Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Balinese Sunrise #7

I don’t know what I’m going to do when I can’t wake up at 6am and trek myself down to the beach to watch the world unfold.

Where I live in NC ---my house is down in a hollow, surrounded by woods….I don’t think I see the sun when it rises….there is too much vegitation and other surrounding homes for it to rise over……sure, it gets light out, but to SEE the sun rise from the horizon? Now that is special.

I will remember this place.

I will remember these people.

I will remember the culture, the kindness, the gentle way of bowing with hands pressed together. It’s become such a habit with everyone I meet ---we are greeted with a bow, palm to palm with fingers pointing heavenward. It’s more than an acknowledgement, it’s a show of respect. Of yes –you have my full attention, I’m so glad you are here.

This morning I was excited to reach the beach, certain that sunrise would happen and it would be GLORIOUS!

bali5 018

Just a little farther and I’ll be there ----at the first pagoda.

bali5 020

I take time to really notice the detail of the curved and carved corners of my temporary shelter. Quintessential Bali. Gorgeous craftsmanship!

bali5 028

And here she comes….Morning Sun!

bali5 032

The clouds part and blow away—it’s going to be another awesome day as we make our way toward Ubud and our planned activities there.

bali5 034

No, I won’t forget this place. I have one more sunrise….tomorrow……and then we start our journey home.

bali5 035

Bali is definitely the most magical place I’ve ever visited in my life!

bali5 038



  1. Just gorgeous Bonnie! You're definitely making me want to take off for Indonesia right this minute!

    And yeah...what is it about NC and no visible sunrises?

  2. As much the artist behind the camera as on the sewing machine! Beautiful!

  3. Holidays.....everyone loves there new found places & adventures and wish for the same at home......but "home sweet home" is where we love to live, it gives more incentive to save for the next holiday/adventure....Safe travels home. PS did you go to any fabric warehouses/marketstalls???

  4. I'm going to miss these sunrises too! Thanks you for capturing them for us each day. My house is surrounded by trees too and I can only see the sunrise in winter when the leaves are down.

  5. I love the sunrise pictures over the sea every morning. I also live in a "haller". I've got tall mountains to the east and a ridge to the west. My sweetie and I sometimes walk out a sunset just to catch the beauty without the ridge in our view. I can understand your love of these morning walks. So so beautiful. Only one more day! Really? Enjoy and have a safe journey home.

  6. Your sunrises are awesome and amazing. I can see the sun rise at my house but it doesn't compare to what you see. Your trip has been wonderful to follow and see your photos. Have a safe trip home. We miss you here also.

  7. Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing your adventure with us! I have no plans to ever go to Bali so it is wonderful to see it through the eyes of someone I know. I can't wait to see what gorgeous scrappy quilt comes from the Sunrise Muse of Bali!

  8. Thanks for sharing the magic!

  9. Ciao, grazie per le tue bellissime foto. Mi è ritornato in mente tutto! Bali è un posto fantastico, indimenticabile... Bali è stato il mio viaggio di nozze! Non dimenticherò mai i colori, la gente, i bambini, gli odori... Sono passati 20 anni, ma il ricordo è ancora vivo!

  10. It's been wonderful to be on your journey with you. Such a beautiful place. Thanks for taking us along. Your pics have been amazing. Loved every minute. Have a safe trip home.


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