Thursday, August 02, 2012

Let the Fun Begin!

It’s Talkin’ Turkey Day in Williamsburg, VA!

Everything is raring to go – I took this photo after setting up my space yesterday ---the quilts will rotate their time on the hanging rack ---these are the three classes I am teaching this week.

Talkin’ Turkey is hanging in the center, with Winston Ways on the left, and Midnight Flight on the right.

The table in front is the folding table that traveled with me ---it’s elevated to cutting table height, and I’ll be doing my cutting and ruler demos there.

williamsburg2012 113

Here is our crowd as we gathered to find our seats for the opening ceremonies after our meet & greet! June gave a great presentation on just what it takes to pull a magazine issue together, and it starts about 6 months before the issue hits the news stands.

I know the next time I hold a new issue in my hands I’ll be looking at it differently – it was educational and eye opening, and really gives me an appreciation for all they do to give us so much. I’m proud to be a Quiltmaker contributor!

williamsburg2012 115

Hahahaha! Diane and Carolyn were taking pictures of me taking pictures of them!

Yes, we are SO grown up and PROFESSIONAL!

williamsburg2012 109

Diane came to my room to check out my new 301 and the card table she sets into! Whooowhooo! I got posted to the Quiltmaker facebook page! Still working on Wild & Gooseys ---these will be appearing in my Addicted to Scraps column this coming year, so be watching for the pattern – it’s the easiest way to get the right size of foundation pattern in your hands….print it in the magazine!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing ---take"SOME" time out to be silly!


  1. Thanks Bonnie for the encouragement, taking time out to be silly sounds like a great mantra for today!
    With a name of Bunnie, I look at life differently anyway.

  2. Carol Sc8:59 AM EDT

    Williamsburg is absolutely one of my most favorite places! --- I hope you get a chance to spend some time in the historical section and maybe participate in some of their programs. You come to appreciate what a miracle the formation of our country is/was. I can't imagine being there and quilting too! Heaven! Looking forward to seeing you in Lansing.

  3. Wow! Looks like you all are going to be having some big fun in Williamsburg! Looks as if the fun has already begun...

  4. Bonnie, As you may or may not know. I'm a pro clown as well as a quilter! I wanted to wish you a happy National Clown week! Thanks for making so many of us smile! Sue - Squeeze, the clown

  5. Anonymous9:28 AM EDT

    Bravo Bonnie! Your three quilts look as elegant as their surroundings. So much for the humble quilt. Yours look like artwork. "Talk'n Turkey looks grand. Have fun! Stephani in N. TX (Tomazec@aol.com)

  6. Each of those three quilts makes my heart beat faster. I don't know which one I want to make the most. Silly? Me? Never! Well, okay, only when I'm awake. : )

  7. The amazing thing about scrappy quilts, notice how they are even more wonderful grouped together?! They all get along so well. I love your arrangement and especially love the quilts. Have fun!

  8. Is Talkin Turkey from one of your books? I am absolutely besotted!

  9. Just love the border on Talkin Turkey from the last Quiltmaker 100 blocks issue and your latest book! You look to be having a wonderful time with a great bunch of quilters. Sandi

    1. Anonymous3:57 PM EDT

      Which Quiltmaker 100 blocks was Talkin Turkey in. If anyone knows please email me, I really love the pattern.



  10. Anonymous2:17 PM EDT

    the block is in the latest Quiltmaker 100 magazine, and the whole pattern is in Bonnie's new book String Fling..check out Quiltmaker's website for a layout of Talking Turkey..Chris, Augusta, GA


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