Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Night with Trans Siberian Orchestra!

We had an absolute blast last night…

I’d always loved Trans Siberian Orchestra’s music during the holidays, I was familiar with some of it, even had a few CD’s that I’d dust off at holiday time to play ---

But this was the first time I’d seen them live, and WOW!

((Though I have to admit there was way too much theatrical 80’s hair band style hair flipping going on…it cracked me up! Just play the MUSIC folks!))

We had floor seats, and I could hardly wait for the thing to start.

The music is phenomenal of course, but the light show adds so much to it.

Did you ever stop to think how color can effect mood? Look at this:

tso 008

I loved the bright blue with the lime green! Almost quilt colors, don’t you think? Colored lights like this enhance the feeling of the song…just like colors in a quilt can affect the feel of a room --

tso 022

Look at this one! I see blue, green, yellow, orange, red…and purple! How would these look in a quilt. How would these colors affect your mood?

tso 046

Hot stuff baby! Yellow/orange/red/black!

tso 054

This was awesome, and reminded me of concerts from my highschool years! LOL! But look at the colors….Red, Orange, Yellow, and Hot Pink! And maybe some royal blue -- do you see it there in the picture just below the platform?

tso 060

And the colors went from flaming hot…to cooling shades of green/aqua/blue.

The colors of the lights changed with each song, changing with the dynamics and feel of the music….

The colors of our quilts can completely change the energy the quilt gives off too. That’s one of the things I love about working with color, texture, pattern and design.

Next time you see a photograph, try to pick out the colors in it…break it down…find combinations that will give you the same feel, see if you can work up a design in those colors.

And just to get you in the spirit…here’s a youtube video I found of Trans Siberian Orchestra to give you a glimpse of our fun from last night!

You just might see the evidence of copious amounts of hair flipping at the beginning!

Now go play with some color!


  1. My husband and 16 year old daughter saw them in Minneapolis on Sunday night....they said it was incredible. Me on the other hand, would have ended up with a 3 day migraine from the loud music.....so I stayed home and sewed!!! :)

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM EST

    Percussion and color! Yah baby. Must have been a wonderful experience. Happy Christmas to you and yours.

  3. We went to see TSO in Raleigh on Sunday. As we left I was wondering how many hair dressers travel with them! Awesome concert!

  4. The hair flipping is a hoot! So did this concert get you in the holiday mood?

  5. Hair flipping.....I guess that is the "sexy" part of the show. Looks like a blast though.
    How is your hearing today? :0)

    Happy Sewing

  6. Anonymous9:00 PM EST

    WOW! envy your being there. I know it was a great concert

  7. I got to see them this summer and you are right it is amazing. I had blast when I got to see them too.

  8. There are multiple places online for color palette generators. A lot of people use Big Huge Labs Color Palette but I prefer Color Palette FX because it picks up on even the tiniest bit of color.

  9. Anonymous2:16 PM EDT

    I've seen them in concert twice and the light show alone is worth the price. Love their music and I took earplugs and it was perfect, haha!!! Pat


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