Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just a Little Workshop Shout Out!

I know several of you had a great time doing the Mini Marathon that I did on Patchwork Posse! And it was so fun to be able to stop by and check on what you were doing with your little pieces, run to read the comments in the forum, etc….

My buddy Pat Sloan is presenting a really great online workshop with Patchwork Posse in January! Those of you who commented that the cruise quilts were SO GREAT?! Well, you too can make what Pat taught in her class!

Both the adorable wall quilt ((Perfect for Valentine’s Decorating coming up!)) and an adorable felt applique needle book. Two for One!

Click HERE for more info! The workshop starts right after the holidays, perfect timing! The Mystery will be ending, and THIS will be beginning! It runs until Jan 31st ---

Of course, I'm ignoring ALL of January --- I'm turning 50 ((GASP!!)) in January, and I"m not going there!

I’ve been working on writing all day. The border directions for this one quilt just stump me….I am NOT a graphic drawing type….I can count units and I can sew up a storm and do what I need to, but trying to get the diagrams right is killing me!

I think I’ll take a break --- we’ve got just a few hours until we go pick up Michael, Harriet, and Michelle – and head for DH’s holiday office party. I’m keeping my mouth shut unless I am specifically asked anything! And I will NOT tell anyone else how to raise their child, but I can talk about what I did that worked for me – and THAT’S THAT!!


  1. Bonnie, just wanted to let you know that turning 50 is not too big a deal. Keep in mind it is just a number on the road of life. We all get to hit that day, mine came 6 years ago. I am still wondering what it was all about. :))

  2. I've heard that 50 is the "new" 30. I don't know about that, but I do know that I feel better in my 50's than I did in my 40's.
    Don't worry about telling a mother how to raise her child, if she wants your advice, she will ask. Relax and enjoy the party!

  3. 50 is not so bad! It's way better than the 40's were. :)

    Hope you enjoy the party!

  4. I think you're right to keep quiet unless asked. It's great if you ask how they are adjusting...but everyone makes their own road with their kiddos.

  5. Loved my 50s...which was 20 years ago..Actually I am lovin' where I'm at now, too...You will, too. It's all in the mind...and sewing room....

  6. I'm also turning 50 in January. I think it will be easier than turning 30.

  7. Welcome to the "half a century" club. It ain't so bad!
    Enjoy the party.

  8. Have fun at the party! And 50 is great - but 60 is even better - you'll see!! ;))

  9. no sweat bonnie, 50 is the new 30....the important thing is to keep having those birthdays!

  10. 50 is nifty! Don't ignore it; embrace it! On my 50th, I joined AARP and made my mom and stepsisters do what I wanted to do, not what they wanted to do to celebrate.

  11. Bonnie,

    I too am hitting the bog 50 this year. Not too worried about it. I feel better than I have in about 6 years. The way I look at it is that I am very close to retirement, which means more time ti sew!!!!

  12. Just think you are half way to becoming an antique; Give yourself a gold star for having made it so far.

  13. 50 is just a number. ;)

    Gimme a yell via email if you want help with the graphics. You know I'll do my best.

  14. I think that you are right on in not wanting to butt in with your friend, but talking about your experiences when the boys were young might be just the right way to pant some seeds of thought! I hope it went well!


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