Friday, December 02, 2011

Inklingo-Link-Up & Mystery Fun!

Oh you guys!

I had no idea this Mystery was going to take the Inklingo World by STORM….but it sure has!

The truth is that Inklingo works so well with these small shapes that I love so much, and people are raving about the accuracy and versatility --- I’m going to have to try it myself just to see how it works.

Linda Franz has put the software for half-square triangles Inklingo Style on sale…Click HERE to find out more.

This is a caption from the inklingo website to entice you further:


Either with scraps or with yardage, Inklingo has all of the advantages of chain piecing (continuous sewing) or paper piecing (sewing on a line), but you don’t ever have to fiddle with little pieces or sew a bias seam before it is cut—or pick off paper!

Print – Layer – Stitch – Cut

A very special sale!

Three choices! And yes, you can even have the special price on all three!

HST00B is $15 instead of $20 – Click

Storm At Sea 4.5 inch $20 instead of $25 - Click

Storm At Sea 9 inch $20 instead of $25 – Click

You must mention Bonnie’s Mystery in the comment of your order to get the special price, okay? When you order, the higher amount will be approved, but I will manually process it for the special lower price.

As usual, if you buy a Storm At Sea shape collection for the 1.5 inch triangles, you will also get the Storm At Sea Design Book ($20 value) for no charge!

This sale only applies until Bonnie’s next clue is issued on Friday December 9 and if you note Orca Bay in a comment with your order. Don’t be late!

What I am intrigued by is the fact that she says I can use them with my 2” strips. I really want to give this a try. Unlike the go cutter and the accuquilt studio, which give you quite a bit of waste when cutting 1/2 square triangle pairs….this looks like no waste at all for those who like to sew first/cut after. The lines will be clearly visible on your fabric ---those shapes from the die cutters don’t have lines to sew on.


I believe in having more than one choice when choosing what technique to use when working on a quilt. The more tools in our tool box, the better we can choose that right tool to get the job done.

If you are an inklingo user, would you leave a comment below to persuade us a bit more?

Even Better --- if you have written a blog post showing inklingo working for you, would you link to it below with a post as to why you love it so much? I’m SERIOUSLY thinking I need to do this. I’m a bit scared….I’m a bit shy at forcing myself out of my comfort zone --- but I’m willing to try!

Remember that we need the url of the specific POST, not the address for your whole blog. To get the correct address in the linky –right click on the title/subject line of your post you wrote about using inklingo. Chose “copy link address” and paste this url in the form when you link.

For instance, my blog address is http://quiltville.blogspot.com but that isn't enough. I can't link to the WHOLE blog, I need the address of the post. The address of THIS post is http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2011/12/ink-lingo-mystery-fun.html See the difference?

If you link to your whole blog, I’ll have to remove your link and have you try again because I can’t fix it FOR you.

We'll leave this open for a week to give you time to write your posts!

I can’t wait to see what you link up!


  1. Anonymous7:03 PM EST

    YES, I have used Inklingo and like how it works. I have the HST program and used in on a quilt last January. It works very well, prep time is no longer really than any other HST technique and the accuracy is super. (In actuality, Leslie was using it last night at Quilt-a-Rama, our weekly get together, and she completed (I think) 25 HST sets in the 2 1/2 hours we were together. She will correct me if I am wrong!! That was completed from printed QSTs to finished hour glass sections.) I highly recommend it especially if you can NOT get that 1/4 inch to work consistently. Linda has created "monster quilters" world wide...you should see some of the stuff they do!!! I am all for anything that makes my quilting life easier.
    Faye "A busy Quilter", Maine

  2. Faye, you need to send me an email please!! SO I can reply to it and get your email address in my address book, because I keep going to reply --- and then find i can't reply to anonymous! LOL!

  3. Anonymous7:12 PM EST

    Will do Bonnie!! Can't have you "incommunicado"!!!
    Love ya....Faye

  4. Anonymous7:32 PM EST

    I LOVE Inklingo and its accuracy. I can be very brain dead and can't concentrate, yet whatever I'm making is perfect. My blog isn't large, but it has some of my Inklingo projects (linked above). I love hexagons and have been mostly doing them (thanks to Inklingo) for the past couple of years. It may help to remember Inklingo is not new software to learn, it's just printing a PDF page of templates on the fabric.
    'til later, Jillian in ND

  5. I am making a Joseph's Coat quilt using Inklingo - I love it - it is a little tricky at first to learn the printing process I think so it is best to print on paper first to get the hang of it and know exactly where to put your paper.
    Here is a link to a post I did on it.



  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I meant to say where to put your fabric in that sentence, not where to put your paper. The link I gave doesn't show how much of Joseph's Coat is done now, you would have to go to more previous posts for that.

