Sunday, August 26, 2012

Balinese Sunrise #5

Today ---I have decided that PATIENCE is something I need to work on.

This morning, the sun was showing me that I needed to slow down and wait and relish in the waiting, because it is worth it!

I followed my usual routine, and wound my way down to the beach to see no sunrise peaking out at all, just a huge bank of clouds, and lots of breeze.

I thought the breeze would simply blow the clouds away and allow me to see the sun, and I continued my walk down the beach.

Further and further, watching workers rake sand, sweep sidewalks, lay out towels and prepare for the days onslaught of tourists.

There were not many out on this cloudy morning…..and I wound my way past temples and shrines and fountains and statues – and miles of beach chairs toward my pagoda.

bali3 313

The lanterns in the trees seemed to wave good morning with the breeze. The sun? She is somewhere behind that bank of clouds. Come out, come out! I want to wish you good morning!

bali3 323

She has to be rising now, the sky is edged with pink..but that cloud bank is growing taller still, hiding her progress in the sky.

bali3 327

I decide to leave my pagoda to explore the others I see further down the beach….maybe the sun will come out if I occupy myself with other things? I loved seeing all these pagodas in a row…but those clouds look ominous, don’t they?

bali3 332

I lay on my back on the raised wooden platform and look up at the construction and pattern made by the underside of the pagoda roof. I see sun rays in the pattern of the wood.

bali3 336

Sun! Where are you? I look at my watch. 6:30am. Mawa is picking us up at 8! I better hurry my way back. I still need a shower and breakfast.

Did I mention how humid it is here? All the paper on my desktop feels damp. My sheets feel damp. it is HUMID. Don’t bother with hair or make up. Hair falls flat, make up slides off!

bali3 339

As I near my hotel along my walk, look who decides to make an appearance!

bali3 340

Good morning, Sun! It’s going to be another adventuresome day in Bali!


  1. Absolutely breathtaking!!!! Have a wonderful day Bonnie!!!

  2. Dear Bonnie, it is wonderful to see how much you are appreciating your time in Bali. You might think you need to focus on Patience, but you are putting the sunrise before the quilting in your mind, and that is apparently just what you need to do. So glad you are enjoying this beautiful place. Enjoy.

  3. Breathtaking! Namaste....

  4. Anonymous8:25 PM EDT

    I am looking forward to the quilt or quilt block you create from the inspiration you found in the underside of the pagoda roof! Enjoy!

    Cynthia in metro Portland Oregon

  5. Cindy, The Purple Quilter8:43 PM EDT

    So happy that you are enjoying your experience, in any circumstance.

  6. Looks as if you are having a lovely time. I went to Bali in 1988, before I was a quilter and amazed at the peace and harmony there.

    I'd love to go back again and enjoy it through quilter's eyes.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  7. Good morning, sunshine. Enjoy your day, Bonnie.

  8. Have a beautiful day! Enjoy your massage, too.


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