Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Story Time Stars --- Quilting!

I got as far as getting this loaded in the machine on Monday evening….I quilted a couple of rows on it, but ran out of time…oh yeah…I was distracted by yesterday’s Tannenbaum Mug Rug! :c)

I’m loving how this is coming together. I’m quilting it with a sky blue thread --- it’s blending through everything and looks better than stark white – and I couldn’t use beige or tan on this quilt because the colors are so bright.

storytimestars 004

Here’s a dizzying look down the quilt! It won’t take long to finish at all when I get back home to it. I’m not quilting it too heavily, I want it snuggly and soft, and too much quilting can have a “Cardboard” effect on a baby quilt…

It was THIS QUILT that started me on my whole round of Strip Straightening as shown HERE and also HERE….I’ll blame it on THIS ONE For the rest of my days!


  1. I see from your comment in your blog about a lot of quilting on a quilt can give it a cardboard affect. Do you find that is pretty much normal? Some of the custom quilting I have seen is so pretty but often I think it looks like too much - a bit over the top.
    They do not wash up soft?

  2. This is so wonderful Bonnie. You are so talented to just "whip" this up from nothing. Such an inspiration to all of us. Will it be in one of your books sometime in the future?

  3. I just love this quilt. I need color....okay and comedy in my life!
    As a side note, my sister (the fifty presents,sister) is bi-polar also. My heart goes out to you and your son.

  4. Blame the quilt all you want but i love the combination of black and white and brights - just love it and so will the baby I am sure!

  5. I wish I could see the quilting ... maybe a better picture when you are done? I am curious what you would use on a baby quilt. My go-to pattern is an all over meander, but it seems stiff.. even after multiple washings. I need to try something bigger?? less dense?? but what?

  6. Oh I do so love that quilt, it's bright and colorful and the checkerboard it's perfect for a baby!

  7. It's looking good!
    Now I always wanted to ask you and what better time than when I am sitting here hand sewing on labels. Do you label your quilts? I can't remember in class seeing any labels on your
    wonderful trunk show quilts!

    Happy sewing

  8. Great choice on the blue thread! I am not a bright quilt making person, but I am in love with this little brighty. Perfect for baby! Yes, I would make one of these. : )

  9. This quilt is just CUTE! - the colors just go so well together! Ok... another question for you Bonnie.... when working with brights or like with your new Orca Bay Mystery what color thread are you using for piecing? - with my Orca Bay I chose a light gray thread - but with brights I wasn't quite sure what I'd use.

  10. I got distracted by your Little Tree Mug Rug. I had to make one with 3 trees to fit the POEM. You have probably read it before. If not, I can e-mail it to you and send a picture of my Mug Rug I made for the swap. I cheated and didn't use strips as much as you but I liked how quick I made my trees.

  11. Blame it on this adorable little quilt if you want, but you're going to LOVE things when you get the Great Strip Straightening of 2011 (and 2012? :)) done. I bet it'll feel almost as satisfying as finishing a top, and it'll pay off over and over again.

  12. This is going to be just the cutest quilt. That black & white checkerboard sashing just makes the bright colors POP.


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