  8. I have the Inklingo but have never tried it. Does she put 2" strips through her printer????????
    Inquiring minds NEED to know!!!!
    XOXOX Subee

  9. I am doing your mystery quilt because of Inklingo. I really wanted to do the quilt but that first step of 228 QST's stopped me cold. Not so good at those or HST's and especially at the size. But I found Inklingo and I'm no longer scared. Got most of my QST's done, will work on the HST's tomorrow and I'm having fun. I'm getting ready to do a Dear Jane and will not having a problem with those small blocks because of Inklingo. Thank you Linda and thank you Bonnie for leading me to Linda.


  10. Yes, Bonnie. I love Inklingo. I use it all the time for hand piecing, particularly, especially designs with odd shaped pieces and CURVES! I am currently about 2/3 way through piecing a Josephs Coat and I am also hand piecing a Pickledish version of a double wedding ring, doing both with Inklingo. I don't have a blog at this time but there are a few great tips that will get you started with the freezer paper, which can be tricky, just until you get the hang of it.. A hot iron and a very hard surface to iron on.. and remember.. print on the WRONG side of your fabric *LOL*.

  11. Anonymous8:31 PM EST

    I am not a beginner quilter, but I am a beginner Inklingo user. Inklingo is easy peasy! Love it! I had no problems with this at all, and even if I had, Linda, and the yahoo group, just step right in with encouragement and support. And they are full of ideas too! Fabulously friendly Inklingo groupies and product!


  12. The only problem I see is that you have to put your fabric through the printer. I have tried to iron fabric on freezer paper and feed it through my printer and it just curled up and got splashes of ink here and there.

  13. I have just purchased my Inklingo shapes. The secret to getting the paper to stick to the freezer paper when putting through the printer is that the fabric needs to be washed. The sizing in the fabric is what keeps the fabric from sticking to the freezer paper. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!
    I like to try other methods of cutting and piecing even though I have an AccuQuilt.

  14. Sorry, I meant getting the fabric to stick to the freezer paper! More haste, less speed!!

  15. Inklingo is fantastic. I think you should try it Bonnie. Compatible with Macs and PCs.

  16. Anonymous5:40 AM EST

    I am an Inklingo fan and believer. I started using it to make a Hex quilt which I am still working on. But there are so many other options with Linda's Inklingo and I'm using it with my Orcha Bay. I also am thinking about Storm At Sea and I love the Square in a Square and Ying Yang. Oh I just don't have enough time for all the quilts I want to make. For now I am loving Bonnie's mystery. Her quilts are my all time favorites and I think I've made 5 mystery quilts. They are all beautiful. Thank you Bonnie! And thank you Linda for Inklingo!

    Betty Allen betty.allen@allenfarms.us

  17. New discovery!! I didn't wash my fabric. I just starched it and it worked beautifully. Use a hot iron and make when you have attached fabric to freezer paper, you press on the back as well. I have just printed two pieces and it worked beautifully.

  18. Anonymous7:25 AM EST

    I love Inklingo. I am using it to hand piece a winding ways quilt. I found that my nice big printer was horrible for Inklingo. No matter how careful I was every other sheet got jammed. I took Linda's advice to heart that a cheap printer would be fine and found the cheapest printer I could. I spent $19 on a color printer and have never had a problem with jams or ink splatter. On a side note, I LOVE your mystery quilts! Most of the mystery quilts I have seen are odd to say the least. But your quilts are beautiful. I am looking forward to the next one!


  19. I've been using Inklingo ever since it first came out. There are many lovely complex patterns one can make with the various collections that would be much, much harder any other way. Almost everything on my blog (linked above) has been made using Inklingo. Printing on 2" strips is definitely possible and there are some great tutorials on Linda Franz' blog on how to do that. When it comes to printing things like HSTs and QSTs and getting perfect finished units, you can't beat Inklingo!

  20. I am so anxious to try this out. The precision of quilting is all about the perfect seam line. I am encouraged by others comments but I have used freezer paper for applique and it always seems to get a bit wrinkled when I press it onto fabric. My other concern would be the ink bleeding out on the quilt now or in the future, but it is worth a try.

  21. Thanks for telling us about this technique/product, Bonnie! I think this would work wonderfully for group made quilts, improving the accuracy of blocks made by several different makers. I'm definitely sharing this information with my quilt guild.

  22. My experience using Inklingo revolves around making a hexagon quilt jointly with my sister-in-law who lives 1500 miles away. I print hexagons and send her care packages each week. We both share in the stitching and don't have to worry about differences in seam allowance. Perfectly accurate on each hexagon!!


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