Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Evening Edition….Mail Delivery Woes & Free Kindle Book!

If you are newly arrived from over at Pat Sloan’s Page – the entry you are looking for is HERE!

But, first off--- the free kindle book – but only if you promise to stick around to the end of this post too! I have too much to say, and don’t want more posts today than I need!

The Jackpot by David Kazzie is free today from the Amazon Kindle store, and has received an average user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 43 customer reviews.

Category: Mystery & Thrillers

Book Description:

It hasn’t been a very good day for attorney Samantha Khouri. She’s been passed over for partner at her law firm, she’s coming down with the flu, and she’s just learned that her parents’ business is teetering on the brink of failure.

But when she discovers that her financially desperate boss has stolen their new client’s gigantic winning lottery ticket, she realizes her day is just getting started.

Now, to return the ticket to its rightful owner, Samantha must stay one step ahead of her nothing-to-lose boss and a homicidal mercenary who’s been hired to hunt down the ticket at all costs.

And as her pursuers close in, Samantha can’t help but think about showing up at lottery headquarters, smiling for the camera, and walking away with the richest lottery jackpot in American history.

I’ve enjoyed going even further and reading not only the book descriptions, but some of the reviews, just to get a deeper understanding of what the book is about. Anything that mixes in a little bit of humor is a HUGE PLUS for me. Check this review out:

"The Jackpot" is just a fantastic book. It's a page-turning thriller that is filled with humor and great characters. And these are fully fleshed out characters, who make relatable decisions. They are not always the smartest decisions, but the reasons they made those decisions make sense for the character.

This is not a by-the-numbers thriller. Each plot twist took me by surprise. Every page was more exciting and intriguing then the last. But personally the best aspect of this book is the main character Samantha. Just that the main character of this type of thriller is a woman is something new. But Samantha is a fascinating woman. She's strong-willed, determined, hilarious, and vulnerable. From the second you meet her, you're rooting for her.

I highly recommend this book. Download it today. You will enjoy every second of it.

And so I did! It was still free when I downloaded it just a bit ago ---double check that it is still free for you because that can change at any time.

Now – the rest of the story. First off….what’s up with this?

WinstonWays 022

My CARD is enclosed? from AARP!? I’m guessing I’m “Offically” Over-The-Hill now! What’s even worse is that DH brought it down to the basement just to rub my nose in it! Hmmmmmmmm! How RUDE!

WinstonWays 020

The other thing…FED EX?!? What’s this about? The lightest box is being squished by the heaviest box? >_<

It’s a good thing that I loaded the excess space in the boxes with “PACKING MATERIAL!” I just hope that there were no sticky-fingered transport agents who saw this as an opportunity to increase the variety of their own stashes!

I guess I better get right to unpacking these boxes and take inventory. These pieces of fabric "Packing Material" are the “Scraps” from Quilt Lover’s Hang Out in North Fort Myers Florida from my trip last week…they are about the size of a FQ, and were on sale for 25 cents….time to reaquaint myself with my HAUL!


  1. I GASPED when I saw the crumpled Box there. Ya, AARP got my number too a few years ago. I just put it in the "Round File". I'm still in denial, and that isn't the river in Egypt. Today hasn't been a great one for a lot of things. Tornadoes. Davy died, Boxes came home damaged, Oh MY. At my house my sewing machine light burned out. I had to get all dressed and go get a new one. I was doing great stitching along on my UFO of the month waiting to hear from the Dealer of my New Machine to call. And he still hasn't called :( There's a cable I need to use the machine that doesn't come with it...Guess Leap Day can be over NOW for both of us.

  2. You need to do like my mom. As soon as she could get an AARP card she did and has taken full advantage of any benefits ever since and now even in her 60s she looks at least 10 years younger!

  3. I tell people I'm not a Senior yet (I'm 59) -- I'm just practicing! ;-) But the box -- !!!! Hope no stashes (other than yours) were fed by leaky contents!

  4. Anonymous7:20 PM EST

    Hubby got one of those envelopes a few years ago, he nearly had a heart attack!! I told him to get used to it, the trip down the other side of the hill would make it all worth while!!!
    Faye in Maine

  5. I'm not sure what's happening with the delivery carriers. They are all bringing things that are ripped open, smashed, filthy dirty or worse. How about those that say FRAGILE in big red letters,and they have dirty boot prints on them!
    I got a fat quarter assortment last week and thankfully it was in a plastic zip bag because the envelope was soaked through with muddy water!
    Pack assuming the worst!

  6. aarp? lots of good perks once you get over the shock...

  7. My DFIL was insulted when he got his first AARP letter -- then discovered that it opened a world of discounts for him. Everywhere we went, he checked to see if there was a discount available. And a lot of times there was, which made him happy.

  8. I don't know where you get the inside info on the free Kindle books but keep 'em coming! I love your tips.

  9. Debbie G8:05 PM EST

    I started receiving those cards from AARP at 35 sheeeeshhhh. But now hubby and I signed up, he is older lol and he paid so got my coffee at Dennys for 1.00 today instead of 1.98. :-) Agree with tornados, live in Missouri. NO MORE DAVY JONES!!!!! oh my heart breaks. Guess sewing is next on the agenda. ;-)

  10. Anonymous8:18 PM EST

    It's that time in your life my dear! That's o.k. it's only a number!

  11. I got my AARP card in the mail the other day too. Yes, my husband and I had a good laugh...what's a girl to do?

  12. Bonnie, I enjoy your website and admire your boundless energy. Just a small hint, though: if you don't want anyone to know your address, cover up that ZIP + 4. I googled it and came up with your address, phone no., and map directions (and photos) to your house! Gotta be careful these days.

  13. I went to that shop on Sunday and they had the scraps at 6 for $1.00!!! Yes, I brought a lot of them home with me! Thanks for the tip! Don't worry about the AARP, just tell Dave that it doesn't matter, he is still older than you!!!

  14. Wow that box is a nightmare. I hope that the goods were ok! I wish that boxes like that came to my house! I need some scraps for my crumb blocks! LOL
    Thanks so much for tip about the book.

  15. AARP is great! Senior citizen discounts rock! Take advantage of them while you are young!
    Hope contents are okay....

  16. I've seen that AARP envelope in my mail, too!
    Bad FedEx man!

  17. Find the bright side, now you can get discounts at hotels! We stayed at a hotel earlier this month, and they asked if I had AAA or AARP. I told them, not yet, but hubby would be eligible soon. The nice lady went ahead and gave me that rate. Woohoo! AARP card is the one thing I'm looking forward to on my next birthday. Too bad it doesn't work at fabric stores.

  18. This made me laugh -- well the part about AARP. When the hubs turned the big 5 0 last year, on the EXACT day of his birth, in the mail was this same envelope! (well with his name and address, not yours -- said with tongue in cheek and a loving smirk on the face). I laughed till I had tears streaming down.

    By the way, YOU ROCK! Thanks for sharing ALL of you, ok MOST all of you. Thanks for not sharing some parts. ;D ;D

  19. Denise J.11:58 AM EST

    I received my AARP notice just before my 50th birthday. What a way to rub my nose in it. As for your packages...UGH! Part of our business is online auction and therefore ship frequently. My husband has taken to calling the mail services the "Postal Guerrillas". It doesn't matter if it is marked "fragile" it still gets tossed into the bins and trucks. Hope all your goodies arrived safely despite the box blow out.


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