Saturday, August 25, 2012

Balinese Sunrise #4

I am really loving this little self imposed ritual.

Alarm goes off at 6am. Quickly brush teeth, throw on clothes, tie up hair, grab earbuds, iphone and bottle of water, and out the door…quickly now, you don’t want to miss it!

Through the door I go…down the corridor and toward the lobby ---this hotel is bungalow style, which means that everything outside of your room is open air. There is a roof….but no walls…how wonderful to hear the birds singing their morning song as I make my way outside, across a foot bridge, over the path heading to the beach.

As I head farther along the walking trail, I see shapes in the sand. Curious, I head over to check it out ----

bali3 174

Sand Carvings!

the sand here is different than any I’ve felt in my life….it is nearly spongy and the closer you get to the water line, the deeper you sink into it.

bali3 149

It’s a gator! Or is it is croc? Maybe a komodo dragon? But look at that detail! I wish I had seen this “contest” going on..it would have been fun to watch!

bali3 150

Looks like one of these sand eggs is about to hatch!

bali3 151

How about a very detailed sand temple?

bali3 152

Looks like imaginations and creativity were running rampant!

bali3 153

The smiling whimsical star fish says “G’day Bonnie, have a great one!” I know it has an Aussie accent because the guy I spoke to said it was a group of Aussies here on holiday that had the sand carving contest!

bali3 154

Fish is Friends! Not Food!

bali3 155

A crumbling pyramid, Egyptian style!

bali3 157

But this one? It’s the coliseum!

And now I need to hurry…because I’m going to miss that sun coming up…I’ve got a ways to go to reach my pagoda ---hurry now, the sun is peeking through the clouds!

bali3 167

There it is….big and yellow, tingeing the clouds with pink.

bali3 170

Yep, it’s another glorious day in Bali!

Today’s itinerary includes palaces and temples. We will wear our sarongs to show respect and reverence. And Mawa will fill our minds with stories of life in Bali – of tradition, of folklore, of facts and humor.

It’s going to be a long day ---yesterday was also a long drive, and we had all the ladies sewing hexies from the kits I brought, while the gentlemen ((We have 3 hubbies along plus Mawa)) spoke of “man things’.

It’s time to pack it up and get going ….we leave in 10 minutes!


  1. Have a wonderful day!! What a magical place and a magical vacation!!! I am so tired from my day....and yours is just starting!!! Beautiful pictures!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the beauty. Sounds like you are all having a magical time...looking forward to pictures in your 'sarongs'!

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  3. thanks for sharing - wonderful sandcastles and things!

  4. Love the sand sculptures. What a fun surprise.
    I can't believe you are the only one with that morning ritual. That seems like such a magical thing!

  5. What a wonderful way to greet your day! Right now, my day is ending with your sunset, so you must be about 10 or 12 hours ahead of us. Thanks for sharing all the sand art pictures. See you tomorrow morning!

  6. Bonnie- I have to tell you, I am fascinated by the pictures you are posting, they are amazing, as is your reaction to your beautiful surroundings. I am waiting each day for you to post, and will only open your post on my laptop (not my iPad or phone) so that I can see the pictures as big as possible! It sounds like you are having such a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoying each moment- which is exactly as it should be!

  7. I am so enjoying these magical sunrises in the pagoda.

  8. Just wanted to thank you for sharing these photos of Bali and your Show and Tell. Reading your blog is like getting two scoops of my favorite ice cream - quilts and travel!

  9. Cindy, The Purple Quilter10:29 PM EDT

    Glorious! Thanks, once again, for sharing. Look forward to hearing from you each day!

  10. Oh, isn't that just gorgeous, the sunrise shining on the water! Thanks for sharing these photos, Bonnie!
    I can't believe it's day 4 already.
    Did you get a chance to dig through your scrap bags from the batik place yet? (mwaa haha) : )

  11. no question, looks like the trip of a lifetime....

  12. Thanks for some stunning pictures, Bonnie. I sure do hope that you want to return to Bali next year, 'cause i wanna go -- I think several of us do! lol. Sign me up. Have fun.

  13. Great pictures of the start of your day.

  14. Anonymous3:15 AM EDT

    Thanks, Bonnie, you give us dream....
    Toulouse ( France )

  15. If it was Aussies building the castles I'm surprised that beer wasn't in there somewhere !! maybe it was consumed before the contest ...beautiful images

  16. I love your pagoda/sunrise pictures. I actually FEEL like I'm sitting right there next to you. Thank you so much for sharing!

  17. go and see tanah lot.
    So beautifull
    Greetings Janny S.


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