Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sew Day!

Yesterday morning I headed out the door to drive over to Lewisville to spend time with Karen in HER basement….I could get a tshirt that says “Sewing in the basement, your house or mine?!”

I got there a bit before Lisa…started setting up.  We were going to sew all day, and be treated to a wonderful lunch of quiche and salad --- and lots of left over Christmas cookies.  Doesn't that sound wonderful?  Someone else cooking? I'm all for that!

Laura was supposed to join us, but poor thing, she had to stay home and put her beloved pooch down.  It was time.  He lived a good long life, was much loved ---but it was time.  Our hearts ached for her, and we understood why she would not feel like hanging out.

Laura, if you are reading this, do know that you were missed and our hearts were breaking for you!  Those puppies are such a part of our families ---it's so tough when it's time.

Of course, the girl of the hour was SHELBY!  Spoiled rotten and oh so sweet, she steals everyone’s heart!

sewday 028

Karen worked on her Storm at Sea UFO that she started a couple years ago..she’s got it to the design wall stage, arranging the blocks and getting them ready to sew together!

sewday 034

Lisa was busy sewing on a snowball quilt that has followed her around as a “take along” project for sew days for a while…..She got her top together!

sewday 036

YAY!  It’s GORGEOUS!  Shelby watches on, thinking that will soon be her soft place to land ---she owns ALL the quilts, don’t you know!!

sewday 043
I spent most of my day sewing all the half square triangles I had cut for this project – it doesn’t look like much, but there are 600 half square triangle units in this container!  That’s 1200 triangles!  Sewn, and pressed and stacked!

sewday 035

We had a great time!  I kept forgetting that it was the insane “Day after Christmas” madhouse out in retail-ville --- we certainly had a better time in the basement! And yes, that is the Quilt Muse smiling over my shoulder from the shelves..LOL!

I don’t know how I would survive without other crazy women to sew, laugh, eat with!  Good friends to cry with, dream with ---


  1. Note to self...next house has a basement or a sewing room large enough for 4!

  2. looks like fun! I hade quiche yesterday too! my anniversary :-)

  3. I always enjoy getting together tiwht my friends to sew also.

  4. Anonymous10:42 AM EST

    I really like that snowball quilt.

  5. Sounds like the best way to celebrate the 26th, for me I picked up some of the leftover mess from the day before and just loafed the rest of the day. Today will be a sew day though.

    I know how how hard it is to put you four legged friend down, we lost ours over a year ago and a week before Christmas we rescued a mini dachshound. He has stolen my heart already.

  6. I love sew days, our guild schedules regular sew days now, we all get so much done!

  7. I had my own little personal sew day yesterday. It was fun. I bet you can guess what project I was trying to catch up on if I told you I dreamed of black and white triangles and red strings last night - LOL

  8. Looks like a really fun day. Makes me wish I had a bigger sewing room to share with friends. Someday it will happen. Glad you had some fun time spent with friends before getting back to your busy schedule.

  9. It's so wonderful for you to have "quilty" friends nearby. Looks like a really fun day. I am still spinning my "spider in the garden" web blocks. Get to sew ALL afternoon today...Yay!! I am going to attempt your "Florabunda" to ease into triangles and am awaiting my Companion Angle to come....Happiest of New Years to you and yours....Julierose, a new fan....

  10. Anonymous1:16 PM EST

    Our "Sew Day" is actually on Thursday evenings, it is called Quilt-a-rama; several of us get together each week and sew what ever we want. God could not have given me better stitching buddies!! We have a wonderful time...this year we are keeping track of what we do each night so we can see how much we can accomplish in a year's time. Happy New Year to ya, Bonnie!

  11. Here's to sewing buddies, a gazillion triangles, and getting things done! It was a blast!!

    (PS. why does that Michael Jackson song keep running through my head?? "I always feel like, somebody's watching me..." *snort*!!)

  12. It was a great day - always is with you guys no matter which basement we're in!

  13. awww....makes me wish I had real life sewing friends...but, I have wonderful virtual friends!


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