Thursday, December 29, 2011

A First Class Dilemma!

WOW!  I was completely blown away by how sides were divided in the comments to my “What Would YOU DO?” Post from yesterday!

Maybe I should have done this as a POLL ((I’ve never done those, might be fun thing to try for the future, yeah??)) But it seems pretty evenly divided on whether I should give it to DH, Keep it myself, Flip a coin for it, share it 1/2 his turn, half my turn, give it to a military person or an elderly person.

And here I am turning 50 in a few weeks!  When do *I* get to be the elderly person? LOL!

((Obviously, not yet!))

We talked about it last night on the way to meet up with Jason and Kim for dinner.  He told me to go ahead and keep it.  I’m not sure if I will.

Here’s the deal --- I have the air miles, he doesn’t.  Free upgrades are based on your frequent flyer status.  He doesn’t have as many miles as I do.  I had to book our trips separately because we are not returning together.  We are flying out at the same time, but he has to return home on Jan 1 – I have to stay til the 4th…and since we have different return times it had to be booked separately.

When they bumped ME up --- that made my exit row seat available to another passenger.  I don’t have that seat available to me any more.  It’s been taken!

Getting customer service to find us two seats together at this point isn’t an option because DH doesn’t want to give up his exit row seat!  I don’t blame him. 

If I offer it to a military person, that means I’ll be sitting in a non-exit row seat and still not sitting with DH.

If I want to offer it to the person who now HAS my old seat because they bumped me ---is the only way that DH and I can sit together. 

But the best and funniest comment of all came from MY MOTHER!!


LOL!! Isn’t she just a riot??  You know, my biggest fear after reading all the comments, was that I might disappoint several of you if I choose something different than what you suggested.  Over such a simple thing, I’m doubting myself!

At this point, I’m leaning towards flipping a coin, giving us each a 50/50 chance at having a first class seat to Dallas.  The other person would have the exit row seat, and since this is NOT a large plane, those exit rows are the next best thing.

And as Mama said --- we’ll spend time together on the GROUND :cD


  1. Oh Bonnie - your Mom is right - you earned it!! ENJOY IT!!! You will not be disappointing anyone - we love you!!! (just make sure to tell us what they serve you to eat so we can enjoy it along with you)!!!

  2. Love your Mom's comment! Go with it!!

  3. Anonymous3:13 PM EST

    Your mom IS right! As for everybody else, for heavens' sake hon be confident enough to make your own decision without worrying about what other people will think about you. He said to keep it, your mom said to keep it, and doing anything else at this point will be making more drama over it than should be made.

    Enjoy the trip!

    -Melinda Ebelhar

  4. oh Bonnie as a 50 something married gal I'm telling ya - go for it, how many times have you put others first, how many times have you 'made do' how many times have you taken second best??? Come on sweetie - your Mamma was right, he's a man, he'll probably sleep all the way anyway, go in comfort and style - you've earnt it - just saying.
    hugs - Miche'le

  5. Mama knows best! I think your mom's advice trumps all others too. (I didn't know you lost your seat when they bumped you up, etc... and am sure others who offered you advice didn't take that into consideration either.) Don't worry about disappointing us. You won't!You know, Bonnie, on any trip that you think your seat would be better for someone else than the seat they have, you can offer to switch with them. It doesn't have to be first class vs. coach. You can always keep that in the back of your mind. You can't "plan" on doing it, it's just something you can do if/when the opp arrises.

  6. I say keep the seat and enjoy it...and be happy that this is the kind of problem you have to worry about!

  7. I say "Mama knows best", especially if he's likely to just sleep. PLUS he already told you to keep it. I think you've got your answer right there!

  8. Go first - he means it - as your Mom said ! As for elderly - I'm more than 20 yrs ahead of you and I'm not allowed to be elderly yet ! I hope they keep me running around for another 20 years !

  9. Anonymous3:42 PM EST

    Always listen to Mama! Don't worry about disappointing anyone with whatever choice you make, we're all just puttin' in our two bits since you asked.

  10. Sue in Scottsdale, AZ3:51 PM EST

    Bonnie, you take the first class seat and enjoy it. You've earned it. Spend quality time on the ground with your hubby. It sounds like he understands!

  11. Do what mom says, you have earned the seat.
    Turn it the other way around, would your hubby give his upgraded seat to you?
    Have a safe and fun journey:o)

  12. The first class seat will be most beneficial to someone who is sewing on hexagons while sitting there - so tell him he can have it if he sews a section on the hexagon quilt!!!! And tell him you are gonna show his work on your blog... oh, that's mean, isn't it... :)))

  13. LoL!..Ms.Bonnie..nobody knows you like your MaMa AND she knows your hub too. By all means take the seat and know that your hub's supports your decision. And don't worry about what your computer friends think...we may "know" you but never like your Ma! Enjoy your flight. =)

  14. Anonymous4:24 PM EST

    Bonnie, listen to your Momma!!!

  15. Anonymous4:26 PM EST

    Oops, "Bonnie, listen to your Momma." should have included my info! (sorry) I agree with Mom. DH must be very proud of you....keep the seat, he loves you and you know that!!!
    Faye, abusyquilter@yahoo.com

  16. Gee, I didn't chime in yesterday cause the answer seems very obvious. It's your's, you earned it. I can sympathize wanting to sit next to DH, but I think you two can manage to be apart a few hours. You can visit each other to pass the time. You fly so much, enjoy what you've earned.

  17. Who cares if you disappoint anyone. Just don't tell us, lol. Whatever you decide is the right decision.

    Enjoy your trip.


  18. Is there an option where you could "save" the upgrade for a flight where you *are* by yourself?

  19. Oh, didn't realize you had "lost" your original seat...by all means take the upgrade, don't feel guilty and if DH is going to just sleep...well follow Mama's advice...besides, "mama always knows best"!
    Most important, have a great trip! and just enjoy....

  20. You could say my Mama told me!????
    never mind what others might think, it is your life after all.
    Have I told ya this week I love the Mystery? Well Thank you!!

  21. I'd listen to your Mother!! You deserve the upgrade, go ahead and enjoy it, fully!!

  22. Bonnie - listen to your mother!

    OR COMPROMISE and you sit in first class the first half and he sits in first class the second half - or vice versa!


  23. I agree with Mama! Have fun in Dallas

  24. Anonymous7:32 PM EST

    I love your mom's comment! You go girl and enjoy every single minute. Have a nice trip.

  25. Hey Bonnie--Go for it. You have more than earned the seat. I am sure that your DH would want you to enjoy it. Mom knows best after all...Julierose

  26. Your mama is right! Think of what fun you will have sewing in that roomy first class seat...no "excuse me's" or bumping into neighbors..who knows what comments you will generate in that classy section!......and you should be allowed to go back to say hi to him at least once and watch him sleep ...

  27. Oh, Bonnie, Mom knows best, you know that.

  28. I agree... but you could also wait till your at the ticket counter and see if you can upgrade his to 1st class too...We frequently do that.

  29. Anonymous12:54 AM EST

    BONNIE! This is your life! Don't live it worrying about disappointing others - you are second guessing yourself and making the decision is up to you. I tend to think your mama is right, and she probably has a good perspective on the relationship. Christy Horton

  30. Mum is always right Bonnie....and please do not worry about disappointing any of us...gosh you are "The Scrap Queen"...how could you disappoint us...hugs Khris

  31. Janny S.2:01 PM EST

    keep your seat and enjoy it.
    I am flying to Australia tomorrow and wished.....
    You understand me.
    Greetings from a windy Holland.
    Janny S.


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