Friday, February 24, 2012

Evening Edition: Free Kindle Book!

OooooOoooooOooooh! This is the kind of book I can’t wait to dig into, so I’ll give you the nitty-gritty and then chat after I get the word out:

Sealed Correspondence is free today in the Amazon Kindle store, and it sounds like a good one! There isn’t a huge description…but hidden items and sealed letters found in furniture in an attic ----yep! It’s got my attention!

Book Description:

For two hundred and twenty four years an eighteenth century desk has remained hidden in an attic southeast of London, England—that is, until now!

Despised shipping tycoon, Enrico Brosconni, is a mogul with an obsession, exceptionally rare antiques.

Christina Sheppard is a world renowned dealer out of Manhattan. Her photographic memory is as legendary as her ability to unlock the cleverly crafted compartments of the world’s greatest works.

And famed historian, Randolph Hancock, is about to make an incredulous claim: there are secret documents hidden inside the centuries old desk.
What all three have in common is a priceless antique, and the fact, that, their lives are about to change—forever!

Sealed Correspondence: a centuries old secret that could plunge an already disgruntled nation into chaos.

Sounds good for an otherwise quiet Friday night, doesn’t it? Be sure to double check the price to be sure it is still free before clicking to purchase. Things can change quickly and what was free earlier may not be later.

I just got back from a yummy Mexican dinner out at a little local place where we enjoyed our chips and guacamole, beverages, yummy entrees and 2+ hours of laughter and conversation eating outside on a covered patio – complete with painted murals and a fountain burbling nearby. The Naples Florida quilt guild has their show coming up next weekend – so those of you who will be in the area, be sure to schedule this into your agenda. You can find out more info HERE!

Of course when I was told to go be sure and check out the Ladies room – I was happy to oblige! And OH MY! Quilt-spiration galore!

FtMyersFL2012 262

This tile on the wall can come home with me and be the tile on my studio floor – okay, maybe not now, but some day – can you see the possibilities?

FtMyersFL2012 263

Look up close at the diagonals! It’s tumbling block stars! OH – wouldn’t this be fun to have in all white—with the ability to color it in with dry erase markers depending on our mood of the day? Why has no one invented that yet ----color your own tile for quilters….LOL

FtMyersFL2012 264

Of course I loved the sun peeking up from the bottom of the sink too --- you can’t help but smile back! And the stars around the outside of the sink? Fun!

I’m back in my room, my belly full, my day complete. Tomorrow we do it all over again with a full day of “Smith Mountain Morning” workshop activity!

Look for pics of today’s Virginia Bound workshop tomorrow morning. I’m going to pull on my jammies, edit some photos, and it will be ready to go around breakfast time if you are an East-Coaster!

Have a great Friday evening, everyone!


  1. So glad to hear that you had a wonderful day. Sitting out on the patio eating and chatting sounds like heaven on earth to this girl stuck in snow-bound Wisconsin! It's been a light winter, but it is still winter :-)

  2. Bonnie my dear - you have one of the most positive approaches to life that I have ever seen. Your posts lift us all up - and I know you must get tired, and impatient, and miss home... and you stay upbeat, balanced, energetic, and able to enjoy little things and beautiful scenery - good for you!!!!

  3. Gorgeous tiles. Love that sink!!

  4. Anonymous9:35 PM EST

    Well spoken Kate. I will echo that. Anxious to see tomorrows pictures. Have a peaceful/pieceful sleep.

  5. ahhhhhhhhhh, now that you have your very own tilesetter,,,,,,you can feel free to call me as soon as you are ready to complete this job,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,references ready and waiting,,,,,,lol,,,,,hummmmmm, shall i save my quilts to do some trading,,,,,

    looks lovely the tile does,,,,,flo,,,25 years of ceramic tile experience, work comp, business liability,,,just saying, lol,,,

  6. Hi Bonnie, its amazing how we see quilting in everything? I have to share with you that I know own a kindle...very exciting..lol..you too have a great weekend....

  7. Sorry, book not free today. Boo-hoo! It's free for prime members only.

    Love the tile pattern!


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