Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I’m off to lunch to meet up with Karen and Lisa!

Before I go – I just had a couple of things to share with you ----

I heard back from Sally and the Smith Mountain Morning class in Aiken that I posted about yesterday. I just SO died laughing this morning!


There is no more room at the Aiken Inn! LOL! I’m so excited that several of you were able to sign up and attend and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you on the 8th of September in Aiken, SC!

Also..just for fun…these are photos that were tagged to me during last night’s Quilt Cam broadcast.

How fun is THIS?!


Amy was watching me on Quilt Cam! Awesome!


So was Angela! Hi, Angela!

I love that she was sewing along with me on her trusty featherweight baby.

I’ve got plans tonight, so won’t be around for Quilt Cam hour, but we will try it again soon!

I’m off to lunch---- later, gators!


  1. I really enjoyed watching your Quiltcam time the last 2 nights, even though it was just for 15 minutes or so. VERY helpful information you shared about strip piecing and this will definitely help me sew faster. Plus it was just fun watching you.

  2. Bonnie, your quilt cam is so great. I sewed along with you. I was working on my guild's mystery quilt. I loved the question and answer. I hope to catch you again soon!

  3. Anonymous1:19 PM EDT

    Love QuiltCam - it is cozy, personal and VERY instructive. You had mentioned last night about a new book coming out all about Hexies!!! I didn't catch the author or title to write it down. Could you post the info on the book? BE GREAT!.

    Your quilt studio is a large room version of my quilt room lol - many things happening all at once.

  4. Anonymous3:48 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie, the quilt cam is amazing. Just to let you know my books arrived today and I am so excited. I have the fabrics pulled out to start Orca Bay and hope to get on to it really soon. Hope you all have a wonderful time in Bali. Smiles from rainy, windy Ireland, Ann

  5. Wait...there's a quilt cam of a quilt cam? Pictures of people watching pictures of you? That's hysterical. Not to mention amazing.

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  7. Have enjoyed watching your quilt cam. Your driveway cutting project reminded me of something I would do, if I had a more secluded drive. A friend's chiropractor suggested to her to turn her foot pedal around and use her heel to sew. It brings your foot in closer. I have tried it for about 4 years and find it's good. Hope you get to feeling better before your trip. Looking forward to taking a class from you on your visit to Lansing, Michigan.

  8. janice in Gastonia11:34 PM EDT

    I,too, hate those little "toe" buttons on the older foot pedals. I have replaced three of the so far with full flat foot pedals, so much better, albeit, not the original one, but nobody knows but me:) Unless I sell them, then I will put the old pedal back with the machine. Sure missed sewing hour tonight! :) Have you gone to a massage therapist? That is the only thing that keeps me going, just a thought.

  9. You made my night last night since I got to sew with you for the first time and again tonight because I see I made your blog. I really am your number one fan, lol! Thanks Bonnie!


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