Sunday, February 19, 2012

Accountant’s Wife Blocks ---

I have three more “Credits” to add to the Balance in my Account! I finished the 3 blocks that Randy assigned us this week! Sewing these also yielded me 4 more bonus cheddar bow-ties sewn as my leaders & enders!

That brings the total so far to 6 --- boy am I on a cheddar overload lately. This is what happens when you buy a solid by the bolt!

I’m liking these so far. Simple public domain blocks, in the small size that I like. Many of these can be found in the "Around The Block" books, in block base, in the little Ladie's Art Company Block Tool flip cards ---

Do you think this will make me pull out that Nearly (*@&#$(*& Insane thing back out of the drawer? I actually opened the drawer last week and saw all the parts and pieces and ---- promptly slammed that drawer shut again! Better not let that out, or it will take over!

I like small. I like a challenge. But there are SOME blocks in that quilt that just put me over the edge. I admire anyone who has finished one --- and I’ll get there some day!

accountantswife 006

Here are my 6 blocks on the cutting table…so far, so fun!

The binding saga continues chez Quiltville. I finished the binding on the little baskets quilt. Just have to finish sewing on the hanging sleeve and the label on that one and can call it done!

You saw my iphone-O-gram post last evening ---ugh. I did the usual thing –unstitched a bit, whacked it off above the seam, attached the end back on with the seam now falling above the miter ---and I kept going until ---

midnightflight 034

Sometimes I can’t get it right no matter how hard I try! I ended up one strip SHORT – good thing I had that bolt of fabric! I cut another strip, added it on, and again kept going--- The binding is now on and waiting for some sewing-down time. Every once in a while there are those quilts that just challenge our patience to within an inch of giving up. This has been that quilt for me. But it is now bound into submission.

I wanted to get some good full out pics, but it’s raining outside right now – and we could have snow in the forecast for tonight. What’s up with that?! So --- look for pics when I get the binding finished, probably after I return from Florida.

Remember tomorrow is our “Thimbles-Up!!” Linky party! Write your post, come back tomorrow morning and link it to mine and let’s show as many different types of thimbles and alternative non-thimble ideas as we can. Between us all, we are a great source of knowledge and inspiration – let’s put it in ONE SPOT to be a resource to others!


  1. I like that...bind the quilt into submission! I hope to do that to my Orca bay soon....

  2. Bonnie fought the quilt and Bonnie won! You sure had issues trying to finish this one, my friend. It makes me feel good to know that even someone with as much experience and talent as you has "issues" with your quilts sometimes :-) Yes, your pain, my gain! I'm glad it is now bound into submission, you can put your feet up and do some hand sewing. Have a great day!

  3. Hmmmm, funny thing that--I have a drawer JUST like yours--sometimes I hear mumblings from within "let me out", "finish me"...but I try to ignore it. Ha!!! Julierose

  4. I always pick up little gems from you. How silly of me never to have thought about simply whacking off some of the binding so that the seam doesn't hit the corner. I have been known to rip out all that is sewn down and start stitching again at another point on the quilt....all the time hoping that there will not be the same problem now at another corner. Your way is so much better!

  5. "bound into submission!" What a word picture, I love it!!

  6. Bonnie, have you decided basic colors to use for your Farmer's Wife? I see you are using the cheddar for the background. Is that your unifying element and the rest scrappy? I really prefer scrappy quilts, but do find it helps to have that unifying element to help give it some focus (for lack of better word). I like your blue and white quilts (for instance, Blue Ridge Beauty)because they are scrappy and not just 2 fabrics. (Can't fathom making a quilt where one glance at one block shows you what the whole darn quilt looks like.)ANYWAY, have you made any design/color decisions for your Farmer's Wife/Accountant's Wife blocks aside from the cheddar?

  7. With all the cheddar in this post I am craving something cheesy! : ) (Just had to get that out. Sorry.)

  8. I've never gotten used to a thimble. I've tried many kinds. Shall I share all the ones I've tried? Maybe I should do a give away on thimbles... Bonnie, let me know if you see one that interests you. Sandi

    1. I am another thimble-hater. I thought of taking pictures of my caluses (sp) but haven't sewn much by hand lately so they don't show but my hide is still tough! Have started back on small by-hand sampler blocks, so probably will have hard, cracked fingers again soon.

  9. Book report--oh Bonnie I downloaded the book 'Into the Free' and then I actually read the whole thing already--and it is one good read, I loved it all even when I was reading at 4 am this morning through very blurry eyes!!!!
    Thanks for the book, I needed a nice break!!
    Now I have 85 other books on the Kindle to read!!!!
    I will have more time next week--have to get back to my long list of quilting projects!!!

  10. Bonnie: What is the pattern of your "Insane UFO"? It's beautiful.
    And...I once saw a thimble that was commissioned...it was 24K gold encrusted with rubies, diamonds, and emeralds. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. And yes, the person was going to use it.

  11. Love all that cheddar! I would probably be too lazy to recut the binding but have certainly had to add another piece plenty of times when I've run short!

    I think YOU brought the snow and winter by calling Spring, right?

  12. I cannot resist cheddar and I really like the bowties. I know you probably posted this already but what solid cheddar did you buy? I have loads of prints but am thinking I'll need to get a solid, too. I buy my solids by the bolt (usually).

  13. LOVE your colors for the Farmer/Accountant's wife blocks!!

  14. Love your blocks. Our group is doing this as a year long project. Stop by and check out my blocks with some tutorials.

  15. Anonymous7:16 PM EST

    Love the Farmers Wife Craze and have already started with the first six blocks from Randy. Several of us are working together on this project. Thanks so much for offering it.


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