Friday, February 24, 2012

Pelicans at Play ---

How is it that I can take 44 pictures of the beach at sunset, and each one --- every consecutive frame --- is that much different than the last?

We drove around and around, Linda and I, trying to find a place to park to even make it to the beach for sunset.

You would have thought there were fireworks that people were rushing to watch, or maybe a concert, but no --- just people ((Lots of people!!)) taking about 10 minutes out of their day to stop, and simply take notice of the days crowning glory.

We came over the rise, and this is what we saw……the pier stretched out in the distance, people milling about ---- shoes off, feet in the sand, walking along the surf, watching HERDS of pelicans floating there in the waves close to shore…

FtMyersFL2012 179

I love silhouettes --- even of random strangers. They could be talking about anything --- just a glimpse into someone else’s life caught at a moment that they don’t even know about.

FtMyersFL2012 180

Who are these people? I have no clue, but the light was just too perfect not to capture them in silhouette. No matter what they are talking about, what their relationship is to each other --- there is no doubt they were making their own memories with this beautiful backdrop of the sun sinking slowly into the Gulf.

FtMyersFL2012 185

Almost a silhouette in the fading light ----I love the view of the pelicans in the water – and the pier behind me.

But the birds, the birds! I spent a lot of time trying to catch these big birds in flight ---not so easy with a cell phone!

FtMyersFL2012 200

They were so amazing to watch……they would gather, just floating there on the water, riding the surf until the surf brought them too close to shore, and then they would spread their wings, lift up…fly a ways back out beyond the waves, dive head first into the water for some morsel of food, and then ride the surf back in ---- repeat, repeat, repeat. It was so fun to watch!

FtMyersFL2012 194

This one turned out to be a fun pic --- I tried to get him right in front of the sun, but that’s hard to do in motion with a cell phone cam ----but I got him!

FtMyersFL2012 213

And the sun was just about gone here, while the pelicans continued their dance. How many colors do you see in that sky? In those clouds?

FtMyersFL2012 219

Someone had done some sand writing --- I love messages like this! I’m sure that one lone pelican would agree with this bold sandy statement – this is, indeed paradise.

FtMyersFL2012 204

Someone needs to win the lottery so we can buy this house and hold our quilt retreats HERE! Don’t you think that would be a great idea?

Today we are doing Virginia Bound with the guild here in Naples! I’m excited ---it’s a whole new group of ladies for me today, and I know we are going to have a great time.

How can it be Friday already? This week in Florida is just sailing on by ----


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM EST

    You need to write a book, (oh, you have and I have them all) because of your descriptions and your pictures make it so much fun to read. Have a wonderful day.

  2. I love the quilt retreat idea. Like Elm Creek Quilts, but in FL. Man, I'd love to do that.

  3. Oh, Bonnie, thanks for starting my day with the lovely ending to yours! I am with you on that beach--the sun, the surf, the silhouettes, and the winging pelicans. Gorgeous! Seriously, the ones of the pelicans in the sunset--they need to be on a calendar or posters or something!
    I live very landlocked, but there is a pond just a mile or so away (as the pelican flies) called Pelican Pond, and we get to enjoy these birds here, too.

  4. Oh love the pictures Bonnie! Thanks for sharing, especially on such a dull rainy day here. At least I get to stay in and play in my sewing room. Well, I may just run out and buy a few lottery tickets..... =^..^=

  5. What a photograher you are becoming with that phone. Wonderful pictures. Just like I am with you.
    Have fun today with them on Virginia Bound. I am sitting here with the sky grey and foggy and rainy but am going to make some more of my "Maryland Bound" blocks. Safe travels home

  6. Well Bonnie, you are certainly good with your cell camera!!!!! Love the pics and your thoughts! I hope to get some of my own pics this afternoon at Panama City Beach! Happy class today!

  7. This is totally off the wall, but every time I see a photo of a Pelican I remember a trip to Florida when I was walking along the pier and an oriental couple asked me to take their photo standing on the pier with a bunch of Pelicans lined up on the posts of the pier.

    It was a great photo, but I'll never forget it because after I was finished the man said, "Thank You CO-mi-DEE, You kind, and generous man." For the longest time I was trying to figure out what that first word was CO-mi-DEE. When I returned to my hotel room I realized I was wearing a Polo that I received when I was on the Planning Committee for a soccer tournament, and it had the word "Committee" embroidered under the tournament logo! He obviously thought that was my name, and I was instantly touched that he addressed me "by name" when he thanked me.

    But now, every time I see a photo of a pelican, I see that man shaking my hand and hear him calling me "CO-mi-DEE".

    Isn't it funny how our brains work???

  8. Great photos & whymsical writing. I lived in key west florida for 6 years... Every night we went to mallory square, locals & tourists alike, for the daily evening ritual of the last sinking of the sun into the ocean with the occasional green flare/spark. Your post has taken me back. Btw your photo of the pelican in sunset just at the moment of his change in arc for a dive is national geogrphic quality to my eye. Thanks & traveling mercies. B

  9. Do I hear wheels in motion new quilt name "Pelicans in flight" haha bring it on. . .

  10. Breathtaking photos Bonnie! :)

  11. Anonymous12:36 PM EST

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.


  12. Anonymous1:12 PM EST

    I loved that picture of the sand writing. It really looks like paradise to me. It's not to cold for this time of the year here, but the winds are howling and causing damage right now. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Sign me up to come stay at that house. Wonderful pictures, thanks.

  14. Awesome pictures Bonnie! Wish I was there!


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