Sunday, August 12, 2012

And The Winner Is: **Drumroll**

I just drew for the winner of the Quilts from 100 blocks magazine by Quiltmaker, and the Summer Breeze charm pack!

The winner is:

LauraJ has left a new comment on "The Envelope, Please! ((Give-Away!))":

I've learned so much since starting to come visit Quiltville! Perhaps the greatest nudge is that when I want to start a new project, I don't have to run to the fabric store to buy all new fabric - I just need to look at what I already have and use those scraps!

I love the idea of kitting and hadn't really thought of that before, but the other day I pulled out some strips and cut them into different width strings and they're ready to go in a kit together for a string quilt! And, I've learned that you don't need a whole day or week set aside to work on a project, you can get so much done by using snippets of time wherever they may be and all those snippets add up pretty quickly to getting a project done.

Plus, I've decided that when I grow up I want to be just like Bonnie Hunter! Thanks for all you do to inspire me everyday! really, you do!

Congrats, LauraJ! I’ve sent you an email letting you know you’ve won. Email me back with your snail mail address and I’ll get your goodies off to you in tomorrow’s mail!

summerbreezecharm1 QFcover_opt

And thank you to those who said they enjoyed a bit of fun with the QuiltCam.

I have no plans to do it “all the time” or on a set basis.

I have no plans to give you a heads up for a scheduled time. It’s as I feel like it, however it fits into my day.

I’m trying to overlook the hurtful comments of “friends” who said things like “I think the whole cam idea is weird” not to me personally, but in the form of a thoughtless public blog comment to my post.

It’s all just for fun. If it’s not fun, I won’t do it.

But if I’m mindlessly sewing and it encourages OTHERS to just sit and sew a while ---then I will.


  1. Bonnie, the LiveCam is a hoot and I loved it! Anyone who doesn't like it doesn't have to watch, do they? Like everything else, to each his own...just don't rain on my parade!

  2. I missed your live cam time.....hope I catch it the next time you do it! And I checked out that cat cam.....so fun! While I was watching, a big old doofy yellow lab was visiting, wagging it tail like crazy, just happy to be there! I was so worried with all the cats running around, but the big old doof didn't even care! Loved it!

  3. I weas laughing because I was seeing your mouth move but heard no sound. LOL! Also careful when you adjust you camera-we got a quick shot done you shirt front. He he!

  4. I have yet to catch the live cam but can't wait until I do. It will be such fun "Sewing with Bonnie"!!!

  5. Oh drat! Missed the web cam....you' right, it's just for fun..YOU are fun, ergo, the web cam broadcast will be fun. It definitely will encourage me! Since our My Blue Heaven class last month I have been working every spare moment I can grab on the top....I NEVER would have even considered making something with so many pieces before I met you! But when I saw the laid back way you approached it, and got to see your beautiful quilts...well, let's just say, I will never look at scraps the same again. Have a great evening!

  6. Congratulations, LauraJ. Lucky you!

    And Bonnie, I like the live cam. I feel a bit like a voyeur, but if it's not weird for you, it's not weird for me! I'm looking forward to picking up little tips from your comments, little things that you do without even thinking about it any more but make things easier/better. Thanks!

  7. The idea of the live cam is interesting...but with the 4 hour time difference I think it will be hard to catch you except on the weekends. But that is not a complaint just an observation. I'm thinking of your friends down under or in Europe..they'll really have a hard time catching you. For me it just means that I'll be checking your blog more often!

  8. Congratulations LauraJ !!

  9. You Go Girl! If it wasn't for critics and nay sayers, how would they ever know what they're missing out on! Did I say that right? Anyway, I like what Kelly said too! Lord Bless You!

  10. Anonymous8:39 PM EDT

    Haven't been able to connect up when your on the cam. Why are some people so negative? I run a cam on my computer from turn on in the morning until turn off at night. Granted it's only for family members but it's fun and they can see me whenever they want. If they don't want to see me they don't have to look. Got your book yesterday. That was fast, didn't order it until Wed when you started taking orders again. Thanks, love it.

    Stella in So. Cal

  11. Anonymous8:51 PM EDT

    Bonnie, PLEASE keep doing the cam! I'm hoping I can learn some of your piecing tricks and I'll bet I'm not the only one! Not sure if I'll ever have the opportunity to attend one of your workshops, so the visual of you working would be great. And I'm so sorry there were negative comments...unfortunately the world is full of people who can find fault with just about everything.
    Elaine in MA

  12. I am looking forward to watching you quilt on the big machine. I have already learned so much from you by just watching the last two days. I appreciate you taking the plunge and turning on the live cam. You are always inspiring. Please ignore the negative nelly's. I bet there are more positive comments, concentrate on those. WE love you!

  13. I loved the camera! You encouraged me to get out my Leaders and Enders project out.

  14. Hey - there's a second Sue K!! Bonnie - I loved the cam - hope you can figure out the volume. Don't worry about the comments from negative friends - sounds like they aren't friends anyway!! Sue K

  15. I looked in on your cam a couple of times and at first I thought I could talk to you :0), it felt like you had dropped in to sew with me :0). It is all fun :0), I feel sorry for the folks who can't see it for what it is...but that is what the off button is for right?

