Wednesday, February 08, 2012

World’s Largest Hexagon Quilt!

You HAVE to see THIS!

Maybe you HAVE seen this already, but this was a “new to me” thing --- how come I never came across this before?

I was in the midst of posting something to facebook, looked over at the ticker thing to the right of the page and saw my mom had commented on this article, and before I knew it I had clicked there to see it too and was completely blown away.

Click the link above to read the story of the World’s Largest Hexagon quilt. It was accepted into the Guinness book of World Records in 2010 ----and has since been “cut up” and re-bound into 116 quilts to be donated for charity.

It’s BEAUTIFUL…it’s UNBELIEVEABLE the amount of work that went into this!

Click to get to the beginning of the story, and read it backwards……I am SEW inspired!

Photo at the top of this post is courtesy of the article I've linked to ---


  1. I am speechless (not my usual state, I can tell you!!)--just the cutting alone --I think I'll have to go and take a nap...Julierose

  2. Ok Bonnie....when are you going to head up the next one to over take this one in the GBOWR???? Come on....I know you want to!!!!!

    That is really one amazing accomplishment!!!

  3. I made 2 flowers for that quilt several years ago. I had bought some pre-cut templates from paperpieces.com, and they had a mini packet of templates for $2 to make flowers, and the address to send them. It was really cool. They had a website that showed pictures of the progress I think it was a group in Australia that coordinated the whole thing. Sue K

  4. Anonymous3:44 PM EST

    holy cow.

  5. good night, miss molly--it is /was beautiful--I did 2 inch hexes for a queen sized quilt and thought I had done enough....BONNIE--you ever wanna make one and want help--hello----ps to another gal--love paperpieces.com....laast shop hop they were very generous along with blank quilting :-) --- *~*CAROLE*~* 116 quilts--I am amazed!!

  6. This quilt was incredible to see "in the flesh" ... a few of my friends contributed to this quilt and it really is an amazing thing. It was quite surreal to walk the length of it at the Qld Quilters picnic - realising it was all one quilt - and all hand pieced too, what an achievement.
    Joy :o)

    1. I wish I were so lucky ... Here in Belgium we made some flowers as well during guild meetings. They were then gathered together and sent to Australia to be included in the quilt.

  7. Anonymous5:17 PM EST

    WOW amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Wish I'd been able to send a Rosette to go in this one. That's as far as my GFG pieces goes. You inspire me with your Hexies design!

  9. Well! Only in Australia! It goes with our "Big Banana", our "Big Pineapple", our "Big Ram", our "Big Oyster" - yes we love big things. Ha ha

  10. Paper piecing isn't my favourite method, but I'm proud to say that I did manage to make 10 rosettes to go into this quilt. It was displayed a couple of hours drive from my home so I was able to see it and eventually to find a couple of the "flowers" that I had donated. What fun!

  11. Wow - that would be so fun and inspiring to be a part of.

  12. Anonymous12:40 AM EST

    Wow...that was incredible and took a lot of cooperation.

  13. Yes, we make them big in Australia!

  14. Anonymous6:27 AM EST

    Everything grows big in Australia, I was there when it was cut up.

  15. I just know one thing-I wouldn't want to be the longarmer who worked on that!! It's beautiful but all that went through my mind was, WHY?
    Maybe I'm just not that into the Guinness Book. I don't know.

  16. Anonymous11:06 PM EDT

    Gosh that makes me wont to make a GFG quilt.. They scare me. I am afraid I will get a 100 made and then give up.. And to think I thought people in TX. had the market on BIG things... love this!! Ive just found this site and Bonnie I love your work.... Thank u for sharing so much with us...


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