Monday, August 27, 2012

Balinese Sunrise, #6!

If you can call it a sunrise. I didn’t win the award on patience today – we are being picked up earlier than usual for our ride to the elephant park, and that meant I didn’t have time to hang around!

The sun is right behind that mass of clouds, and rays are reaching down as best as they can to touch that little but of land there….but it’s gotta try harder!

I was talking about the decorations and celebration that happens today for Galungan Day, or Thanksgiving Day here in Bali.

Decorations have reached the hotel walkways!

bali4 182

See the palm and bamboo decorations? These are all made by hand ---the loops are formed with palm leaves and stapled into place. Staples are used A LOT here…..the palm baskets that hold all the million gazillion katrillion daily offerings are also stapled. At one of our stops we watched some ladies busy at work making offering baskets.

bali4 183

There are shops everywhere selling the dangling ornament for hanging from the family’s pole—for lack of a better word for what this bamboo thing is called. It’s fun to watch them spin in the breeze… We are really luck to be here at their Holiday time. It makes every day feel extra special for us --- that we are witnessing things that others might not experience depending on when they arrive in Bali.

bali4 184

Detail of the palm loops against the morning sky.

bali4 179

I continued on toward my pagoda to wish the world good morning. The other morning I noticed this pillar of stacked stones just standing there along the pathway…..every day I have watched it to see if the tide would knock it down. So far – it’s still standing!

I guess there is a life lesson in that. We are stronger and more stable than we look! The winds may come, the tides may rise and swirl around us, the waves may try to beat us down….but we can stand firm if we are well balanced.

bali4 181

Good morning, Bali! Let’s go see some elephants!


  1. Pictures are fantastic, again! Loved the life lesson, could not have been stated better. Keep enjoying your time.

  2. Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. I'm getting a kick out of reading the posts you have written at the end of your day early in my day, then later in my day, saying good morning to Bali (tomorrow) with you! I'm kinda out of kilter!

  4. I've been googling about Bali, it is so interesting to see
    all the sights through your eyes. Amazing how far away it is,
    you are nearly in Australia, now I wouldn't have known that if you weren't there. Can you tell where most of the tourist are from?

    Safe travels :0)

  5. Wish I were along for the trip. You appreciate the adventure so much! Next time you travel somewhere (except Alaska) , I'll be there!

  6. You have a way of pinpointing little details that bring the country to life for us. Thank you for these lovely pictures and stories about Bali. Have fun with the elephants!

  7. Cindy, The Purple Quilter10:24 PM EDT

    You are becoming wiser by the day, Bonnie!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us. Looking forward to seeing pics of the elephants.

  8. Another beautiful Bali morning. Thanks.


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