Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Ms Bee-Haven’s Christmas Party!

While sewing along on my gazillionkatrillion tiny 4-patches yesterday afternoon --- I got a ping on my phone from Lisa who asked if I’d be interested in sharing a ride out to Mrs Goodneedle’s house for our annual bee movie night and round of  “Dirty Santa”. Of COURSE!!

Mrs Goodneedle and I live about as far away from each other than anyone possibly could in our bee, if you are figuring the distance from point A to point B, that is….and the more the merrier when it comes to driving long-ish distances!

So off I went in Shamu to go pick up Miss Lisa --- and we were on our way!

We were greeted with open arms when we got there, and quickly ushered upstairs to the den where we were planning on watching “The Help” --- with much hemming and hawing because it is such a LONG movie – comments went from “Maybe we can watch half of it, and come back and watch the other half another time?” to…. “Well, we can just do Dirty Santa and watch the movie the other time?”  ((Do not say this sentence amidst mixed company who don’t really know what you are talking about!!))

Everyone has their own term for “Dirty Santa” But basically, it’s that pass around game where someone picks a present, the next person can either steal the first person’s present, or go pick a new one.  “Greedy Santa” is more like it, because we were not dirty at all…but Miss Lisa’s adorable tree hanging got stolen the maximum number of times, finally finding its way back to Martha Claire who had grabbed it the first time!

winstonways 012

And you see that cute boy up there?  That’s Hannes, and he OWNS the Goodneedles!  He’s such a cutie pie….and he hit right off for Lisa’s bag that had yummies in it….he tore that bag apart and it was so cute to watch.  He was all the way IN the bag!  And not easy to catch on the camera ((Gosh, I was going to say capture on film, but we really can’t say that anymore, can we?!))  The color is off because the room was dark for movie viewing and I was using the flash on my phone ---

As for me and the MOVIE? I said “I don’t have a curfew!  Do you??” This  new found freedom of being Nearly-Fifty has turned me down right sassy, I tell ya! :c)  We are big girls....we can live it up and stay inside and watch a Chick Flick to the end, can't we? Of COURSE we can!

Needless to say, it was MUCH more fun to watch “The Help” all the way through with a room full of girlfriends, than it was to see it sitting in a cold theater with DH.  No offense, DH!  It’s just a girl thing!  Even when the DVD player froze up, and while it was being fixed we were making up dialogue for what the people on the screen “COULD” be saying by the looks on their faces! ----and that was down right funny too!

I didn’t get home til 11:30----but it was so worth it!  I fell into bed with a smile on my face, so grateful for these women who take me into their midst even though I can only make the meetings on a hit or miss basis!

And that missing Christmas spirit?  It’s creeping up on me day by day by day!  Likely by the 24th, it will be full blown and all consuming! ;c)

This morning --- off to the dentist to get that broken filling replaced.  There will be no baby quilt to finish binding while in the waiting room --- I finished the binding at the bee meeting last night! Wooot!  Guess – dare I say it?  I’ll have to bring out the hexagons! They haven’t been touched since the Nov Cruise ---- they are around here ---- SOMEWHERE?!

Don’t forget to go back to yesterday’s post!  We've got over 70 link ups showing progress on the Orca Bay Mystery! This is so exciting to see! You might just find some great blogs to follow that you didn’t know about before.  The talent out there ((Both in the quilting AND in the writing department)) is AMAZING!


  1. Okay see the Movie but definitely read the book!
    Even better listen to it, audio book has a great reader, and you can cry while you listen...(I can't cry and read at the same time.
    I love your new half a century attitude!
    Wait until the big 60 knocks on your door.....you'll be absolutely impossible.

    Gawd I hate the dentist! Hope it goes well.

    Happy sewing

  2. We had the BEST time... didn't we? SO glad you were HOME and able to join us! :)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Just wondering how far away Mrs. Goodneedle is from you...my guild meets a mere 40 miles from here. Thank goodness it's only once a month! Now don't get me wrong, I would love it to be once a week, but not with THAT drive! And yes, a friend and I carpool.
    Read the book and loved it. Can't wait to see the movie. Have a great day!

  4. Thanks for the ride last night! It's always more fun to travel to the wilds of the Yadkin River with a travel buddy.

    And Hannes! I am still laughing. He had a big ol' time!

  5. The mailman (DH for some of your readers that don't know Go Postal) barely even rolled over when I crawled in the bed at 11:45. It was worth staying up a little later for sure! Merry Christmas Bonnie.

  6. So good spending time with ya last night. We did have some good laughs last night , didn't we? Have a Merry Christmas Bonnie.

  7. So jealous that there aren't a bunch of quilt buddies like that for me in my hometown! What fun! BTW, just got the Goodneedle's Christmas Card and they didn't even mention the dog--that is probably why he was acting out with the package--needed attention!

  8. Nearly 50 and you stayed out till 11:30pm? You are totally out of control, girl!

  9. Its good to be able to share time with our friends. Happy festive season Bonnie and thanks for all the stuff you do for us.!

  10. Sewing friends are the best. I belong to The Stitching Girls Society and we have members ranging in ages from our 40s to our 80s and we have some good old times. Age is just a number :D Have a very very merry Christmas!

  11. So happy for you to get to go and spend the night out with your Bee friends. Hope you enjoyed The Help! :)

    I read the book, and saw it this summer and would like to see it again. :)

    Hope you and Jeff are baking up a storm of cookies!!

    Happy Naptimes! ~bonnie


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