Saturday, August 04, 2012

Our Farewell Supper!

You know that kind of high you feel when you’ve completed something really big --- when it’s been pulled off without a noticeable hitch ---when new friendships have been formed and continuing friendships strengthened in every area?

This is how I feel tonight! We had such a great time, all of us as instructors ---from the Quiltmaker Magazine Staff, to those of us who have participated in the magazine and were asked to be instructors for this very first of what I hope is many Quiltmaker Block Party retreats!

There was talk and discussion of how we all felt it went ---where we would like to maybe see this take place in the future…what locations? What time of the year? How to fit it in with existing schedules? Will any of us have our paths cross in our teaching travels in the near future so we can get together? I hope so!

We all left the hotel about 5:45pm after class was over and various boxes and bags and quilts and cases were emptied out of classrooms, loaded into our cars or prospective hotel rooms.

Weary and exhilarated at the same time, we walked out of the covered entry way, and out into the balmy Williamsburg August evening air for a 15 minute walk to The Trellis where we enjoyed a YUMMY dinner and animated conversation.

We did it! This event has been hanging on the horizon for a long time ---and we did it!

williamsburg2012 281

I hope you can tell by the picture how happy we are ---the only one missing is me, I’m taking the picture.

Tomorrow morning I start my journey home….that is AFTER I sleep til I wake with no alarm to buzz me.

Thanks, Quiltmaker! It’s been wonderful and I can’t wait to do this again!

I also can’t wait to play with the set of rulers given to me personally by Monique Dillard of Open Gate. She is such a sweet lady, and I really enjoyed getting to know her!

Right side of the table: Carolyn McCormick, Debbie Caffrey, Nancy Mahoney, Linda Howell.

Left Side of the table: June Dudley, Monique Dillard, Diane Harris

Not pictured: Me, Jennifer Chiaverini who left eary to go home, and Carolyn Beam who’s hubby arrived in town this afternoon and they were off enjoying an evening alone together. ((How romantic!))

Travel home safe, girls – let’s do it again!


  1. Bonnie, you have been on the road so very much lately. I know you have had great times and wonderful experiences but I am sure you must be exhausted. You need to take a "me" day and pamper yourself and just relax!

    But thank you for letting us enjoy all these quilty things through you!

  2. You travel safe too, Bonnie!!! Thanks for sharing your travels! ♥

  3. Have a safe drive home. Sharing your travels and adventures through your blog is the next best thing to being there. Love you & sleep well Miss Bonnie.

  4. HOw cool is that???? I love that you let us travel w you living vicariously at your side.

  5. Thanks to all the instructors and Quiltmaker staff for making the Block Party such a fun and fantabulous weekend. I can't wait for the next one!!!!!

    Deb S.

  6. I liked the Trellis I went there years ago. I wonder if the food was still as great as it was about 12 years ago? I think I like everything about Williamsburg.

  7. The Trellis is a wonderful restaurant; everything I've ever enjoyed there was very, very tasty. Purchased their cookbook last time in Williamsburg and have used it frequently. You can purchase from them or sometimes copies pop up on eBay. Glad you were all able to unwind after a VERY busy week. Travel safe!

  8. Wow, Talk about a who's who in quilting, what a great time you guys must have had, Envious from Arizona :)

  9. Safe trip and I know you got home safely and are recouping. I have an on-line friend who gave me a detailed account of her time as a student. She made a comment that I thought might be useful to the powers that be of this retreat (since I intend to attend one day). She said the ending was anticlimactic. I would suggest doing something for the crowd on the a.m. of Sat. I know there is a dinner Fri., but Sat. seemed sad to her. Maybe a breakfast hr. of show and tell? That was what came to my mind anyway. HIH

  10. OOPS! Forgot to say she loved the retreat besides the Sat. ending.


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