Sunday, February 05, 2012

Carlisle Beauties!

I wanted to take some time to share with you some of the photos taken during our Blue Ridge Beauty class with the Le Tort Quilters of Carlisle, PA!

One of the things I get so excited about is seeing those who take of in their own direction – they’ve thought out the pattern and what they want to do to make it their own! They come with colors other than blue ((But blue is okay if it is your favorite color, as it is mine!)) and even considered lay-out possibilities that deviate from the sample quilt, making it their own!

We had Blues of course, but we also had Purple, Red, Multi-Colored-Kitchen-Sink scrappy, just separating colors from the neutrals – and we had planned rounds of color..starting with a rusty toned center diamond, followed by a neutral path, followed by a green path, followed by a neutral path, followed by a brown path…a real design wall project!

Lay-outs are the fun thing….and when there were enough blue blocks to pool together from a few different ladies to start playing on the tables, we did so!

PA_MD_Feb2012 025

We went from basic “Barn Raising” with a blue diamond center ----

PA_MD_Feb2012 027

to the motion of giant windmills with blue/neutral chains that will criss-cross the quilt surface ---

PA_MD_Feb2012 028

To Blue Ridge “Mountain” Zig Zags!

PA_MD_Feb2012 030

We experimented with turning the blocks into simple “Straight Furrows”.

PA_MD_Feb2012 029

We played with a central heart shape, and saw what it would do if we echoed that shape..do you see how the bottom left block is rotated wrong? We should have the light corner in toward the light path..this is a brain exercise, just turning the triangles right!

PA_MD_Feb2012 026

There we go! That’s better!

A couple of funnies…..just had to be in the moment!

PA_MD_Feb2012 038

Can you read what this fabric says? LOL! It’s a white on white but…oh NOOO! More Millenium fabric! LOL!!

PA_MD_Feb2012 014

This picture cracked me up too –This ironing board only opened up this big! It just wouldn’t go any taller…..so never fear, here we have The Queen pressing at her throne on the “stage”…LOL!

PA_MD_Feb2012 015

Take a look through the rest of the photos to see what fabrics we were working with that YOU might still have in your stash! Time to get it out of there! This is a great quilt for pulling one-color –family-that’s-run-amuk and pairing it with a background color family of choice and CLEAR OUT! I mean, where else are you going to get permission to sew a recycled shirt plaid next to Batman, little country hearts, and funny crabs!? Lost your marbles? Chances are we’ve sewn them right into the quilt!

What a fun time! My special thanks to the Le Tort Quilters of Carlisle PA for a fabulous weekend of fabric fun!


  1. Anonymous3:59 PM EST

    I always look forward to your slide show. Thanks for showing us what others do.

  2. ok ok, I'm convinced I have to try that pattern as well ......

  3. I just love all the different layouts for that block...what fun! Makes me want to go right to the sewing room and make some blocks to play with.

    I especially enjoyed the pic of the young lady who was seated and ironing, she looks like she is having such a great time...LOL

    Enjoy your trip--

  4. They all look fantastic, makes me excited for the day when I have enough built up to start looking like something. I am doing a blue ridge beauty leader and ender project!

  5. I wanted that crab fabric!!!! And I remember when there were SO many types of fabric for the new millenium!!! there was a quilt show that had a quilt started in 2000 and finished in 2001 with 2001 pieces. The squares were hexigons (like a thimble) fit together. Two thousand and one...... Now THAT is dedication!!!

  6. Before Friday's class I didn't really think your method was for me. After class I must admit I could see where it might be useful. Then came the Sunday lecture...ok, ok, I'm a believer!!! Plus I fould the Fly Lady. Thanks for your inspiration.

  7. I really enjoyed this slide show. I particularly like the picture that showed green and red blocks together.

    I really want to make this quilt now -- especially since I have two drawers that overflowing with blues!


  8. Another great slideshow of another great pattern!

  9. Anonymous1:17 AM EST

    I just started cutting fabric for this quilt, blue and yellow. Now I can't wait until I have a few blocks together. Thanks for the inspiration!


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