Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cathedral Stars in Fort Myers!

I woke up this morning to a very dead phone. How it even had enough juice to set my alarm off, I don’t know…because it was deader than the proverbial door nail.

Why are door nails dead, and why do we use them as analogies anyway? I guess I could say that it was as dead as the proverbial armadillo on the side of the road – it’s the same thing, same effect.

Except – whhhaaa --- this is my phone! My phone is my right arm, and I need it to be. I know there are those who say they want their phone to BE a phone, not a camera, not a computer – just a phone. But I don’t want to carry around all of those things that I’d have to if my phone were just a phone.

Yesterday I even brought the charging cord with me to class because I noticed it was not keeping a charge. It was fully charged last night when I went to bed, and dead by morning. This is NOT a good sign—*sigh* I think this afternoon we may be finding ourselves an AT&T store to find out what’s going on –whether it’s just the battery, or if it’s time for a new phone.

In the mean time- ---I’ll be plugging myself into every public outlet I can find!

Yesterday’s Cathedral Stars workshop was a lot of fun! I only have a few minutes this morning to give you the run down :)

FtMyersFL2012 086

What a great bunch of ladies! They came with fabric strips already cut and ready to go!

FtMyersFL2012 112

THIS I love to see! Some came with 4 patches already filed and stacked and drawered and ready to go!

Take some time and visit with us and see what else we got up to during our day!

Today we are doing it all over again with Pineapple Blossom!

FtMyersFL2012 133

And this is the view from my balcony this morning --- it’s going to be another completely beautiful February Florida day!


  1. Looks like a fun class...good luck with the phone. I hate having to change phones!

  2. What a lovely spot; looks like a lot of fun....Julierose

  3. Anonymous8:58 AM EST

    This has to be one of my all time favorite quilts. No matter what the fabric choices are, it always looks stunning.

  4. I don't know where you're staying, but I'm going to have to find out. You've got a MUCH better view than we did when we were in Ft. Myers ... and since we fully intend to return, I want to stay where I can have a view like this! ;-)

    Sure wish I were there with you all ... while we're getting some unseasonably warm weather here, it's still not as warm as what you're having in Ft. Myers ... and then there's the small matter of the beach! ;-)

  5. Anonymous10:04 AM EST

    Ok..with phone on..double tap home button and see how many things are open and running. Most likey a bunch ! If you turn each off with red x phone will be much happier :)

  6. If anyone can run a phone into the ground, Bonnie, I'm sure it would be you!!
    Gorgeous view--I'd want to hold class in my room so I could take in that view whenever!
    There are some really fun color combos going on there in the Catherdral Stars--but, of course, I love the batiks.

  7. From Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (18th ed.): "A doornail is either one of the heavy-headed nails with which large, outer doors used to be studded, or the knob on which the knocker strikes. As this is frequently knocked o the head, it cannot be supposed to have much life left in it. But since other rougly contemporary expressions (this one is found in Piers Plowman, c 1367-70) include 'as deaf as a doornail' and 'as dumb as a doornail,' alliteration probably played as great a role in its origin as anything. Other well-known similes include 'as dead as the nail in a coffin' and Chaucer's 'as dead as a stone.'

  8. Anonymous11:05 AM EST

    It´s nearly a year now that you have been in Germany and sewing the Cathedral Stars with us. And no, I didn´t finish :o) But I´m sewing the Orca Bay, Aby is so kind and will quilt it for me.
    Martina from Germany

  9. Thanks for the peek. BTW here is link to what the phrase means http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Deader_than_a_door_nail_origin

  10. Bonnie, It looks like a great place and the class projects are beautiful! I love where you are staying. Wonderful views. Question: Do you write your blog entries on your iPhone? It seems like you haven't had you phone that long. A year or more? If you get a new phone, get Siri! Awesome! My granddaughter has Siri. She lets me play with it! I don't need an iPhone, but I can see why you do!

  11. Oh no not another new gadget!!!! Sandi

  12. OK. Is Ft Meyers going to be a future mystery? LOL. JK.

  13. Anonymous1:52 PM EST

    Beautiful blocks!

  14. You have to get that phone fixed! We would miss your i-Phone O-Grams!!!
    All these workshops make me drool. I so would love to be able to attend one. I can't wait to see what you all come up with for the Pineapple Blossom! That is just so Florida. LOL

  15. Anonymous3:38 PM EST

    Every time I see one of the slide shows, I want to make that quilt next. They are really inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Bonnie, it must be something in the heavens making all our hardware go awry! I'm just back from 3 days without a modem so I feel your pain. Thank you so very much for letting us have the beautiful slideshows to share the experience of the workshops, I just love them!


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