Wednesday, February 08, 2012

New Birth --- It happens!

I got home last night past dark. I stayed in the basement most of the morning catching up with “STUFF” and mostly being mad at new programs, new computers, and trouble with my paid subscription for the anti-virus software I have subscribed to for YEARS. And it’s been a good one. But I am NOT resubscribing after my subscription runs out in May ---you wanna know why?

I called for customer support when it wouldn’t install --- and after about 20 minutes worth of dealing with India, I discover that the number they had me dial sent me to another company called iyogi and they wanted to charge me over $300 to “FIX” my new computer that is still under warranty --- Oh I was SO ANGRY I just hung up…and I’m giving up on the company that has had my business for years because of this bait and switch technique. Good thing I didn’t allow them to make any changes on my computer..they have this thing where they can “fix” it remotely from their end! NO THANK YOU!

So I’m fuming. *SIGH* and I go out to catch some fresh air and bring in the mail and….

I run back in and get the camera…..because…


This must have happened over the past week while I’ve been gone, and I didn’t notice them after dark last night. I’m so happy I’ll be here to enjoy them for the next several days ---and I’m resisting the urge to go snip them and bring them inside where their vibrant yellow cups can brighten the inside of my house that is so longing for spring to really be here!

The other thing that is chasing the blues of online frustration away?

My new nephew has made his appearance! This is Ben!


He is the most handsome, perfect, adorable baby EVER! Next to my own, of course --- and I’m one proud Auntie Bonnie! This is the little fella I was making the Story-Time Stars quilt for….and don’t you know it, those stars are right there in his eyes?!

Happy Birthday, little Ben!


  1. Awww what a precious addition to your family, I know he'll love snuggling with his Story Time quilt for years to come. I bet you can't wait to cuddle him!

  2. Congratulations on your new family addition - he is beautiful!

  3. Anonymous6:09 PM EST

    Auntie Bonnie, your Ben is just adorable! When will you have the chance to snuggle that beautiful bundle? (Not soon enough, I'm sure!)
    Lynne in Hawaii

  4. Oh how sweet! Welcome little Ben!!!

  5. Hi Bonnie: I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with your new computers and software. Here at our house, we SWEAR by Norton anti-virus. I'm not a spokesperson...just my husband and I are VERY geeky!! I wish I could help you further. BTW...Ben is a beauty! I love the dimples on the back of babies hands. My daughter doesn't have them anymore...she's 35!!

  6. Welcome to this crazy world, little one!

  7. Awww! Congratulations on your new little nephew.


  8. Two or three daffodils in your house won't ruin the look of the yard and will certainly brighten your interior, don't you think?
    Ohh, what a cute little guy! I'll be watching for him and that quilt! : )

  9. Welcome to the world Mr. Starry Eyes! I love, love, love your name!

  10. Wonderful addition.
    Sorry to hear about your computer. The Geek squad is much nicer, and cheaper to work with. When you call and get someone from another country, You can insist on speaking to someone in the US. They HAVE TO put you through. I've done it myself.

  11. Congratulations on the new nephew...and to his parents too. Sorry you're having computer issues. I HATE the service centers in India. It's such a chore to get someone you can understand, but sometimes you get lucky and get someone who is really helpful. I had that experience once. For an anti-virus program I've become very fond of the free Avast. Microsoft Security Essentials is said to be good too. Also free. I run Spybot Search & Destroy with immunization turned on. If I think something may have invaded my computer I use the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and the free Super Anti-Spyware. Just to keep everyday junk from collecting I run Ccleaner every so often to clean up stray files and the registry. They all work well and they are FREE!!!

  12. Bonnie that very thing happened to me with my used for years anti virus. I had a current subscription and just wanted to transfer it over. I got connected with iyogi via Best Buy when I exchausted everyway I could think of to TALK to someone at my carrier. I tried that iyogi just to understand them and finally after many attempts gave up. I eventually got in touch with my carrier and they were fantastic took me $20 I think for their help but all too worht it for me. Welcome Ben!

  13. Anonymous7:34 PM EST

    Your nephew is beautiful, congratulations to y'all.

    If you have a Windows operating system, consider using the free Microsoft Security Essentials:
    The computer geek that fixed my 'puter installed it for me; it's what he recommends and uses. I have had no problems with it, it updates automatically, and doesn't take over the system like so many others do. Other friends of mine are now using it and no one has had an issue.

