Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bed-Time Edition! Free Kindle Book!

I just finished writing the Mystery Monday Link-Up post that’s going live tomorrow morning..and found myself wandering through Amazon ----

I’ve ordered the whole boxed set of Blue Ray Harry Potter for Christmas!  There will be TONS more binding opportunity once we get that octrilogy ((made up word! HA!!)) going! It should be here by Christmas Eve!

Anyway….how about a free Kindle CHILDREN’S BOOK!?  A Special Christmas type story??

Santa and the Little Teddy Bear by Peter John Lucking is free today from the Amazon  Kindle store, and has received a perfect 5 out of 5 stars based on 18 customer reviews. 
Category: Children
Book Description:
This version of the 2011 INDIE Holiday Book Winner is intended to brought out at Christmas, year after year; create a holiday tradition, sing carols, read as a bedtime story chapter by chapter, delight in the incredible artwork throughout the book.
The Author and Illustrator Peter John Lucking has personally experienced each place in the book.
In Santa & The Little Teddy Bear the Author leads us through each place, giving us insightful information, interweaving a story where Bilbo and Santa visit and revealing the meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate.
It’s Christmas Eve. Free your spirit. Fly around the world with magic transportation on this epic action packed adventure roller coaster ride. Visit exotic places far beyond Woop Woop and the Black Stump.
Encounter strange creatures and exotic cultures. Do wacky crazy things. Scream, dance the Can-can and sing Day Oh in the steam swamps. Experience the Nativity, whisper in the wind to twinkling stars and sing carols with the reindeer.
Be dazzled by emerald isles and sapphire seas more astonishing than you can imagine. Soar with Bilbo The Little Teddy Bear, as he lives a wish, dreams of being a special Christmas gift, searches for his new home while embracing new friendships, lives life, gains self-esteem, and becomes more enlightened; culminating with a very surprising wish sure to bring a tear of joy.
A Christmas season holiday classic for all ages from 1-100.
Sounds like it might be fun if you have little ones in the house.  Kids LOVE to be read to. 



  1. I also bought MYSELF the entire Harry Potter collection.
    Good sewing movies.
    XOXOOX Subee

  2. Be careful on this one, guys! I just checked - Prime members can read it for FREE - but my price would be $4.97. I'm not complaining - that's not a bad price - but just be aware that it may not be FREE to you. ;))

  3. My DH got me the set for Christmas but we started watching it last weekend...

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