Saturday, February 11, 2012

Like a New Old Friend!

I love this networking thing!

It is amazing to me how I can just let a “NEED” out there and someone comes to my rescue SO generously that I am completely blown away.

It is my deepest wish that I can also be aware of those opportunities when it comes to giving to others. I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end. I need to push my giving end more, and I'm learning so much by watching those other givers around me.

For instance --- Remember me talking about my K-Tec mixer and how I loved it, but the only way to get it to run anymore was to hold down the “pulse” button because the on/off button had quit working?

Well, I got a very generous email from Mary M who said “So glad you love your K-tec, and sorry to see it’s not working. I have an extra just sitting here, would you like it?!”

Would I like it?! Oh my goodness! Just like that, I had a replacement mixer winging its way to me. I’ve used the new old mixer – it has replaced the old one and has become just like an old – but NEW—friend! And I am so grateful for people who are so giving and generous.

The same thing happened when quilters found out about machine needs. You know I’ve had a hard time with the demise of my Bernie. It’s still not over ---I’m seriously thinking of sending her in to Big Bernina in Chicago and just having her worked over until she is good-as-new. It’s just that “nagging” thing that putting good money after old may not be the brightest thing to do. I’m still sitting on the fence and watching and waiting and checking shops to see what trade-ins they have available. My ultimate dream would be that someone trades in a gently used 1080 or 1090 and she could come live with me happily-ever-after.

But in the mean time, through a network of quilters who had read about my plight, I came across this little work horse!

midnightflight 012

She is now at home with me. I set her up in the usual “Bernie Spot”. She fit the feet of my old Bernie like a charm. The plexiglass table fits. She doesn’t have many bells or whistles, but she has that wonderful Bernina straight stitch and feed dog motion that I love. She is completely mechanical, not a computer circuit board to be found. She will do zig zag and a few other stitches, but mostly --- I just PIECE. And piece and piece and piece and piece. And I think she will be happy to ride shotgun with me without worry of shaking a circuit board loose.

I ride my machines hard…and this one….she now has a place in my “Fleet!”

midnightflight 008

We spent some time bonding yesterday. That seam allowance is still right on, as it should be…she is wearing my old Bernie’s 1/4” foot! It was like meeting a New Old Friend. She is her own individual self though. Her motor hum sings a pitch a bit lower than my 1080. She has her own feel and things will take some getting used to.

Isn't it funny how we are such creatures of habit? I kept reaching for the "back up" button in the same place it was on my 1080, and it isn't there! I *KNEW* it wasn't there, but that motion of habit is so ingrained that I kept pushing where there WAS no button! Sweet girl, we will figure this out, the two of us.

midnightflight 009

Together, she and I made quite a pile of pieces! Here I’m working on the border for the Midnight Flight Quilt ----I’m teaching this in Williamsburg in August, so you’ll get to see lots of this in progress along the way!

Another friend, Laura, is on her way over to sew today! She has a beautiful quilt she finished at Camp Dogwood Retreat last month and I offered her machine time on the longarm to get that big puppy quilted…and let me tell ya, Laura knows all about BIG PUPPIES! She has a couple of the biggest great-dane sized puppy dogs at home that I have ever seen! We are sure to have a fun day ----

This afternoon, DH & I are headed to Wake Forest University to go watch the Demon Deacons take on the Clemson Tigers in Basketball! It’s great to spend a weekend at home with my peeps!


  1. Our online community is THE BEST!

  2. Love those colors and that you have a new buddy to sew on. Good luck getting acquainted!

  3. Congratulations on your new 1008! It's a good machine. I used one in a two-semester class and loved it. The only feature from my 1090 that I'd really miss on it is the knee lift.

    I've often been tempted to get one as a back-up machine.


  4. Anonymous10:44 AM EST

    Oh my Bonnie, you give to us constantly. You are a very generous person. Thanks for all the free patterns, the great mysteries, and sharing your quilting adventures! Belinda in Oregon

  5. Congrats on finding something that's working for you! I have a 1080 I use as my secondary machine and it's what I use to schlepp around to classes and sewing days with friends. I never thought about worrying about the circuit boards...ack!! I was always wanting to find something else to take with me cause that 1080 is HEAVY! I'll have to look out for the 1008.

  6. It is great how people are so willing to help one another. What a generous gift you received in that k-tec mixer! I used to have one of those many years ago--my MIL demonstrated them for the company for several years. Eventually I replaced it with a Bosch and it went to the local thrift store.
    We have a local Bernina store that takes trade-ins and I could see if they, by chance, have what you need, but is shipping on something like that more than the item is worth? I can check it out.
    Sounds like you have a fun day ahead! I love a good college ball game!

  7. Forgive me for being distracted from your great machine story by those AWESOME borders! WOW! Love what you're doing there, and can't wait to see how those look with the Midnight Flight block.

  8. I'm so glad you were able to find an acceptable stand-in for your 1080 Bernina that comes close to what you're used to. I hope you do find another gently used 1080, because I know how hard it is to get used to something similar but not quite the same. As for reaching for a button that isn't there: at Retreats when I'm using my little Janome instead of my 1530 Bernina, my knee is flapping in the air and I'm wondering why the presser foot on my machine won't go up!

  9. I'm not sure if the model numbers are the same over here in New Zealand, but I can relate to your thoughts on the old Bernina machines. I still use my 830 Record for piecing - and back in 1993 when we started our volunteer programme to teach quilting at Arohata Women's Prison, there were four of the 1010 model and three of them are still going strong.

  10. So where is the reverse button or lever or whatever on the 1008? I've looked at pictures and really can't tell.

  11. I KNEW someone would help you out with a new Bernie.
    The clutch factory I worked at had the lab in the next building. After talking to truck drivers that had our clutch in their trucks and more than a million miles on them...I would send them over to the lab. They would get a brand new clutch and the old one would be examined. They are made to last a million miles but most trucks get wrecked or traded in before the original equipment had a chance to turn that million miles. They (Bernina) MUST have a replacement Bernie for you somewhere in their great big warehouses!
    XOXOOX Subee

  12. I quilted at a retreat with a bunch of scrapbookers today. I asked them if they knew how I could get one of those creative memories hexagon punches. One sweetie went to her bag and handed me one TO KEEP!

  13. Congrats on your new machine!


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