Wednesday, February 15, 2012

iPhone-O-gram! Guacamole time!

I haven't really had many foodie posts lately, but sometimes I just can't resist!

After my massage DH drove into Winston Salem with the suggestion that we grab a bite out to eat.

I swear, Chilis has the bestest crispest tortilla chips hands down. And the roasted corn guacamole ain't half bad either.

Add to that unlimited refills of unsweet iced tea with lemon and my relaxation destination is complete!

Tonight--more hand quilting maybe??



  1. My hubby & I agree on the chips, but I haven't had the guacamole. Must try! You mean you didn't have the molten lava cake?

    1. I agree! They have some of the best chips around here and we live in Southern California!

  2. Love Chili's chips and salsa! Will have to try the guacamole!

  3. I gues you just have to try my recipe !!!

  4. Completely addicted to Chilli's chips and salsa! During football season I order bags to go so I can have them for the games!


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