Saturday, February 18, 2012

iPhone-O-gram! Quilting preview!

A quick glimpse of the quilting on Midnight Flight as it comes off the
machine---more pics to follow! This is all I can handle by phone.

A special thanks to Deb Geissler for her Deb's Feathers panto! It rocked!

Quilted in a dusty lavender thread--love how it plays against the fabrics :-)



  1. Magnificent! And I laughed to spot one diamond-shaped purple with pink flowers that is a fabric that I own and am using in Orca Bay. Thank you for all your wonderful patterns!

  2. My post is in response to your "input needed" post. Keep it up. I know it is work but yours is the only blog I follow everyday and do appreciate the quips on Facebook.

    Judy Davis

  3. That quilt really sparkles! Gorgeous!

  4. Anonymous4:21 PM EST

    Love your quilts and all the quips you add. Thank you for your recipes and patterns they are always appreciated.

  5. You did get it done. Way to go!! It is another beauty. I like the quilting pattern.

  6. Blimey, (as we say here in the UK), that was FAST! You seem to get so much done every day, I have visions of you rushing about like the Keystone Kops in old movies! And everything you do turns out gorgeous - I am real slow and I still can't turn out beautiful quilts like you can. Maybe I need to speed up a bit.....?

  7. I cannot wait until this pattern is available.... LOVE IT!!!!

  8. This might be one of my favorite Bonnie quilts yet - and that's saying something! So gorgeous!

  9. Anonymous6:31 PM EST

    Wow! Wow! and Wow!

  10. Kathy in NY9:18 PM EST

    Simply beautiful!

  11. That is one gorgeous quilt!!

  12. Love the quilt, the cheddar, red & purple border, & the quilting. Can't wait to see the whole thing finished. I'll definitely be adding this to my "To Do" list when the pattern appears. Thanks for all you do & share.


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