Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Evening Edition: Free Kindle Book & Solo Retreat Time!

Our Pineapple blossom class was fun and full to the gills today. The weather continued to be beautifully perfect outside of our second story windows…..oh, I loved seeing those palm fronds just out of reach through the glass!

More workshop pics to follow in the morning– I’ve got a plan for tonight—I’m going to sew!

But first, before this freebie expires:

Asylum by Claude Bouchard is free today from the Amazon Kindle store, and has received a perfect 5 out of 5 stars based on 13 customer reviews.

Category: Mystery

Book Description:

Managing Director of the Montreal Hospital for the Criminally Insane, Doctor Matthew Russell, has always put his professional responsibilities ahead of all else…

…That is, until he one day realizes he is losing his wife, Cassidy, and his two children, Stuart and Jennifer…

With only his family in mind, Russell takes an adventure-filled, impromptu vacation of indefinite duration, leaving all else behind and stopping at nothing to show how much he cares for his loved ones in an effort to win them back…

…But, will he succeed, or…

Will it prove to be all too late in the end?

Get it while you can – it sounds like a good one. It was still free for me a few minutes ago!

FtMyersFL2012 084

THIS is what is happening for me tonight! I brought my featherweight. I brought my Florabunda pieces. I brought my new IKEA clamp lamp ---see how it fits right on the FW extension table? Perfect!

I’m just back from a 4.5 mile walk/jog. That’s 9 miles on my record for this week. This girl is getting back into the swing of things and plans to be in the best 50 year old shape that she possibly can. WE are going to ROCK 50, ya’ll. That’s all there is too it. I’m down 5 lbs in the last 2 weeks.

That means better choices when traveling and eating out which is not easy – but my fave jeans are loose enough I have to keep pulling UP on the waist, and that’s a good feeling.

Tomorrow is my “off” day. It’s the day I transfer from Fort Myers to Naples. I’m being picked up at check out time, so I can sleep in in the morning --- NO ALARM CLOCK! I may get another walk in, I may sew some more blocks. I may not even decide until I find myself awake and needing to make a choice.

And that’s all I know for now!


  1. Congrats on the 5 pounds...I know where it went if you want it back....

  2. Anonymous8:31 PM EST

    Bonnie: ROUND is a shape. I am am nearly a perfect round. Some parts might be oblong ... mostly round tho.

    Cindy B. (posting from work, where I can't sign in. ON BREAK tho!)

  3. I was at your Trunk Show in Fort Myers last night. It was wonderful. I enjoyed it so much. Your quilts are amazing. 10,000 pieces in one quilt! Wow!

  4. Good for you on the walk and commitment to good health! Enjoy your sleep in tomorrow, and have a fun day :-)

  5. Anonymous9:48 PM EST

    I'd love to be 5 lbs down in 2 weeks.....what I wouldn't give! Walking begins in earnest April 1!

    Jessica in Colorado where it's still too cool to walk..

  6. Enjoy Naples - it's beautiful!

  7. I'm jealous, the closest Ikea to me is either Baltimore or on 95 below DC in Va. I sure want one of those lights.
    Enjoy the sunshine.

  8. I would STILL need an alarm clock for an 11 AM check out! I went and got myself a lamp from IKEA in shiny black, to match my machine, and I love it SO much! Thank you for pointing it out- I had never given it a second glance, and now I love it so much, I'm getting a second one for my treadle!

  9. Good for you Bonnie! For my 50th last June I bought myself a pristine 1970 model Elna Lotus. Now I do the solo retreat thing when I visit my son in Melbourne. Me time is fabulous!

  10. if you ever go back to IKEA, you can pick one up for me....they don't mail them; be glad to pay all shipping costs...any color! for my new featherweight!

  11. Your magenta featherweight looks great with the bright yellow and floral blocks, hmmmm that would be a great color combo for a quilt, don't you think?

    Congrats for making a decision to "rock 50". BTW 50 is the "NEW 40"!

    You're in my favorite part of FL, enjoy!

  12. Hey, Bonnie, seeing your featherweight and that big spool of thread reminds me of something I saw on ebay. I haven't used the big spools (my fave way to buy thread)on the fw because I was afraid they'd be too heavy to unwind. It was a thread holder that actually inserts and stands in the oil hole on top of the machine. Was thinking of giving it a try so I didn't need a separate cone holder, but will wait til I hear whether you have tension trouble from the heavy spool. If not, I will give it a try. Lane


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