    Happy Sewing

  16. I think it would be great to see yo quilting... it's like we are working together. I'll keep trying to catch you!

  17. Anonymous9:22 PM EDT

    Bonnie..you did encourage me to sew today with your wonderful web cam...it's great..thank you .. thank you

  18. Hi Bonnie, got my book in the mail this week. String fling quilts--here I come!! Thanks for more quilted fun time for me. Anytime you try a new technology--people are going to freak out. Just think, in a few months, this will be the new norm & everyone will want to be a part of it. You are a quilting pioneer--you must push forward & drag the rest of us "stick in the mud quilters" with you. I am all for anything that encourages sewing, especially with all the pieces I have cut out already & are just laying there waiting to be a quilt. Have a good week & hope you get time to sew your little heart out!!

  19. Brenda R.9:25 PM EDT

    Congratulations Laura!! Lucky Girl! Now let's see a quilt outta that magazine :-)

  20. There are always a few people who have something negative to say. (I'm married to one and I keep trying to encourage him to find something positive to say every day.)

    I loved watching your WebCam. It did inspire me to go out to my studio and clean up the mess so I can start sewing on my current project tomorrow.

  21. I watched for a few minutes. I think it's fun! I hope to watch more later when time allows and when you're live on camera.

  22. Anonymous10:37 PM EDT

    I haven't seen the live cam yet, but would love to catch a peek at it when you are live, Bonnie!!! I'll bet it is great fun for you and those who catch "the show", however impromptu it may be...:)

    Karen in Maine

  23. GO, Bonnie, GO!!!~ I love the webcam. Just came over to catch up on your blog.. so, reading in reverse, dont' know what I've missed, but I LOVE the webcam!~~ You inspire us all! Do what YOU want to do, when YOU want to do it!~~ Life is short. Have FUN!~~ that is why I pop in to your blog every now and then when I need a lift and catch up. Don't always comment, but thought I should.
    Keep up the great work!~

  24. Your a pioneer go for it.Makes us happy..Keeps us sane & keeps us out of the bars.....Happy quilting....

  25. IF the web cam is fun for you and fun for those who stop by, no other criteria is needed.

  26. Anonymous11:12 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie,

    So long as you are happy on cam thats all that matters. I have recently started following your blog and Im not sure where to find information about the kitting to which LauraJ was referring. Is there a particular month or entry to look at? Im an a fairly new quilter and love all the new ideas, thank you. Claire

  27. I love it! Don't worry about those who say negative things about it. They just don't get it, (and probably never will.) You inspired me to sew for an hour or so last night. It was fun! Like sewing with a friend.

  28. I am so excited!!! Thank you Bonnie!!! (and everyone else!)

    One of these times I will time things just right to watch you sew on the live cam! I can't wait!

    Thank you again! e-mail sent!
    ~LauraJ :)

  29. Anonymous12:04 AM EDT

    I love your Quilt cam!!!!! No one has to watch it if they don't want to, just don't get upset because of them. Yes, I'm totally with Julie's comment before me, it was just like sewing with a friend.


  30. I'm asleep when you sew Bonnie, and you are asleep when I sew :-(
    Looking forward to taking a peek one day.
    Congrats LauraJ - what a nice comment you posted. BTW thats my grand daughter's initials, but as she is only 8, I don't think you are her LOL

  31. Sorry I missed the quilt cam, it would be just like seeing you in person! Awesome!! Do what feels good for YOU, you are always trying to please others on all your trips. Take care of YOU first.
    Sorry I missed out on winning, but I am sure happy for LauraJ!!
    Sandy- in Texas

  32. OH don't listen to the naysayers. What do they know? They probably don't even quilt! LOL Talk about weird - that would be it.

  33. I am really sorry that I didn't get to see the Quilt cam! I'm sure it was GREAT!

    I was taught that "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Apparently, not everyone goes by that rule! But I sure wish they would. There is enough negative stuff in this world without having "friends" put you down.

    You keep doing what you do, which is inspiring so many others and your true friends will love every minute of it!!


  34. I LOVE the quilt cam!!! I don't even care if I can't hear you. I learnt something just watching. (The bit where you just ram new strips up against the last bit)
    Bugger the negative Nelly's!! They don't like?? Then don't look!!
    Quilt on lady!! Quilt on!!
    Lush x

  35. Bonnie, I haven't caught the cam yet, but I'll keep trying. It will be the next best thing to having you right here in Wellsboro!

  36. One of your characteristics I find most amazing (and charming) is how enthusiatic you are about creating and living life; another is that you are so open and sharing with us. You have taught me about so much... normally I check your blog both in the AM & PM. I am a fan. I doubt I'll ever be able to catch your live cam... but you better bet I'll tune in if I do! Depending on what all is going on, I may not stay tuned in for long; still, I bet I'd learn by watching you!

    It baffles me when folks write personally critical or negative things in a public forum about something on a blog... really? really? Even if a blogger asks for feedback and I thought they might actually like to hear my opinion, unless positive, I'd privately email.

    So dear one.... march on.... I agree with what diegoagogo posted above... "Bugger the negative Nelly's" Live Life Large!

  37. Please don't give up the web cam, regardless of what folks say. I live in the boonies and don't have anyone to sew with so I love the web cam when I remember to turn it on...


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