Sunday, February 12, 2012

Holding a Wake ----

Yesterday we joined a bunch of DH’s work staff and their families, and trekked over to Wake Forest University to watch the Demon Decons get TROUNCED by the Clemson Tigers!

We had high hopes at the beginning of the game….the one thing I can say for Wake Forest is that they have TEAM SPIRIT! And it is infectious. You can’t help but root for them because the cheer team, the dance team, the band and all others put so much into it.

I think our favorite part of the whole game was watching the pee-wee basketball league of 8 to 10 year olds play a game during half time.

Watching these little guys try so hard to dribble that ball, to get it across the court, to grannie shoot a basket ---one little kid was bound and determined to make a goal for the OTHER team…he didn't want to take the ball back down the court to his OWN team’s hoop…he wanted to shoot it at the closest one!

The whole crowd was yelling “Wrong basket….go the OTHER WAY!!” And when the light bulb finally went off for him, everyone cheered as he dribbled that big ball down the court to go attempt a basket in the “RIGHT” hoop. TOO CUTE!

And it reminded me that this is what sports should be about. This is why we love college sports while not really paying attention to professional sports. Some of the joy just goes out of the process when there is money involved. When it is a job, instead of a love.

SO --- our team got SLAUGHTERED! But we had a wonderful time, and came home with DOOR PRIZES, after all, it was Free T-shirt Day!

sewday 008

It’s a pretty gastly picture! But we were having a good time. And the best treat of all? ICE CREAM! Wake Forest’s colors are yellow/gold and black. And they had Oreo Cookie ice cream that they had colored yellow with the black cookie bits in it----FUN! Should have taken a pic of that, but I was too busy eating it!

sewday 009

It was a great way to spend the evening with DH’s co workers and their families….I hope we can do it again!


  1. I love college sports!

  2. I prefer college or high school sports over professional for the very same reason!

  3. :-) Glad a good time was had by all!!!

  4. Anonymous4:31 PM EST

    We love our University of Southern Indiana Eagles! They are Divison II, and we have had season tickets since '96. Some good years, so not so good, but we go to nearly every home game. I don't think I would like pro basketball nearly as much as USI games.

  5. My husband and I are fans of NCAA Basketball but we have to settle for it on television as we are too far away to take in games in person.

  6. It is fun to be there and feel the excitement in the air.

  7. sounds like a great day!
    If you want to see what playing sports is all about check out a special olympics game. The "kids" are really awesome!

  8. Anonymous3:59 PM EST

    I love seen close up pictures of you.


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