    ~Jillian in North Dakota

  14. Anonymous8:16 PM EST

    God smiles and a child is born ... wonderful, wonderful news!

  15. awwww so sweet :) Congratulations Auntie!

  16. Congratulations, Aunt Bonnie! He's beautiful! I would love to squeeze on him a little, too!

  17. How lovely to find the dafs!! A sure sign of spring. Congrats to the family of Ben. He is beautiful!

  18. Anonymous8:28 PM EST

    The yellow delights in your yard are almost as good as the sunshine we are getting now. What a strange year. Baby Ben is a keeper I can tell. Such joy in your life.

  19. Oh I got a new great niece yesterday :0), no picture yet but I am hopeful that I'll get one soon.....my brother is a first time grandpa at 63, he is over the moon with delight with the grandchild
    he thought he's never have!

    Congratulations Auntie Bonnie!

    Looks like Spring is in the air down there.....my daffodils are about an inch tall in the yard now....not bad for NY :0).

    Happy Sewing

  20. Congratulations Auntie Bonnie. He's gorgeous. I'm only a few hours north of you in Maryland (it was killing me that I couldn't get over to Annapollis to meet you!) but I have daffydillies coming up too. We had a dusting of snow today, but I have faith that I'll have yellow in my yard in another week or 2. My Lenten Roses are blooming!!! What a weird winter, but I'm not complaining mind you!!

  21. New babies and daffodils are great to see to make a bad day Better! Congrats to you and the family, Auntie!

  22. Stop and enjoy the daffodils, they don't have any thorns either. Congratulations on the new nephew.

  23. Anonymous11:56 PM EST

    hey Bonnie, my computer got a bad virus on it and the repair guy here in town installed. micro soft security essentials is what he installed and is FREE on the internet. might give it a try anyway. haven't had any problems now. i do a quick scan every few days and a full scan every week. just google it and will come up.

  24. Anonymous12:22 AM EST

    Congratulations on the baby! Waiting for mine due in July! I have also heard about asking, respectfully, to talk to someone in your own country ( mine being Canada) . If we all do this we will force them to create more jobs at home. It has nothing to do with language barriers,or racism,if you are talking to someone for any reason at a call center, you should ask where they are, then ask to speak to someone in your own country. I have been told they have to connect you by law. They put these big call centers in India and other countries because they don't have to pay the employees as much as they would in the US or Canada. Thanks for letting me rant!

  25. Oh I am so baby hungry. My wife is pregnant due in just over a month. Just cant wait tell she gets here.

    Stop by for my quilt givaway to guess my babys b-day and weight.

  26. Welcome little Ben! How sweet! And how lovely to have all those gorgeous daffodils! Sorry about your trouble with your computer provider though. That is so annoying!!!

  27. I love your new nephew he looks adorable and spring is the sign of new life so you are so lucky.
    Where I live in Australia we have had a very cool summer,we usually have have some 80/90 degrees for months but all we've had is rain and clouds and clouds and no sun and no summer and it's nearly autumn (fall).
    I am still plodding away on my Orca Bay, will send picture when done , regards Christine

  28. Bonnie,
    I wish I had hug up on the techs in India. They made a mess of my computer. I did get a refund on the software and the tech charge without a problem, but I had to reload my computer. Also had to buy a external drive to save my data. The tech had told me that my computer could be reverted to the point it was before he worked on it,but the next tech was not able to do it. What a nightmare!

  29. omg - Bonnie! daffodils and a new nephew! that's a great day!

    sorry to hear about your computer issues, tho...
    I love my local techies!

  30. Congrats to Auntie Bonnie and Welcome to the world Ben! Sorry about your computer anti-virus.. that totally sucks. The spring daffodils are lovely.

  31. Congrats on the new Nephew!

    Sorry to hear you are having computer problems...we've actually been warned that there is a scam in the UK of people ringing up customers and claiming to be from the broadband company. They then talk the victim into making changes to their computer that then allows them access it remotely. It happened to my in-laws, but luckily the caught on and disconnected the call and their computer from the internet. Scary stuff!

    Have you looked at Avast? They offer a free antivirus that might be of use...

  32. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww What a cute baby!! Congratulations on the new nephew!!


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