Saturday, December 24, 2011

Truly & Wonderfully Blessed----

And howling my brains out!

I have some of the craziest friends out there, but they know just what will make ME the happiest Quilter on the planet!

Oh how I love you guys!  Really, YOU are the reason I finally got myself kicked into gear with this whole Christmas Feeling this year ---

You were there when I didn't FEEL LIKE IT!

My door bell rang just a bit ago, and there were not just one, not just two..but THREE packages for me to open!
gifts 001

Even SADIE could smell the yummies emanating from this one…so I grabbed it first…Trying carefully not to get the styrofoam peanuts all over the clean office floor --- I failed!

gifts 003

OH!!  Goodies!!  And a card!!  This came all the way from Karen L who came with us on the November cruise…..the box was fairly heavy, and I set to opening it.  And you know the rules? One of the cookies was broken, so I had to EAT IT FAST.  According to those-in-the-know---Broken cookies have no calories because they've all fallen out! :cD

gifts 008

Not only is the box a beautiful gift in itself, but there are matching notecards! Cookies, Bread…and a HUGE Bag of pre-cut tumblers….only about 2,000 of them!  Karen, you sneaky girl, are you trying to pass off your Millenium UFO on to me? LOL!  I LOVE IT!  Thank You!

And Speaking of Millenium stuff ---

gifts 011

Tracey B sent THIS goodie!

MORE MILLENIUM FABRIC!  Just for ME!! Aren’t the M&M’s cute?  Even if they are about 12 years old by now…LOL! And that wasn’t ALL---

gifts 009

She sent ANOTHER M&M’s Millenium piece!  And 4 cheddar bowties to boot!  Can you read the funniest part of all?  As far as this Millenium thing goes?

gifts 010

Hahahaha!!  I think I’m going to have to fussy cut this one and hang  it front and center in my studio!!  OH, this could have SO MANY applications, couldn’t it??!  No….I don’t think the Millenium is over yet --- just wait til the next package is revealed!

gifts 004
These Flat Rate Boxes are great…you just pull the zip-pull on the side and it opens so easily --- only to find a note that says PLEASE OPEN THE OTHER SIDE FIRST!! >_<  This is typical for me…just call me Wrong End Rita!  ((Or would that be Writa?)) I am a girl of many names – I’m used to it.  Most often I’m referred to as “Messy Bessy”  But I’m told it’s a term of “endearment” :cD

Okay…so I go to open the OTHER end, only now the WRONG end is wide open, and if I don’t place it wrong side down on top of a solid flat surface, everything is just going to just dump out of the bottom!

gifts 005

Here we are! Right side Up!  A card!  Okay --- we’ll start there…..I will resist pulling the fabric out of the box until the card is read --- oh this is not easy for me, I can tell you!

This came from Alycia D in Marrietta, GA!  Thank you Alycia!

gifts 006

UHoh!! Do you see what *I* see ((Sung to the tune of “Do you hear what I hear! – It is Christmas after all!!))  MORE MILLENIUM FABRIC!!

Found this at a Quilter’s yard /fabric sale.  Thought you would get a good laugh!!  PS…These are strings left from Roll Roll, Cotton Bowl ---
I love it!  and you know what?  Those 2000 bits won’t even be recognizable by the time I strip it up REALLY SMALL!  I’m thinking 1-1/2” is good…LOL!!!

So what about those strips in the box? Did you ever wonder just how MUCH fabric you can stuff in a Medium Flat Rate Box??

gifts 007

Holy Mass-O-Scraps, Batman!!  I can’t believe you sent me all of this!  Does this mean you are wimping out on any future mystery quilts that might require copious amounts of neutral strings? :cD 

gifts 012

I had to put them in their OWN tub, there are so many!  And you know what? From the looks of it, there are lots of 2” and 1-1/2” strips in here…they might have to be pulled to join the other neutral strips in the strips bins that are all so nice and neat now ---

I’ve really gotten a kick out of all the cards and emails and little gifts that mean so much through this holiday season.  I wish I could send you ALL a bunch of squishy packages, and boxes of cookies in the mail.  Thank you so much for making MY life so special, just by your being in it!

I can’t say THANK YOU enough – I just can’t.  You guys are wonderful!

God Bless Us, Every One!


  1. How cool - what cute and thoughtful gifts. The M&M's rock.

  2. WOW!!!!! Itlooks like lotsa strips in that flat rate box! Tell her thanks for using the USPS and that we appreciate it!!! have fun getting those in a nice neat pile!!

  3. hey, it was as much fun reading your post and seeing the pictures as it would be getting the presents. thanks so much for taking the time to share with us. Merry Xmas.

  4. Hi Bonnie--I have only been a reader and follower of yours for a month or two now--I found you through someone's site, because of the free kindle books as I have a kindle--
    and I want to say 'thank you' for all the fun posts you have shared with me since then!!
    I truly have enjoyed reading you and trying to keep up with you==you are one 'on the go' lady!!
    Best of Wishes for this holiday season and for the new year--
    Hugs, Di and kitty-Miss Gracie

  5. Anonymous7:37 PM EST

    No Bonnie you deserve every gift and more. I can only send you my best wishes for a wonderful holdiay season and a great new year. It is because of you that I am making it through this holiday season. Each Friday I have something to look forward to and then can happily sew away.
    Thanks so much

  6. Anonymous7:57 PM EST

    Thanks for the post, Bonnie, am so glad that your 'spirit' has improved with the gifts and the baking. Enjoy your family, have a Merry Christmas and be blessed in 2012!

  7. Thanks for the heads up on the book, Looks like a good read. Hope you have a great, Merry Christmas.

  8. How fabulous to get such wonderful gifts. You are a well liked person that's for sure, your thoughtfulness and generosity is global!
    Marshmallow hugs to you!

  9. Those flat rate boxes are like little black holes when it comes to fabric. I LOVE that butterfly box you got, beautiful. You do have some wonderful friends!

  10. What wonderful unexpected loot, I mean gifts. : )
    You are definitely loved, Bonnie. Can't believe that mass of strings in that box. She did a great stuffing job on that box!

  11. Merry Christmas to all of You!!!

  12. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your family.

    All the best, Bonnie.

    Susan (UK)

    PS I bought a Kindle because of you, and I love it!

  13. Merry Christmas Bonnie! Thanks for all the wonderful patterns and inspiration you give us quilters throughout the year. May your xmas be filled with love and happiness and lots of time for sewing on the 26th :)

  14. Hi Bonnie,
    this is great and shows how much we appreciate having you around, you give sooo much to us as well !
    may be it is a hint and you should not cut the 2000s ? and make a new quilt or mystery based on the 2000, and yes I have the millenium fabric from Hofmann still in my stash, cut away only a couple of squares ;-) after you mentioned it....
    have a wonderful christmas time !
    Lisa and Sabina

  15. That's so funny! I just finished my millenium quilt top a couple of weeks ago, and am on the search for some more bits to finish the back. The top was from a swap of (24) 2 1/2" charms and a siggie square. Talk about lots o'stitching -- it's about 90" square, I think! I can just see you giggling when you opened those boxes :-)

  16. What wonderful Christmas surprises. Merry Christmas, Bonnie to you and yours. Also best wishes for the New Year and safe travels.


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