Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pineapple Blossom Day in Fort Myers!

One of the reasons I don’t want to teach from kits is because I LOVE seeing what other people choose for their colors and fabrics.

Yesterday was no exception. We had everything from soft pastels to wild African fabrics, lots of batiks, some Orientals, some civil war scrappies, and everything in between.

I loved everyone’s responses to other people’s fabric choices ---- “Oh I love that with this ----“ “I never would have THOUGHT to put that with that..” And it was all good! ((Though living in the South, where “bless her heart” isn’t always a compliment --- I guess these statements could cover a multitude of fabric combos, good, bad and ugly! LOL!! But these were ALL grand.

Speaking of African fabrics --- thoughts and prayers please for our Kenyan friend Michael ((Harriet's DH and Michelle's daddy!)) who's mom passed away suddenly -- he is home in Kenya this week for her funeral and memorial service, all so very sudden. Safe travels to him and his brother who have flown home from the sates, and for Harriet and baby Michelle who are on their own for a couple weeks until he can return back here to them.

And THANK YOU to the anonymous person who told me to double click the circle button on my phone and see what all was running in the background. I hadn’t thought to check that, though I do reboot my phone every couple of days. It also reminded me to turn off the blue tooth and the wifi and the push notifications for my email --- I really didn’t need those on, and they can suck power too. I think the phone will survive a little longer. This phone I’ve had a bit over a year I think --- but I recently upgraded operating sytems, and the old OS didn’t have that hidden task bar ----and you know, any time they upgrade ANYTHING it gets to be more complicated.

Do I have to remind you of my reluctance with the new photoshop I’ve had to install at home!?? I just like my old old old one --- which luckily is still running on thiis laptop just fine!

So without further ado --- here are the pics from yesterday’s workshop:

Our fearless coordinator, Linda, watched over us while finishing a quilt binding for a Quilt of Valor, and putting some stitches into her gorgeous applique…look at her block:

FtMyersFL2012 166

This is for one of those lovely Australian quilts --- and her work is just beautiful! And of course, I loved her array of threads:

FtMyersFL2012 165

Oooh, I’m artfully blurry! LOL! But I get as excited about the beautiful colors of thread as much as I do fabric. And she had it ALL in here, believe me!

I think I got he best sleep last night since I’ve been here. I stitched on my Florabunda blocks until about 11:30 and crashed…I slept all the way til 7:30am, which is GOOD for me ----

This morning I’m treating myself to a leisurely breakfast at ihop across the parking lot, maybe do some more stitching, packing it all up and heading out to my next stop ---Naples!

What a great day everyone! Thanks so much for inviting me to come!


  1. WOW! That's bright lol!

  2. Good morning Bonnie! From looking at the photos you had taken from your hotel room I thought I had guessed where you were staying in Ft. Myers...when you mentioned the I Hop across the parking lot this morning I knew for sure! I have stayed in that very same hotel while visiting there. I love the quilt shop across the way! Quilt Lovers Hangout or something like that. They were such gracious and friendly ladies there when I discovered them on my 2nd day in the area. What a nice surprise that was! I hope you got a chance to drive down McGregor Blvd. in Ft. Myers and visit the winter home of Thomas Edison. I really enjoyed walking around his "shop" and seeing his inventions. Enjoy your time in Naples!

  3. Fun to read your Florida blog. So appreciated the pics. I have a sister living in Naples and have not yet visited her. She is not a quilter so no chance of seeing her in Naples. She paints to be creative.
    Love the pineapple blocks. I love people's interpretation of block color too! So love the pineapple block. I have done it foundation piecing before. The African fabs are great.
    Have a fabulous trip!

  4. I love that pineapple block! Such funky colours and prints! I can't wait to see it finished! OH SHOOT! I just realized it's not YOUR block............is there any way we can see it when it's all done and made into a quilt? I think it would be FANTASTIC!!!!

    1. I'm referring to the "African Print" one

  5. Had to laugh at the "bless your heart" reference! Even though I live in MN I have ties to the south...very familiar with the sweet "jab".
    Love the African print and the Australian block - cool!

  6. Pretty color combinations, but that yellow block just jumps off the page!Cool! Bet that was one fun workshop. :-)

  7. Those African prints make such a striking block with the yellow. Just gorgeous. There are many other fun combos in the slideshow, too. ANOTHER Bonnie quilt I want to make! (heavy sigh) I just can't do it all! : )

  8. love all those quilters and all those individual fabric and colour choices. That is what makes us all so unique. And I so agree about not doing "kit" teaching. This lets their real light shine.

  9. Anonymous12:44 PM EST

    I love these workshop pics for the same reason! It's such an inspiration to see how different a pattern can look with a simple color change.
    And, thank you for the email subscription to your blog, appreciate it!
    ~Jillian in North Dakota

  10. Anonymous12:50 PM EST

    I just know all your students are so inspired today. They must be smiling the biggest smiles after having attended your classes. Their blocks are wonderful.
    You are welcome in my home any ole time.

  11. Hi Bonnie, I love the Pinapple quilt, it is on my to do list, I have always loved the colors and the finished look. I just love it.....

  12. That was an amazing assortment of fabric color/style combos, including some that I'd definitely like to duplicate sometime. One of the best workshop slide shows yet!

    Such a great block - I have a throw in this pattern cut out and ready to stitch, hopefully very soon..

  13. Anonymous1:24 PM EST

    Glad that my suggestion was helpful :) I am a regular blog reader and just love all the pics and wisdom!

  14. Wow! Love that bright yellow one! I'd love to see that one when it's finished!

  15. Oh love the bright yellow and the other bright colors they are great.


  16. I must tell you this story. A few nights ago I found it necessary to stay alone in a hotel/casino in Las Vegas. My husband had injured himself and it was more comfortable for him to sleep in a recliner at my daughter's. The room was booked and so I went back to our room. As nerves ebbed and flowed, I kept reminding myself that Bonnie does this all the time and she is fine. It really helped to remind myself of this each time. I soon was okay and slept through the night. Thank you, Bonnie. You don't just inspire quilting. Pat

  17. Anonymous4:10 PM EST

    Love the pineapple square!

    1. So versatile, no matter what the fabric choice.

  18. Anonymous4:12 PM EST

    Reading your blog makes my day.


  19. I love the Pineapple Blossoms pattern I've made 3 so far alays turns out great whatever material you use ....those African materials work great

  20. Anonymous4:42 PM EST

    My phone is just over a year old and I discovered it wouldn't hold its charge. So I got a new battery. These smart phone batteries just don't last as long as the old phones did. Our son keeps one battery charging at all times by trading off between 2 batteries.
    Good luck! Love your blog

  21. Bonnie: If you keep having battery problems there is a new kind of phone case called a "juice pack" (I think). It has an auxiliary battery in it and the whole thing charges when you plug in your phone to charge. Check it out. Its very thin and sleek on the phone. Also I love this pattern and the variations that are shown in the slide show. I agree that seeing all the interpretations of a pattern and different fabric selections is what makes a workshop such a rewarding experience. Enjoy your travels.


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