Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Sun Sets in the West ---

And I almost missed it!

My goal was to finish my walk and wind up on this pier to watch the sunset ---BY SUNSET.

But I wasn’t counting on the trees that would obscure my view, and how the sun would go down quickly behind them and I’d miss the whole thing.

There’s the pier! Can I make it?

I hurried the last half mile or so ---cutting through the hotel parking lot, around the buildings, over the grass, past the picnic tables and the shelters as the sun continued to sink lower, faster than I had thought it would.

FtMyersFL2012 063

There she goes --- the end of a very long, lovely day. I don’t know what that red splotch is on the picture…..angel kisses maybe?

FtMyersFL2012 068

Sinking lower, and almost, almost gone ----

FtMyersFL2012 082

I caught the last of the evening’s glow from the comfort of my 4th floor balcony ---Speechless. And Humbled. And Grateful for so much.


  1. Anonymous8:01 PM EST

    I know what that red splotch is...a UFO, an official UFO sighting...now all you need are some string blocks to go with it and you have a UFO finished. (sorry, couldn't resist)
    The pics are lovely Bonnie, what great shots, and the after glow from your balcony is fab.
    Enjoy the sunshine.
    Faye in Maine

  2. We should watching the sun go down from your
    Respective on Thu.or Fi! can't wait to see it!

  3. Dern autocorrect, that should have been perspective.....haha

  4. My photography buff DH states that it looks like a flare spot from your cameralens. Happens on some lens more than others. Love your pictures and wish I was there with ya!

  5. Absolutely beautiful sunset pictures!! Looks like your hotel room has an amazing view! You deserve it!

  6. Ahhhhh...... this world would have been a much less beautiful place without God's wonderful sunsets!!!! Thanks for sharing a lovely beachy one with us =^..^=

  7. Beautiful sunset pics! You have a super view from your room. I bet you will hate to leave that spot. Enjoy!

  8. I loved the comment about angel kisses! The love of God is with us all. Your sunset pics ate great, so is this the inspiration to our accountant quilt with cheddar?

  9. You can't beat a sunset picture, with silhouettes of palm trees in it! Gorgeous! Enjoy your time in the sun!

  10. Awww...we are SO blessed to have you. Thank you.

  11. Oh, thank you for sharing this gorgeous sunset with us! Nothing in nature beats the beauty of a sunset to me!

  12. Amazing view ! Thank you for sharing ! Packing bags for New Jersey yay!

  13. Your last pic looks like a postcard. I can see the words From Sunny Florida in a cursive script along the bottom edge, lol.

  14. So maybe soon we'll be having a "Florida Sunset" mystery quilt coming up?

  15. Anonymous7:10 PM EST

    Bonnie, I am enjoying your trip almost as much as you are! Love the pics, I enjoy seeing the world though someone else's eyes sometimes! Enjoy your stay! Bev Gunn (kwiltpharm@aol.com)


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