Friday, December 09, 2011

Evening Edition..Free Kindle Book!

It’s on the machine….the last quilt for the next book is on the machine! I am so excited I can barely stand it..I love this quilt..it turned out every bit as terrific as I hoped it would.

AND…I was thrifty…last year I bought a set of King sized flannel sheets on sale because I thought they’d be cozy…well---

DH isn’t crazy about them, says they are TOO HOT…so today, they became BACKING! And I’m happy about that too.

Speaking of DH’s and those of us that have them, and have to deal with them through the Holiday season, dropping hints, or shopping for ourselves, etc…..Here’s a fun freebie from Amazon:

A Married Man's Guide To Christmas, by Robert Henry, is free in the Kindle store.

Book Description

In the great tradition of guy-humor everywhere, here comes humorist Robert Henry’s growling, good-hearted rant about holiday madness, A MARRIED MAN’S GUIDE TO CHRISTMAS.

Henry reveals the truth about Christmas through the eyes of a typical married man. “Remember, it’s not how you celebrate the joyous season. It’s whether you are still alive, married, sleeping indoors, with a healthy prostate, and without a rap sheet on January 4th that counts.”

Husbands will laugh out loud. Dads will slap their knees and keel over (have CPR ready). Wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, female co-workers and sales clerks who dread seeing men mumble and mutter their way through the Christmas section at BIG BOX DISCOUNT WAREHOUSE will nod in recognition at the syndrome best described as “CAN I SURVIVE UNTIL NEW YEAR’S?”

A Married Man’s Guide To Christmas is a must for every guy who wants the women in his life to understand why he’d rather buy them gift certificates than brave the treacherous online world of lingerie catalogs. Why have just a joyous season, when you can have a Christmas filled with laughs that don’t include finding pictures of Uncle Herbert in a teddy?

Irreverent, honest, and biodegradable, Robert Henry has captured the essence of the holiday season for all men in A Married Man’s Guide To Christmas.

So grab it today for all the beleaguered males on your Xmas list and all the long-suffering females who just want the lights strung on the front porch by Christmas Eve, the honey-do list completed before Aunt Sookie arrives with her flatulent Pekinese, and that expensive bottle of Scotch left mostly full until the tinsel is hung, the presents are wrapped, and the home owner’s association has accepted your apology for spelling out a less-than-jolly greeting in solar-powered candy canes on your front lawn.

Sounds good to me! I just downloaded it and it is still free --- but double check before clicking just in case it isn’t any more….

Back to the quilt in the machine!


  1. uhhh you're writing a NEW book???
    and I don't have kindle, but this sounds hilarious!

  2. I really enjoyed your comments about the flannel sheets. When I was growing up and we made quilts with my grandmother, she used the flannel sheets for the batting. The cotton batts in those days turned into a bunch of lumps when washed, but we had nice flat quilts because we use the 'olden' version of a bonded cotton batt. Great memories.

  3. Anonymous9:44 PM EST

    Good job. I can't wait to see the next book.
    Step three just complete for Orca Bay. A little late but the best I could do. Ready for the Step Four now.

  4. I love flannel sheets, DH thinks they are TOO HOT! So, this will work great on the back...they have been washed and pre-shrunk, they are a nice heavy 100% cotton flannel, and it is quilting up wonderfully! And the quilt won't go sliding off the bed! :cD

  5. Thanks again, Bonnie! It sounds like a good one. Beaquilter...just go to kindle for PC on the Amazon page. I don't have a kindle either, but I have a library full of books and it's free, too. Enjoy!

  6. I bought myself a Kindle 3G. It is winging it's way to me already!
    I cannot wait!!!
    I am loving the red strings. Thanks for the color change. I have all new reds from the fabric exchange....beautiful fabrics!
    XOXOOX Subee

  7. Sounds like a fun book. I suspect Santa is going to prefer to bring me socks over a Kindle this year. But, I'm still hoping for one someday.


  8. Flannel sheets make good fillers for rag quilts.


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