were doing?????? Now I understand that many littte strips can be cut in one second! How wonderful- I haven't seen them before!!
    What if you need longer strips?? It can be changed I guess? Thanks Marietta Brisbane!

  21. Anonymous12:37 AM EDT

    Oh!!!! Oh!!!! I WANT one! But I won't get one - so I'm putting it in my imaginery studio with all the other things I can't have. You should see my imaginary quilt studio room! In the meantime, as much as you sew, I'm glad you have such a heavy duty accucutter. Otherwise, my hands would hurt in sympathy thinking of how much time and hand use would go into all that rotary cutting. What do you do about long strips?????? Barby in MH, ARK

  22. Scraps stuff a dog bed? Great to hear nothing is wasted.

  23. Laughter IS the best medicine! Thanks for sharing your creative and crazy ways with all of us. You had me howling with your circular saw analogy. You GO Bonnie!! Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX

  24. I've been debating back and forth about whether I can justify the cost of the Studio...

    I've been cross cutting strips with my Shape Cut, which I think is a great invention, but I'm doing 2" PSQ squares and it's taking FOREVER! OK, I think I'm convinced now!


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