Sunday, February 26, 2012

iPhone-O-gram! The quilt bag edition!

Sitting on the plane in Charlotte, I occupied myself watching the bag handlers load the luggage from the truck to the belt.

And there were my quilt bags! It's always a relief to know they made my last connection on my way home.

However, one had to wonder what the comments are from the bag handlers discussing just what might be in these extra heavy bags!!


  1. I bet they say "oh, there are those bags again. You get them this time." "no, I got them last time, you get them now." "Oh man, they are so heavy. what are they?" "let's open them and see. we can always leave one of our inspection notices in there."

  2. "Doesn't this lady stay in hotels with blankets on the bed already???"

  3. I think they were saying " I have unloaded and loaded these bags so many times what the h--- is this lady transporting....think we should tell TSA again so they can inspect them? What is she up too? :0) Welcome Home

  4. (in hushed tones; making sure Bonnie's not in hearing distance)

    "I bet you she wraps the body parts in these blankets so nobody will suspect! She looks like such a nice person too...........who woulda thought?!?!?!?"

    (sorry couldn't resist)

  5. Anonymous10:24 AM EST

    Just saw your post. Diana


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