Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“I don’t understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.”

HAHAHAHA! So true!

I am thinking back to when as kids we would make valentines in school…..or holders, boxes and bags to contain the valentines that were given to us by classmates – the anticiptation of what would end up in our little “mail” boxes by the end of the school day was almost as infectious as Christmas!

Remember covering shoe boxes with paper doilies, construction paper, glue and glitter? Great memories!

And those conversation hearts, that always seemed to end up tasting like soap, but we loved the colors and the sayings!

It’s going to be a full Valentine’s Day here --- I’m headed back to the chiro for a 10am appt. Did I win the chocolate kisses? I have no idea! Thanks to all of you for guessing along with me, I’ll let you know whether I did or not!

This afternoon I’m headed to Charlotte to meet up with Kim and Jason --- Hmmmmmm….if I leave a bit early would there be time to swing over to Gastonia and hit Mary Jos?!? Honestly….I should stay on track and get more of the book edits done. Those are hanging over my head! Besides the fact that I need more machine time than I need more fabric, that's for certain!

valentines 022

My Sweetie knows how much I love pink roses, and he surprised me with them on Sunday so I could enjoy them the full week of Valentine’s before I leave for Fort Myers and Naples Florida on the 20th! The little table topper is one an online group did as a Valentine’s swap when I lived in Texas. It comes out Every February 1st and stays the entire month --- I’m ashamed to say it’s the full extent of my Valentine’s Day decorating ---but I love it!

Have a Sweet Day, Everyone!


  1. Pretty roses! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Bonnie. Thanks for all you share with us in your posts. Patty

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Bonnie. Thanks for all you share with us in your posts. Patty

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Bonnie. Thanks for all you share with us in your posts. Patty

  5. Anonymous8:53 AM EST

    A very special St Valentine's Day to Bonnie and all we Bonnie-ites! No matter where you are, who you have or do not have ... love of all kinds is a special gift. Embrace it fully.
    Many quiltie hugs to all

  6. Happy Valentine's day! Good job to your DH on the flowers...

  7. LOVE your topper!!! You did more than me this year!

  8. Ft Myers and Naples? How did I not know that? I'm heading down to Englewood/Punta Gorda on Friday for the rest of the month. My mom has scoped out a quilt show for us to visit next week, but she didn't look for classes....

  9. Those roses are simply beautiful! As is the table topper!

    I want to stowaway with you ... I just LOVE the Ft. Myers/Naples area ... and it's SO much warmer there than it is here. And of course, there would the added blessing of a Bonnie workshop!

  10. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Bonnie, and all your lovely followers. Love your table decorations. Very sweet! Happy Day!

  11. Anonymous9:52 AM EST

    Happy Valentine Day everyone. Bonnie your roses are lovely and I also love the table topper. Hearts are special to me as it's also my birthday. Heading down to do some quilting before I have to go pick up my quilting machine that's been cleaned.
    Have a spectacular day.

  12. Anonymous9:55 AM EST

    Love your table topper...where can we find the darling pattern?

  13. Your DH is a keeper to plan ahead for your enjoyment like that. And that is a beautiful bouquet of roses. I love the little quilt. It is all you need with those roses to set the mood for Valentine's Day. Enjoy IKEA! Are you picking up lamps for 2 or 3 dozen close friends? : )

  14. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Have fun with Kim and Jason. Dave did good. Hope you win the kisses =^.^= Sandi

  15. Beautiful roses - he's a keeper! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours Bonnie!

  16. What a cute table topper and beautiful roases, I admit that I only put a door banner out for V day, but a topper like this might be nice, there's always next year!

  17. That looks SO pretty! You've inspired me to clear off my table and put one of my Valentine quilts on it, at least for today! lol

  18. I love that table topper! I may have to make something like that for myself for next year!

  19. Beautiful roses...you better keep him around! Have a great time in Florida - hope you are hitting Quilt Lover's Hangout in Ft. Myers - I love that shop!

  20. Anonymous8:33 PM EST

    Can I hitch a ride/stowaway with you? My daughter's in school in Naples, just started last month. She's gonna be there for 28 months. LOL, she's a November baby also. The "look" you get when they make that connection is priceless!! (hehehe)

    Becky in upstate SC


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