Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oooh! Another Free Ornie!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this, but that puts us only 4 days from Christmas, so I figured sooner was better than later!

I love the shape of this one, don’t you?

It pieces in only 2 sections, and finishes as a 4” block.

Dig into those scraps!  Combine this one with the Ornament block from Yesterday’s Post, decorate the whole tree!

Or file this away for next year, because you know what? It would be adorable as a gift tag, or the cover of a needle book as well as a mug rug!

Download the free PDF file HERE

I made a stop today at Sam’s Club….I’m looking for a new desk for my computer – this one is falling apart, the keyboard tray has lost all its bearings---I was wondering WHY there were bb’s all over the floor ?---- It’s old and clunky and needs to GO…but I’m having the dangdest time finding something I like and something that I can afford.  Everything at IKEA was sleek and streamlined and had no drawers or storage. ((Leave it to the Swedes to go minimalist! I have too much STUFF!!)) So I’m looking.  I liked some of the styles at Office Depot, but they are all made with that faux wood stuff.  My sewing table is that "cultured wood product!!" LOL!! and it does not hold up well over time.

Sam’s didn’t have anything either..but look what I DID find!

winstonways 022

The size is AWESOME!  And you don’t have to use those cupcake holder thingy-doodles if you don’t want them in there – they are removeable!
winstonways 021

A 3-Stacker for $15??  I think that’s a pretty sweet deal even without the cupcakes in it!

Am I the only one who gets giddy over the possibility of more plastic organizer thingies??

I’m thinking they’ll travel well for retreats, etc.  I have some of the bigger square ones that ornaments were stored in --- those are too big to fit in my tote, and I think these WILL fit!


  1. I have a snap organizer similar to this that I use for my projects when I attend retreats. You can organize several projects or keep blocks separated into different containers as you complete them. You could keep tools in one case and the project in another. Get to stay organized, not that I do any other time in my life. ; ^ )

  2. Love the ornie. And I get so excited over any plastic storage. I might have to run to my local Sam's just to get one and make cupcakes. ;)

  3. I seen those cupcake holders on Sunday, those would be awesome to store fabrics in. I might have to go back and check them out closer. I was Christmas shopping at the time, so I wasn't thinking of what I might want or need.

  4. I refuse to go into the Container Store that just opened here. I would be a crazy person.

  5. I refuse to go into the Container Store that just opened here. I would be a crazy person.

  6. Anonymous9:16 PM EST

    Love plastic totes, too! Always cruising the clearance aisles of my favorite stores looking for just that!

  7. I love plastic stackables for storing, I use them for projects, floss, scraps etc.


  8. Anonymous9:30 PM EST

    Just so you know, I have taken two exactly like this back. They broke easily and won't stay snapped. FALL APART! I love the ornaments patterns. Thanks again Bonnie.

  9. You are definitely not the only one who gets giddy over plastic organizer thingies. I'll have to check this out next time I go to Sam's.

  10. I am using a set of Stack and Snap totes for Orca Bay! Mine stacks four high. Uncut fabric in the bottom section, cut fabric not sewn in the next section up, sewn pieces stacking up in 3&4, and I'll soon be either adding another layer, or another tote.

    Considering I don't have a sewing room and everything gets hauled out of the cabinet in the garage every time I want to sew and it all gets put back again when I am done, I'd be LOST without plastic storage thingies!

    Still reading your blog every day and loving every minute of it. Just sent a registration for some of your classes next summer... can't wait.

    Take Care,

  11. Hello, thanks for the heads-up on the cupcake stacker. My husband is a custom cabinet maker out here in CA and you should look into having a desk built for you. You might be plesantly surprised at the cost as it might be worth spending a little more to get what you really want/need. A good cabinet maker can look at your style, your needs and design it for you. Just a thought!

    Hey, I know, wouldn't it be a business expense if we flew out and designed it for you???!!! I would have to come of course...to hold the other end of the tape measure...or something! Heehee


  12. Janny Schoneveld1:29 PM EST

    A new desk.
    At the secondhandstore?
    You can always try.
    Greetings from a rainy Holland.
    Janny S.


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