Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Day in Annapolis!

Monday showed us such a beautiful February morning! I met with the Annapolis Quilt Guild at the Severna Park Community center..what a great location! LOTS of windows for tons of natural light, and since Mr. Sun decided to shine gloriously all day, it even got a bit roasty-toasty there by the windows. Those who sat in the back row commented that after lunch they were ready to curl up like cats in a sunny spot and take a nap.

Well Why not? We’d been power sewing all morning! This was a Virginia Bound workshop, so we had buckets and boxes and bins of strings flying – and such different color combos!

It made me all that more anxious to dig into more string projects when I got home….have I had a chance to do that yet? NO! Book edits are starting to come back, so I’ve had my nose back into the manuscript sections brainstorming with my editor on how to do what and which would show this best and take up the least amount of space ---we want LESS WORDS and MORE QUILTS. That is not easy for me, I’m a very wordy-girl ---so we are looking for a happy balance of a quilt book that reads like me telling stories, and not just a recipe for how to make what with no personality to it. ((Think this way….we don’t want the Charlie Brown teacher going “whha wahhh whhhaahh” Sew this to this. End of story!

Take a look at what these gals got up to!

I’m off to run errands this morning….different from yesterday ---this morning it’s the chiropractor. That nasty bout of sciatica is just not going away, and I think it’s been aggravated by long hours in the car. My feet hurt from long hours of standing. Turn 50 and begin to fall apart, isn’t this how it goes? How can I be active and keep up going to the gym or even power walking if the back hurts, the legs have nerve pain and the feet are screaming?! >_< So….I’m hoping this appt with this new guy today will get me on the path to being straightened out into MORE freedom for being active, not less.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


  1. I have to admit that this was not a pattern on my "to do" list, but now that I see the "Wow" factor in some of these color combos, I'm rethinking that.
    Had to laugh at your "turn 50" comment. Four years ago I uttered those very same words! : )

  2. Thanks for sharing all of the lovely progress made in Annapolis.
    I've had sciatic issues and occasionally still do. It seems my pelvic bones on one side like to tilt, most likely to sitting and sleeping positions. My physical therapist taught me a few very simple excersizes that evens things out quite quickly, take less than 2 minutes each, and can be done anywhere. Email if your interested in more info. They also prevent reoccurance if done regularly, which I seem to forget to do.

    1. I'd love to know what exercises your PT gave you. I'm sitting on a heating pad right now to calm down my sciatica!


  3. These are wonderful! I can see the personality of each quiltmaker.

  4. Amazing! I looked at the slide show of all the various blocks that these women had made. I only found 1 fabric that I have! Maybe I looked to quickly but still . . . Amazing!

  5. I hope I don't fall apart any more when I turn 50 (in 24 years, hahaha!). I'm already falling apart enough as it is now at 26! I'm pretty sure if I fall apart any more, I'll leave an arm in my car next time I go drive!

  6. I'm so jealous that you are there in Severna Park -- MY HOME TOWN -- while I'm in Alabama!! LOL! I hope you had fun *and* that they treated you nicely!! I started making the "falling apart" comments at 40. I'm afraid of what 50 has in store for me; and it won't be too long before I find out! :)

  7. I think it's harder on your body at your age to be sitting for hours and hours instead of moving.......I hope you get a good adjustment and keep on moving! You got years and years ahead of you. 50....naw it's just a number.

    Happy Sewing

  8. it might be turn 50 and a little more maintenance...LOL...terrific class photos, i want to take them all!

  9. Love love LOVE the strings! Especially the lime (LIME :-D)

  10. Anonymous11:02 AM EST

    From she who saw '50' nine years ago, just keep moving!! That is the key, along with lots of water to keep those joints lubricated. Love the pics, so much color!!
    Faye from Maine, vaca in FL hehe

  11. Shoot, Bonnie - wait till you're 68 going on 69, like me!! And then they do say it is all in the mind, so.....just keep the "aches" and the "age" totally separated in your mind, and you'll be ok for years to come. Enjoy these next few "at home" weeks. Margaret

  12. They say the "Golden years are filled with Lead". Hope the Chiro gives you some relief, it is not fun to hurt when you do your favorite things. I have to take my gel-ice pack in the car with me so my back doesn't scream too much.

  13. Speaking of strings look at this QOV that Alycia blogged about. Have to scroll down about midway http://alyciaquilts.blogspot.com/2012/02/pw-qov-challenge-update.html

  14. You may need some shoe inserts to help your sciatica.
    Mine always hit me while driving to work. Sometimes it was so bad I could not tell if I was pushing on the accelerator or not. Scary!
    XOXOO Subee
    who is always up for more string blocks. I am now keeping the colors in their own bags. I sure generate lots of strings!

  15. I _like_ the personality that shines through the quilt instructions that are posted on your website. I hope that your editors don't manage to strip it totally out of your next book.


  16. 50 and falling apart. Sounds about right. LOL A physician's assistant I went to agreed with me that Medicare should start at 55. By that time we need more medical care and there are lots of people who can't afford insurance if it isn't offered at work. Heck, retirement at 55 would have been great.....I'd have more time for quilting, reading, genealogy, scrapbooking. Work just takes up too much time!!! :)

  17. Anonymous3:24 AM EST

    Love this pattern. Is it in one of your books? I really enjoy your slideshow of photos. Someday i will get over to the States and take one of your classes. Thank you

  18. Love your blog and patterns, keep up the good work! Word of the wise, l am 42 an persistent back problems were improving with pilates until a set back Last year. My physio suggested l see a podiatrist and this visit combined with orthotics and shoes to match has seen me improve out of sight. Happy quilting, Sue SA.


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