Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hitting Newstands Now!

And hitting mailboxes too for those who have subscribed!

This is the new March/April 2012 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine, and you won’t want to miss it! There are some really great patterns this month, and a terrific use of scraps in many of them!

I’ve also updated the “Addicted To Scraps” tab found at the top of the blog with the block that is included in this issue--I've named it Grandpa's Star!

It is so named because it includes bonus triangles that were leftovers after making a quilt with my grandfather’s shirts. Every time I see those little scraps I think of him and smile!

Bonus triangles are one of my favorite quilt “leftovers” – There are so many things you can do with them, and if you can get them to already BE a useable size as you make them, all the better!

Click here for my hint on making those bonus triangles count!

Grandpa's Star


Isn’t this a fun block?

And look at how the gals at Quiltmaker laid it out in a sample quilt:


This simple quilt just sparkles! I love how it looks like there are half blocks around the outside edge, but there aren't....it's how the sashings in the block centers come together!

For more info, click HERE to go to the Addicted To Scraps section of the Quiltmaker.com website, or visit the Addicted To Scraps tab at the top of this blog page --- there’s lots of other good stuff up there in the tabs to explore too. When was the last time you took a wander through the different tabs? I’m adding new stuff all the time!

The car is almost packed with all the stuff I need ((And then some!)) for my trip up to Pennsylvania! I have a hankering to stop at the Virginia Quilt Museum on my way up…..I know they don’t usually allow photographs, but wouldn’t it be neat if they let me do a blog story on them? You think I could get them to LET me? I’ve added them to the side bar under my links at the left. Click HERE to visit the museum website.

Maybe there will be an antique mall or two on my way? Who can tell! It’s always an adventure behind the wheel of Shamu!


  1. All you can do is ask! They may allow a photo or two if you are clear it is for a blog with so many readers. I think I visited that museum a long time ago....

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM EST

    The VQM opens a new exhibit today with white work from the Shenandoah Valley and small quilts from medical slides. The Civil War room has been redone and is outstanding. Call the Director, Judith Shuey at 540-433-3818 to let her know your arrival time.

  3. Great new block, Bonnie! I do love how the simple pattern is made, and yes, it does sparkle!
    Look forward to your posts about your next adventure. I hope you do find an antique store or two, and that you and Shamu have smooth sailing through good weather! : )

  4. And how much time did you schedule to get to your workshop in Pennsylvania..three weeks? haha Yes, I'm all over your tabs and links. That's why I'm on the computer for hours! haha Safe drive and happy hunting!

  5. Quiltmaker is the only magazine I am letting myself get - I have a bad book/magazine addiction that I need to get a handle on!! But this mag. seems to always have something in there I like, and with your column, well, how can I loose??
    So, all your bags are packed and you are ready to go?? Have a fun drive and enjoy the views - outside and in!!! And they just might let you blog about them at the Virginia Quilt Museum - with pics, if you ask nice!! ;-) And I know you would not ask any other way!!
    Just enjoy the drive and make great memories while you are gone. And with the weather being what it is, you can drive with your windows open!!!

  6. I concur with anonymous.....I'm sure they would LOVE to see you at the Museum......can't wait to see the new exhibit.

  7. Anonymous1:31 PM EST

    Safe trip and have a blast.

    Gina wvcelt@yahoo.com

  8. Anonymous2:30 PM EST

    Your triangleblock looks really nice. Gives me an idea, what to do with my bonustriangles. I have a lot of them :)
    Gun, Sweden

  9. mine arrived in the mail today! If I wasn't busy trying to do orca bay I might start on this block. I love it!

  10. Got mine in my mail yesterday. Love the way that it looks like 1/2 blocks around in the Version QM made too. You're tempting me to go shopping for shirts again...Have a great trip, hope the Museum lets you take pictures.

  11. Shock of shocks, this magazine was actually in my post office box tonight! Usually I get Q magazines about 2 weeks after friends south do. Gorgeous quilt block and QM version.

  12. Love that block - looks fab!!

  13. I really love that new block. Great for the small stash of bonus triangles I have now that I finished all 3 of the Patchwork Posse minis. I have one of those quilted and I'm working on the second one. I'll email pics when they are done. I really enjoy your creativity. I feel like I'll never run out of projects with everything that you share. Thanks so much! Enjoy your museum visit.

  14. Myahazine arrived today. This is sucha "Bonnie" block ;) love the plaids mixed in with prints.


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