Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good Morning, Fort Myers!

It’s an early to rise morning – I’m being picked up at 7:45am to go set up for today’s Cathedral Stars workshop. It’s a full house for the class, nary a space left. I’m so excited for this class!

I love window seats when I fly. Window seats give me a place to lay my head against the wall if I’m tired, and I do admit to napping a bit in the early morning hours of these flights. Greensboro to Charlotte? It’s no more than a 20 minute flight once you get up in the air --- however we had a half hour delay on the tarmac in Greensboro just waiting for the two planes in front of us to be de-iced.

The need for de-icing planes in NC is a rare thing, and I guess that Greensboro only has ONE de-icing truck. Get in line, boys! And we did.

I took this picture as we left Charlotte ---can you see the little cluster of downtown buildings? It was a beautiful morning for flying.

FtMyersFL2012 017

…and for working on Hexies!

Aerial photos have become a real hobby. I was probably pushing the limit of “please turn off all personal electronics” but I just -----just one more picture, please?

FtMyersFL2012 023

As we descended into Fort Myers we flew past the coast --- and into the gulf……to turn around and approach the runway from the west ----do you see how clear the water is? Is that cloudy stuff in the water kelp beds? Anyone know? Here’s another pic, and yes the water is this aqua!

FtMyersFL2012 024

At first I thought it was shadows from clouds --- but I don’t think so??

FtMyersFL2012 028

Here we are coming back headed east toward the airport ----look at that coastline! Maybe it IS clouds? I see the shadows on the sand ----hmmm.

FtMyersFL2012 030

The landscape is just so interesting from the air ---- are you tired of airplane photos yet --- sorry about that, I just think they are so cool --- I never get tired of seeing things from up above!

More pics to follow as I’m able. Today is my long day ---All day workshop, and a lecture/trunkshow tonight.

Have you checked out all the links that have been added to yesterday’s Thimbles Up Linky? There are close to 30 bloggers showing their likes and dislikes in the thimble department! A wealth of knowledge and lots of ideas, so if you visited yesterday early, you’ll want to go back and see who you’ve missed. If you are a blogger and want to add your post, the linky is open for 5 more days, so jump on in and link up!

Have a great Tuesday everyone ----


  1. I never get tired of airplane photos! They really ARE cool!!! . . . flying to miami this weekend ;c)

  2. You remind me of my dad in that every time he flew, he took pics - and always got the wing of the aircraft. It became a standing joke in our family! Enjoyed your shots - have fun at your workshop.

  3. ...and you are so close to one of my favorite spots in Florida : Sunibel Island !!! just can feel the soft sand under my feet.....
    have fun ! and a wonderful workshop !

  4. Bonnie... maybe instead of kelp beds... maybe those are rock formations on the ocean floor peaking out from the sand?

  5. Love your pics, Bonnie! Have a great day!

  6. I love taking photos out airplane windows ... I don't do it very often because I hate flying, so DH & I drive everywhere on our trips. I did get a picture of Mt. Hood as we flew into Portland a couple of years ago.

  7. I too love to take photos out of planes...particularly in other countires!!

  8. I need a window seat borderline airsick, but I love looking out the window sometimes I wish there was a topographic gps to show what you are looking at, what towns and cities are below, or the names of that mountain, or lake stuff like that.

  9. I never tire of looking out the window nor looking at the pictures. There is always something new to see with every trip. :) Thanks for sharing your pictures and enthusiasm!

  10. I love your airline pictures, please don't stop! I take a lot as well, so that I can look them up when I get home to see what I was flying over. I think I took over 50 pictures on a trip to Scotland, from Western Canada over the edge of the Arctic Circle, with a short stopover in Iceland. I still love to look at those photos! PS: Love the progress on your hexies, and thank you for sharing your method of doing them. I'm making progress on my '30s print version.

  11. I love bird's eye views as well. I bought a coffee table book of California as seen from above. Awesome!
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you are interested :-)

  12. I love the photos from the air that you take and share! The earth looks so different from above. I'm hoping to fly to Florida (from Alaska) in April to join 4 other friends as we celebrate our birthdays so your photos are getting me excited for the trip!

  13. Bonnie.....you are a joy! Have fun! Hugs, Deb (Quiltbeeme)

  14. In addition to sea grass (aka "seaweed") beds, basalt outcroppings are not uncommon. Looks like you were just south of our vacation home on Anna Maria Island when you snapped your wonderful picture.

    For a more definitive answer, I'd suggest contacting Mote Marine Aquarium. They do extensive sea research in the Gulf of Mexico and throughout the world. Located in Sarasota, they also welcome e-mail contacts.

    For another great aerial view, try parasailing while you are there! It's pricy, but great fun. Amazing views, and completely quiet up there.

    Enjoy your trip and the sunsets. I'm counting the days until you are in DE!

  15. Those are coral reefs, Bonnie, some are natural and some are man-made. I heard old cars and junk are sunk out in the deeper areas to creat habitats for fish.

    I used to have a place on Marco Island and still have family there. My aunt is a great authority on this type of thing.

  16. Anonymous6:27 AM EST

    Just taken some airplane shots myself last week after years of sitting in the aisle seat. More importantly how did you get your scissors on the plane? (LOL)


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