Monday, December 19, 2011

Free Paper Pieced Ornament --

I have a bee gathering tonight --- and I’m supposed to bring a gift.  I’ve known about this for months, and planned on a hand made gift, but things got away from me. 

The other day while driving down to Columbia, after having the car serviced…I was chewing a piece of gum, driving down I-85 merrily on my way, and CRUNCH!

All of a sudden the gum I had been chewing felt like it had rocks in it.  ROCKS are not a good thing – especially when it happens to be your tooth!

Long story short --- because I know this can get long --
Instead of making my bee gift, on the day of the bee gathering…pushing it to the last minute anyway --- I wound up sitting in a dentist chair. I’d lost part of an old filling.  That was the “Rocks” part.  Ewww.

So much for the best laid plans!  I did some shopping and I hope my not-so-homemade gift will still please its receiver!

I thought this paper pieced ornament was especially cute!  So I’m linking to it HERE for you. 
It finishes as a 4” square, and can be paper pieced in only 2 sections, which is pretty cool in my book!  It would make a great mug rug or do several of them for a small wall hanging or table runner...I love those geese in the center! FUN!

storytimestars 023

I’ll be back at the dentist in the morning getting this filling replaced---maybe I’ll get to sit in the waiting room long enough to get that binding finished as well! I’ve got one side to go – and got one whole side done on it while waiting TODAY!


  1. BUMMER!!! Dentists are no fun anytime of year, but very bad on bee day.
    Hope you are not in pain.
    Have fun tonight and thanks for the cute ornament.

  2. Anonymous4:37 PM EST

    That is the worst feeling. I've had it happen a time or two.

    I love the block! I may be able to make a few of those.



  3. Thank you for the ornament block...so sweet! Hoping your dental adventure has a happy (and fairly painless) ending!

  4. I had that happen about a month ago!!!!!!!!!! I have a lot of older fillings and they just wear out... crappy eh?

  5. Had a similar experience recently while chewing pizza. It had never been gritty like that before. : )

  6. It wasn't chewing gum, but the same thing happened to me just days before Thanksgiving. Thankfully, my dentist was able to work me in and fix the problem! I hope you have the same success so you can enjoy the holiday.

  7. I hate when a Dentist emergency takes away from best laid plans. Glad you could get it checked out so you can eat on Christmas Day without "rocks". Thanks for the Ornament Pattern. I made the trees for my Guild Meeting last week on the day of and got it finished waiting at the ENT's office.

  8. Just pieced the little ornament block...little tiny pieces but it is cute and made up quickly. Hope your dentist appointment goes well....

  9. Anonymous9:07 PM EST

    Sorry about your tooth...been there,done that!

    I noticed in the binding picture that I do my bindings from the opposite side with the edge of the quilt towards me with the bulk of the quilt away from me. It looks like you sew with the bulk of the quilt towards you...hmmm...wonder if that would work for me...

  10. Been there, done that! 2010 was the Year of the Dentist for me. Hadn't been to a dentist in about 30 years! but over the past four years I'd lost so many old fillings (to movie-house popcorn) and developed a HUGE gum-line cavity that my partner finally persuaded me to go and do the thing I dreaded most in life - go to the dentist. One tooth extraction, one root canal, one DEEP filling and several other repair-jobs later, and I am very happy with my teeth once again. Also happy to discover that modern dentistry isn't nearly as awful as what I experienced 30 years ago while I was a teenager. I am very happy that I had it taken care of.

  11. I hate that sensation! Guess it was God's way of telling you to slow it down. That happens to me a lot. I make plans and God laughs. Glad you got it fixed though, because how uncomfortable to have to deal with that with all those Christmas goodies around.


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