Saturday, February 25, 2012

Virginia Bound Day in Naples!

How many times have I posted pictures from Virginia Bound workshops? I know it is many times, but each time I am so thrilled with the directions the quilters take their own projects that it continues to reconfirm to me how important it is for us to each work things in our own way with our own vision ----no kit required!

When I first walked into the room, there were only a couple people in there----but I saw this ONE old Singer machine sitting on the table --- and my first thought was “Hey! There is another one of those old pink-based Singers ---I remember seeing someone with one of these not long ago ---“

And then after going back out to the car, making the second trip to the room to unload more stuff ((You know that quilt class is at least a two-trip-to-the-car venture, right?!)) I saw Suzanne! And it all clicked! It wasn’t that there were “TWO” of these vintage pink-based Singer machines --- it was the SAME ONE! And there was Suzanne to prove it. I had to run over and give her a hug --- we got to know each other last month when I taught in Venice ---and she had traveled all the way from The Villages to take two days of my workshops then -----and if 2 UFOs in one month isn’t bad enough, she drove even farther to come take 2 more days of workshops, and I was so happy to see her familiar face!

FtMyersFL2012 229

This machine is known as “The Dump Machine” because ---- welll ----you guessed it! Suzanne found it at the DUMP! A little cleaning, oiling and tuning up and it runs like a top. It’s another boat anchor, solid as can be --- this is one of the last heavy Singer models before they began to be made with plastic parts and gears ---the fall of the giant in the sewing world at that point. I’m so happy she adopted this machine and that it is working well for her, hopefully it has many more years in it yet. Sure love those vintage babies!

We had a great time watching the strips fly!

FtMyersFL2012 222

This was Alice’s “under the bed storage bin” Where she throws all her strings so they are ready to go! She had enough strips to furnish a 3rd world country --- and what variety! It was fun to listen to her talk about which fabric went into which quilt ----all the memories still attached.

FtMyersFL2012 223

Strips began to expand and take over even the areas surrounding our chairs!

FtMyersFL2012 236

We laughed about who had the ugliest or the weirdest fabric --- I think this one took the cake hands down ----spooky masks and heads and ---things that look like tornados?

Cut it SMALL enough and this became the perfect object lesson of “Now you see it ----“

FtMyersFL2012 237

“Now You Don’t!”

Can you see where that hideous fabric ended up? Just barely! And cut narrow, and placed where it is, it’s going to add a lot of interest to the quilt ---where as a whole piece it was a “What was I THINKING?!” thing!

Here is a glimpse at what else came together in class:

I’ll never get tired of string quilts in all of their varieties! And on the subject of string quilts --- I’ve gotten word that the photo shoots for the next book are complete and I can’t wait to see the photos! From what I hear they staged them in some freshly decorated model homes ---fully furnished and modern. I can hardly wait to see what they did! Dates are closing in fast for this next book release, and it can’t get here soon enough for me.

Have a great Saturday everyone ---I’m off to go do a “Smith Mountain Morning” workshop! It’s my last hoorah for this Florida trip, I’ll be back in my own bed by Sunday night!


  1. Anonymous7:29 AM EST

    I love looking at the pictures from your workshops and recognizing fabrics that I have in my own stash. It inspires me to incorporate it into and use it up in ways that I probably wouldn't think of on my own.

    Sherri in Phoenix

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM EST

    It would be interesting to know what year Suzanne's pink bottomed machine is. And I am heading to The Villages in March for my annual visit and wonder where she shops for her fabrics near The Villages.
    I love Virginia Bound Bonnie and it just might be time to do that quilt. I am anxious for your 4th book as well. I'll be ordering one from you so it will be signed like the other three I have.
    Maryella in Maine

    1. Anonymous9:56 PM EST

      My favorite places are thrift shops around the Villages. I especially like the Operation ShoeBox thrift shop, and the Hospice Thrift shop in Baseline. There are many shops and I have not seen them all this year there is always next year. hehehehe
      snowbird from Maine

  3. I just LOVE the variety of fabrics that show up in the slide show of quilts! That is so fun to look at. Not an ugly fabric in the bunch.

  4. I hope Suzanne (from the Villages) tries to get you to teach in Central Florida. I've been watching your schedule :). Love the Virginia Bound quilt, bought your scraps and Shirttails so I could try it -at home. Thanks for sharing your quilty stories.

  5. This is my favorite post EVER!!!! I can't wait to show those pictures to my sewing friends. They are going to love them and that pink based junk machine that is a treasure. Thank you.~


  6. I have been enjoying your slide shows, but this one was especially fabulous! I love these blocks! Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Okay you convinced me to stop being such a snob and mix my "old stash" strings with my "new stash" strings. You have shown me that they will play nicely with one another. I love the comment about enough strings for a 3rd world country.....I too have such a stash, not only strings but 2.5 inch strips as well. Thankyou for posting , I just love your posts. Hey why don't you come out to Oregon. My guild would love your workshops!

  8. Anonymous7:01 PM EST

    I agree with the first commenter - love seeing the pictures of your workshops and recognizing the fabric that is in my stash. I'm really going to have to get busy on this quilt. I have the foundations cut and marked, but the strips aren't ready yet. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow. Great slide show again Bonnie. I started following this blog last summer and the first slide show I saw was the Oklahoma Backroads pattern, so I got started on that, making 4 patches for the center from my stash. I have about a third of the blocks done now, just working them in between other projects. I think that if I saw this post or any of your other workshop posts I'd have jumped right in with that pattern! I also spotted fabric I have in my stash and I've already started cutting it for scrap quilts. This blog and your website are such a gift to quilters. Thanks for everything. Hope I can send you a photo of a "finish" some day.

  10. Is that original paint on her pink machine? I love it!! I have an old singer that is in my closet now. I used it for 27 years until I got a new computerized light weight model. Great machines!


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